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Light rail: Government opts for more direct route to Woden

Ian Bushnell 7 March 2019 73

An artist’s impression of light rail Stage 2 on Commonwealth Avenue.

The ACT Government has all but abandoned its preferred route through Barton for Stage 2 of light rail from Civic to Woden, confirming that a more direct route around State Circle is now the most likely.

Transport Minister Meegan Fitzharris also indicated that the 92-year-old Weston plantings of cedars may not need to be sacrificed, with talks continuing with the Commonwealth on whether the track is laid on the median or road on Commonwealth Avenue.

The Minister was reacting to the Federal Government’s response to the Joint Standing Committee on the National Capital and External Territories report into Commonwealth and Parliamentary approvals for the proposed Stage 2 of the ACT light rail project.

The Federal Government endorsed the committee’s findings including that a route through the heritage areas of Parkes and Barton would result in a longer approvals process that would add considerably to the cost and delivery time of the project.

But the Federal Government did give the ACT some leeway in the amount of wire-free running required on Commonwealth land, saying its support for the committee’s recommendation would be subject to further information about the viability of a wire-free route.

It also provides some flexibility on environmental and heritage requirements with the caveat ‘without restricting future change’ in its agreement in principle that the landscape setting of the Central National Area be preserved.

Ms Fitzharris said the Commonwealth had given a clear pathway and road map for Stage 2 to Woden, and the Barton route was no longer a viable option.

“So our view now is that we want to get light rail to Woden built,” she said. “We’re looking at a range of options for a more direct route, and we think going around the eastern side of Parliament House on State Circle is the more likely route,” she said.

She said that consultation on the route had shown a preference for the Barton route but that had clearly changed. “We now do view a more direct route as the most likely route to Woden,” the Minister said.

This will be welcome news to the Woden Valley Community Council and some public transport and planning lobbyists who had always argued a direct route would be faster and maintain the integrity of the north-south transport spine.

Ms Fitzharris said the Commonwealth’s response allowed the ACT to continue its planning work and put forward its referral, under the EPBC Act, of environment and heritage matters to the Commonwealth, expected to be ready by the middle of the year.

She said the more direct route might not necessarily be cheaper and the cost would depend on the final route and the Commonwealth approvals processes.

She agreed that the Commonwealth had given some room for movement on wire-free running, given an interest in its technical viability, but the Government had already accepted that it would be a requirement.

“It’s the extent to which it can run, particularly along Adelaide Avenue, that probably will become the main issue,” she said.

“Our current vehicle can undertake wire-free running anyway so we have future-proofed our existing vehicles for that,” Ms Fitzharris said.

“The Commonwealth made clear, which we absolutely agree with, that the amenity and heritage value of the Parliamentary Triangle be retained,” she said.

“And we will make the case to the Commonwealth that not only can we do that, but we can actually enhance the amenity of the Parliamentary Triangle with light rail.”

Ms Fitzharris said that in Stage 1 all of the trees removed had been replaced and more planted, and that approach would continue.

She welcomed the fact that the Commonwealth had responded before the May election and looked forward to immediate discussions with the new Government, which if Labor, might be more sympathetic to the ACT’s light rail plans.

Assistant Minister for Regional Development and Territories Sussan Ley said the Federal Government encouraged the National Capital Authority and the ACT Government to continue working together to ensure that the proposed route for the project is consistent with the National Capital Plan.

Ms Fitzharris continued to refuse to provide a firm starting date for Stage 1, except that it would be some time in April.


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73 Responses to Light rail: Government opts for more direct route to Woden
Neil Gavin Neil Gavin 6:08 pm 07 Mar 19

Damn shame, but probably be cheaper though.

    Erin Maier Erin Maier 1:20 am 08 Mar 19

    And if the point is to get to Woden, pissing around Barton and Parkes ruins it.

D.c. Haas D.c. Haas 6:21 pm 07 Mar 19

Headline and article inaccurate. Both the Barton deviation and the state circle option are being explored. If you read the actual response from the federal government, it handballs it back to the NCA and ACT government to sort out a route.

If the Barton deviation is chosen, it can proceed if an amendment is required, lodged and assented to.

While the state circle route may be the 'easiest' one, it still isn't the only route work is being done on, and I don't believe that the ACT government have abandoned the Barton deviation.

