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Licence Blitz underway?

johnboy 7 September 2005 11

The AFP want us all to know that they’re conducting a blitz of drivers licences.

Should I ever see a traffic police unit i’d take it more seriously.

But as a licence check could be part of almost any other compliance activity once really does wonder what they’re on about.

I suppose a story in the paper might encourage people to carry their licences. But I know otherwise intelligent people who think it’s an option not a necessity.

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11 Responses to Licence Blitz underway?
Poindexter Poindexter 12:38 pm 08 Sep 05

Oooh, oooh! Talk of petrol and oil prices! Where is OpenYourMind when we need him? 🙂

reepy reepy 10:32 am 08 Sep 05

So why are so many people driving unregistered cars?

They probably can’t afford to pay for rego, so increasing the fines probably won’t help.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:16 pm 07 Sep 05

Well, some people must be certainly feeling the pinch: ACTION has been hauling more arse lately!

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 3:23 pm 07 Sep 05

Ralph, fuel used to be the cheapest part of owning a car.

A family mortgaged to the hilt with their 4 bedroom mcmansion on lanyon valley rise (or substitute any poxy estate name), Ford Territory/Holden Adventra and 2 kiddies may feel the pinch pretty quickly when they spend an extra $50 a week on petrol…

A couple of punters in this office are already feeling the pinch due to overcommitting – did they really need the 5k spent on plasma screen tvs and the new cars when they already had 300k mortgages?

Ralph Ralph 2:26 pm 07 Sep 05

Um, petrol prices will have to rise by quite a bit before people start driving less. So its unlikely that higher fuel prices will benefit the environment in the short term. Long term is a different story.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 2:20 pm 07 Sep 05

The word I got was it was too successful. Victorian police recently found up to 10% of cars on the road are unregistered.
How about upping the fines for unregistered cars to, oh, double whatever the rego is.
I can see it getting a lot worse as the neverending media whinge of $1.60 a litre continues.
(ps – has anyone heard any social commentators suggest that the raised fuel prices leading to lowered private vehicle usage may be better for the environment?)

Thumper Thumper 1:10 pm 07 Sep 05

Actually sleepy Weasel, I remember that because driving to work on the corner of Coulter and William Hovell Drive was a used car lot with a heap of cars taken off the road by the cops.

It looked incredibly successful. Why did they stop it?

As someone who has had two speeding fines and a couple of parking fines in over 20 years driving, I am rather pissed off that these people are not paying their rego.

Thumper Thumper 1:07 pm 07 Sep 05

Licence Blitz…

Isn’t that when a thousand German heinkel bombers fly over a city and bomb it with licences?

Oh, sorry, got my history a bit wrong….

el el 10:46 am 07 Sep 05

I think I actually remember this too. A string of cars parked on the side of Adelaide Avenue without number plates.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 9:12 am 07 Sep 05

It sounded like a tall tale, so can anyone verify this.

A copper mate of mine was telling last time the AFP did a blitz on registered cars, they were finding 100 cars a morning unregistered, and canned the program as it was too successful…

This would have been 12 months or so ago, and the coppers were set up in the back of a wagon with a camera that plugged into a laptop, which contained rego details for every vehicle in the ACT. 200m down the road were the backup of half a dozen marked cars who pulled over the cars that were recorded as unregistered, or with drivers unlicenced, or with outstanding fines.

I saw the Coppers using this setup in Gungahlin, Belco and Tuggeranong – and it was like a used car lot every time…

terubo terubo 7:48 am 07 Sep 05

And if your licence conditions say “Licensee must wear corrective lenses at all times”, then it’s a good idea to be wearing ’em. They might ask you to read their numberplate at forty paces.

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