Libs call for new bus timetables to be released

Ian Bushnell 27 February 2019 19

Commuters are being left in the dark, says the Opposition.

The ACT Government has rejected claims that it is keeping the long-awaited new bus timetables secret, saying they will be released in March as promised.

The Canberra Liberals have called on Transport Minister Meegan Fitzharris to release the new bus timetables to the public immediately so Canberra commuters can plan their travel needs.

Transport spokesperson Candice Burch said that with only two months until the new bus network starts, Canberra commuters were still in the dark about how long their journeys would take.

Miss Burch said changes to the school bus services had left parents uncertain about how long their children would take to get to school and back.

Public consultation on the proposed network closed on 12 August 2018, and the Government’s report on community feedback was released on 16 October 2018.

“Now, more than four months later, and with the new network already delayed until 27 April, timetables for Network19 are still being kept secret,” she said.

Ms Burch said the Government refused to provide the new timetables during the consultation phase, knowing full well that the network disruptions would increase door-to-door journey times for Canberrans across the territory.

“The Labor-Greens Government’s refusal to release an indicative timetable before the new network takes effect is yet another slap in the face to children, schools and parents who never wanted these changes,” she said.

“With Labor’s cuts to dedicated school bus services, parents are still not sure how long their kids’ bus trip will take, or how long children will be waiting at interchanges before or after school.”

Ms Burch said the Minister had shown total disdain for school principals, some of whom demonstrated goodwill by considering changes to the school day timetable to accommodate potential changes in student commute times.

“It is clear that throughout the consultation process, Minister Fitzharris has failed the Canberra community, and continues to do so every day she chooses not to release the new network timetable.”

“Given the significant disruption the new network and cuts to services are going to cause, the least Minister Fitzharris could do two months out, is provide some clarity to Canberrans about just how the new network will affect them.

A spokesperson for the Minister said there were no further changes to the network after the Government’s final consultation and the timetables were on track for release in early March.

The Government did not want to release the timetables too early so people would be engaged in the process at the right time.

The spokesperson said timetables were complex and required careful planning, testing and consultation with staff before being released.

Commuters would be able to view the new final route maps for the entire network and detailed information about bus arrivals and departures for every ACT school to familiarise themselves with the new network.

A new journey planner was also being tested to help people plan their public transport trips more easily.

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19 Responses to Libs call for new bus timetables to be released
g210 g210 8:59 am 01 Mar 19

Many Northside routes are going to be very dependent on the tram actually being operational. Makes the start date of the new timetables problematic I would say.

Cary Elliot Johnson Cary Elliot Johnson 1:51 pm 28 Feb 19

Cant wait to see how they cut school services, put more students on public buses and will now most likely continue a trend of installing timetables that get school kids to school 15 minutes late.....when they actually turn up. But hey, that isnt a problem, parents can just drive the kids to school instead now, under the Government's plan to punish those that drive cars too much, or, kids can continue to be late for school, and be punished by the school. It's clearly a win win win result for the Government.....insert extreme sarcasm.

jgsma jgsma 11:56 am 28 Feb 19

Awww, c’mon Mick Johnson – there’ll be a super new tram instead of buses from Gungahlin to city, and then you’ll have to get off and cross at least 2 roads to get to anywhere else – madness. Seriously, I can’t figure out the point of making public transport so inconvenient with the ridiculous broken journeys.

    JC JC 5:24 pm 01 Mar 19

    Funnily enough many people say that the time Canberra’s bus network worked the best was when we had the 333 bus service and people had to change or as you put it break their trip at each interchange.

    And frankly so long as the trunk routes are frequent enough it is a far better way because long direct bus routes assume everyone wants to go to/from the same locations.

Mick Johnson Mick Johnson 10:45 pm 27 Feb 19

no buses between gungahlin and the city

Maria Greene Maria Greene 10:03 pm 27 Feb 19

Their 'consultation' consists of telling us their stupid plan and ignoring petitions and comments. Bastards

Kathy Franklin Kathy Franklin 8:15 pm 27 Feb 19

Buses don't show up now. The 30 is constantly a no show or anywhere up to 20 mins late during peak times. Not great for school kids that rely on it.

Annette Shaw Annette Shaw 7:39 pm 27 Feb 19

No more school bus, looks like I'm driving them to school. Despite the bus being full most days, it doesn't fit in with this governments inconvenient truth. South Canberra especially Tuggeranong doesn't matter to this government.

    Michael Babb Michael Babb 8:15 pm 27 Feb 19

    In fairness though we all try to pretend like tuggers doesn't exist 😂

    Annette Shaw Annette Shaw 8:15 am 28 Feb 19

    Michael Babb if only our rates notice was comparable to the attention we receive!

    Trish Lingard-Wyss Trish Lingard-Wyss 11:30 am 28 Feb 19

    cancelling the bus that goes up drakeford straight to the city is a dumb move. Its always full

Michael Ahern Michael Ahern 6:55 pm 27 Feb 19

Not sure it’s consultation when the outcome is already known.... New timetable is simply a means to force people onto the tram irrespective of convenience, journey time, or safety for school children

    Roderick Saunders Roderick Saunders 7:08 pm 27 Feb 19

    Michael Ahern then there's the cuts to services in areas like West Belconnen that are nowhere near the tram

    Joanne McRae Joanne McRae 9:35 pm 27 Feb 19

    Roderick Saunders And in East Belco. The #54 from Belco to Gungahlin via Kaleen, Crace and Palmerston is being scrapped. Heaps of Kaleen High kids use this bus. Who knows what they're going to have to do now?

    Also, I take this bus to visit friends in Crace. A 10 minute walk to the bus stop from my house, then 10 minutes on the bus. 20-25 mins tops. With the new timetable, to get to Crace, I'll have to either bus to Belco, change to Gungahlin Town Centre, then bus from there to Crace, or, bus to Dickson, tram to Gungahlin, then bus to Crace. God only knows how long either of those options would take. Guess I'll just have to drive.

    Maria Greene Maria Greene 10:01 pm 27 Feb 19

    Roderick Saunders and woden and Tuggeranong. Why are they messing with our buses,?

Trish Roberts Trish Roberts 6:42 pm 27 Feb 19

As I travel on the free 101 bus frequently, I want to know if it will be kept on.

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 7:41 pm 27 Feb 19

    Trish Roberts it’s not. Already been announced.

    Trish Roberts Trish Roberts 8:14 pm 27 Feb 19

    I was hoping they’d changed their minds.

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