    John McAvoy John McAvoy 6:47 pm 07 Mar 19

    Wish they would stop preventing people from commenting. First of all it is not light rail it is a tram system. It gets up everyone's nose when you mislabel items. secondly what happened to Belconnen. The forgotten part of Canberra.

    D.c. Haas D.c. Haas 6:48 pm 07 Mar 19

    John McAvoy light rail stage three Belconnen to airport was announced some time ago

    Justin Watson Justin Watson 7:08 pm 07 Mar 19

    John McAvoy Its light rail. Trams share roadways with cars. Light rails do not share the road (except intersections), but can use the same vehicles. Either way the correct term is light rail and I personally call it both a tram and light rail, because the distinction is minimal at best and it doesn't really matter what its called.

    Steve Ulrich Steve Ulrich 7:21 pm 07 Mar 19

    D.c. Haas I’ve said it before, if it isn’t equal or faster than the current express bus journey, people won’t use it. Time is everything in people’s commute to and from work. Make it quick and they will use it.

    Warwick Penn Bradly Warwick Penn Bradly 7:55 pm 07 Mar 19

    Steve Ulrich It's also many, many times more expensive than buses. If you really want people on public transport, just give the buses a continuous lane. Jobs done! Oh, but then it won't line the pockets of developers, tram consortiums and everyone else with a hand in the ACT rate payers pockets.

    Ruth Lee Martin Ruth Lee Martin 8:00 pm 07 Mar 19

    Steve Ulrich it will be quicker than the bus as it won’t get caught up in traffic.

    Maria Greene Maria Greene 9:29 pm 07 Mar 19

    D.c. Haas wish they'd abandon the stupid slow disruptive trams to nowhere

    Tim Cole Tim Cole 12:29 am 08 Mar 19

    I do have genuine concerns about the current rolling stock that only run at 70 km/h. It will look like a crawl compared to the traffic doing 80+ on Adelaide Ave.

    Some partial gains will be made by running the track directly south from Yarra Glen, over the roundabout and directly into the top of Callam St.

Jody Maree Harrison Jody Maree Harrison 6:28 pm 07 Mar 19

We don’t need traffic jams in Woden for the next 3 or 5 years thank you

    Jody Maree Harrison Jody Maree Harrison 7:12 pm 07 Mar 19

    canberra will survive on anything . People on the other hand won’t manage with a shop closing for a day .but I guess get people on the rail will be better less crashes . Hope to pay less insurance 👍🏿

    Warwick Penn Bradly Warwick Penn Bradly 7:53 pm 07 Mar 19

    Braids Brady Canberra doesn't have a lot of room to grow on the southside. Our road system works really well. The light rail will replace a working bus and road system with a tram that is a magnitude or two more expensive and cause traffic chaos...oh and the tram will take longer than the bus. And let's not forget trams are a dead end technology. Even if you really, really like trams for some other-worldly reason, trackless trams are a thing now.

    Stuart Roesler Stuart Roesler 7:58 pm 07 Mar 19

    Trackless tram? Isn't that a bus...

    Warwick Penn Bradly Warwick Penn Bradly 9:01 pm 07 Mar 19

    Stuart Roesler It's like a bus, just it has a much higher price tag to keep all the public/private consortiums financially satisfied :-)

    Maria Greene Maria Greene 9:31 pm 07 Mar 19

    Jody Maree Harrison until they have crashes with trams and trams break down or run over pedestrians

Shiva Sapkota Shiva Sapkota 6:33 pm 07 Mar 19

As if the current bus line is not direct.

    Huey Jones Huey Jones 7:04 pm 07 Mar 19

    There was already a direct express bus line to gungahlin as well 😂

    Shiva Sapkota Shiva Sapkota 7:05 pm 07 Mar 19

    Huey Jones yes they could’ve just done with a dedicated bus lane.

Scott Humphries Scott Humphries 6:38 pm 07 Mar 19

A shame for those of us Woden residents working in Barton. All the inconvenience of construction on Adelaide Avenue but no payoff.

    Lisa Beulah Lisa Beulah 10:41 pm 07 Mar 19

    Scott Humphries Queanbeyan/ACT border to Civic. Via the airport. That would be a novel and more beneficial route!

D.c. Haas D.c. Haas 6:50 pm 07 Mar 19

No Scott Humphries except direct public transport access to Barton for passengers from Tuggeranong, Woden and living alongside the light rail route into Barton 🚊👍

    Maria Greene Maria Greene 9:27 pm 07 Mar 19

    D.c. Haas in curtin we have a bus to Barton until they destroy the bus system next month. We'll also lose the commuter express buses to and from Civic. No idea what why. IDIOTS run the ACT

Ray Ez Ray Ez 6:54 pm 07 Mar 19

Yeah coz like delivering people to places they want to go isn’t the point. Votes, that’s the point.

Alby James Alby James 7:03 pm 07 Mar 19

Can please wait and see if the current tram works first? I mean we all saw what happened in Springfield

Trevor Watson Trevor Watson 7:18 pm 07 Mar 19

A lot of money could be saved by using open balast track excepting on road crossings of course or even single track with passing loops controlled by Forest City colour light staff.

    Tim Cole Tim Cole 12:25 am 08 Mar 19

    Tramcar Trevor I don't agree with the single track option, but I have also wondered why open ballast track hasn't been used. It would have offered substantial savings and would allow for slightly less road noise from the trams.

    Trevor Watson Trevor Watson 9:15 am 08 Mar 19

    Tim Cole I did suggest that most strongly eay way back when public submissions were called. The reason for the 780mm thick concrete base is that some geologist told them it was reactive clay. I argued that open ballast over reactive clay would work just fine as it does for heavy rail. What we have now is equivalent to a 12km M4 footing... Open ballast would have saved them at least 70% of the track laying costs. Honestly the project has been so poorly managed I'm actually expecting the Woden extension to be laid in 3'6" to save money...

Trevor Watson Trevor Watson 7:20 pm 07 Mar 19

I hoped they would have gone on to Tuggeranong while Ankatell St is all dug up.

    Daniel Königs Daniel Königs 7:36 am 08 Mar 19

    Tuggeranong before Belconnen would be an extremely bad decision.

    Trevor Watson Trevor Watson 9:02 am 08 Mar 19

    Daniel Königs Don't get your hopes up... The Civic Kippax line is way down the list.

Andrew Connelly Andrew Connelly 7:38 pm 07 Mar 19

The ACT government's net debt has risen more than $100 million in just six months in 2019 , with the government drawing on borrowings to fund some $86 million in new spending pledges over the next four years.

At $10 Billion dollars for the full city wide system as they propose, it would mean it costs the ACT Government and its Taxpayers $1.3 million dollars a day, for every single day in the life of the Light Rail system.

    Daniel Königs Daniel Königs 8:24 pm 07 Mar 19

    Andrew Connelly wouldn’t it have been great if world wars didn’t cancel the plans to build this originally? How much cheaper would that have been. Or in the 70’s. Or 80’s. Or any other time this was proposed and some NIMBYs managed to stop it.

    Andrew Connelly Andrew Connelly 9:10 pm 07 Mar 19

    Julie Donda Section 5 - 5.1 Cost Estimate.

Daniel Königs Daniel Königs 8:22 pm 07 Mar 19

Should always be direct with an offshoot to Kingston/manuka later

    Tim Cole Tim Cole 12:21 am 08 Mar 19

    Daniel Königs agreed. A future service to Queanbeyan should cut across the Triangle, along National Circuit and out Canberra Ave, past Manuka Oval, etc.

Tim Hough Tim Hough 8:41 pm 07 Mar 19

Civic to the Airport makes the most sense surely?

    July Williams July Williams 5:00 am 08 Mar 19

    Tim Hough who will use it? Living in Gungahlin we would have to catch a bus to the light rail then the tram to civic, change to the airport tram it would take over 1 1/2 hours to get to the airport.

    Taxi, Uber or driving would be way more convenient.

Brendon Mulloy Brendon Mulloy 9:08 pm 07 Mar 19

So they're going underground at City Hill and popping up again somewhere on Adelaide Ave? Excellent.

I might make an offer on a TBM I know is for sale. One owner...

    Tim Cole Tim Cole 12:23 am 08 Mar 19

    Lol no. The route will apparently go onto the western side of London Circuit and then back on to Commonwealth Ave just south of City Hill.

Daniel Duncan Daniel Duncan 9:41 pm 07 Mar 19

why did they not get approval before starting to build the Tram?

    Daniel Duncan Daniel Duncan 10:56 pm 07 Mar 19

    Oscar may be, did they do one?

    Tim Cole Tim Cole 12:18 am 08 Mar 19

    They haven't started building stage 2. NCA approval was granted for the Northbourne Ave component of stage 1.

    Daniel Duncan Daniel Duncan 9:21 am 08 Mar 19

    So you apply for each sage one at a time? That would be rather stupid.

Monica Lindemann Monica Lindemann 9:47 pm 07 Mar 19

Woden to Tuggeranong would seem more useful. Civic to woden is well served by buses

    Vic Franklin Vic Franklin 11:00 pm 07 Mar 19

    What's a 'Tuggeranong'? *note heavy sarcasm from southside resident

    Tim Hough Tim Hough 12:57 am 08 Mar 19

    If you want a Woden/Tuggeranong line, there should really be a Civic/Woden line first...

    Vic Franklin Vic Franklin 6:42 am 08 Mar 19

    Scott Abela think you missed my sarcasm, but I appreciate your incorporation of crappy infrastructure into the description of the forgotten land of Tuggers...

    Vic Franklin Vic Franklin 6:44 am 08 Mar 19

    Tim Hough flying tram between town centres? 🤔

    Christian Alex Zappa Christian Alex Zappa 7:46 am 08 Mar 19

    So build another command centre and stable for the trams? You know that why the first stage cost so much?, because they had to build those things.

Lisa Beulah Lisa Beulah 10:40 pm 07 Mar 19

Queanbeyan/ACT border to Civic. Via the airport. That would be a novel and more beneficial route!

Shayne Borger Shayne Borger 11:09 pm 07 Mar 19

Ideally Trammy Mctramface should have been airport to city hill stage 1. Stage 2 city central terminus & Gungahlin to Woden. Stage 3 Belconnen to City and Gungahlin loop. Stage 4 Woden to Lanyon via Tuggeranong Stage 5 Woden to Belconnen via Molongolo.

Rail spines with buses providing feeder services to the rail spine. Too logical for this bunch of muppets. No long term infrastructure program by any government to meet future need

    Shayne Borger Shayne Borger 8:38 am 08 Mar 19

    Kerry Dent the clowns 🤡 got control of the circus 🎪🤣

    Arnold Ivan Arnold Ivan 7:05 pm 09 Mar 19

    That's cheaper way:

Raffy Sgroi Raffy Sgroi 12:11 am 08 Mar 19

Back in 1912 Walter Burley Griffin included plans for a light rail network through the capital.

Canberra such a progressive city opt on an old mode of transport when something new is just about to happen.Now the rest of the world, Sydney and Perth included, are looking towards other technologies that come in at a fraction of the cost, Trackless trams which run on virtual rail lines have been tested overseas.

Meanwhile in ACT you see tram tracks!

    Tim Cole Tim Cole 12:16 am 08 Mar 19

    I'll have whatever you're having.

    NSW has just deployed identical model trams but with wire free operation in Newcastle. Similar operation is planned for the new eastern suburbs light rail.

    Planning is advanced for the Parramatta light rail network.

    The Gold Coast light rail has carried over 8 million passengers and is ahead of forecasts. Two further extensions have commenced planning and will make use of the same rolling stock.

    Raffy Sgroi Raffy Sgroi 3:16 pm 09 Mar 19

    Arnold Ivan

    I think you don’t have any idea!

    Raffy Sgroi Raffy Sgroi 3:20 pm 09 Mar 19

    Arnold Ivan also Europe already has electric trams with not tracks!

July Williams July Williams 4:55 am 08 Mar 19

But please re-consider the changes you are making to the bus services that are not actually along the light rail route.

Trying to get from Nicholls to Belconnen by bus will now take over an hour! Because the direct buses will be removed.

It doesn't make any sense at all to go into Gungahlin first. Since the expansion of the area and changing bus routes to include Casey instead of putting on more services to include the new suburbs, travelling by bus has deteriorated. If you want the public to use public transport, then make it effective and easy to use. Make people want to use it.

When my daughter has to go to Belconnen to work or have basketball training, instead of her catching the bus, either my husband or I will need to drive home from work earlier to pick her up and drive her because the direct bus is being removed from Nicholls and the timing of going backwards to Gungahlin then change buses to Belconnen will not work!

Have a look at the ridiculous changes that are being made to areas not actually covered by the light rail and actually have a good hard think about why this is being done because I can tell you now that numbers using the service will drop dramatically.

I use to work in Belconnen and I always caught the bus from Nicholls (or rode my bike) but if I had to catch a bus to Gungahlin then change to another to the go to Belconnen, doubling the time, I would most definitely be driving each and every day.

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