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Light Rail out in the cold at Belconnen

By johnboy - 3 April 2009 36

The Canberra Times bears the outrage of Greens and light rail advocates that plans for the transport revamp of Belconnen have completely ignored a future light rail system.

    The Government has come under attack from light-rail supporters and the Greens for not factoring in the possibility of light rail in the future.

    Greens MLA Amanda Bresnan asked Chief Minister Jon Stanhope if he was aware senior officers had presented these facts to a recent Belconnen Community Council meeting.

    Although Mr Stanhope dodged the question, he later told The Canberra Times he was well aware of the situation and it was intentional.

I think that might be telling them something.

UPDATE: Reader PM posted the following on the subject:

A Looming Storm in the Chief’s Backyard…?

No light rail for Belconnen. EVER! And, there has allegedly been poor consultation.

Basically, the whole request for federal funding of light rail looks like a conveniently timed sham.

The Northside Chronicle:

Video of the Legislative Assembly:

‘Nuff said??

What’s Your opinion?

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36 Responses to
Light Rail out in the cold at Belconnen
p1 1:49 pm 03 Apr 09

I want a tube system like Woollies uses to send their cash to the back office.

That’s exactly what I had in mind. 🙂

Pommy bastard 1:48 pm 03 Apr 09

How about we drop all public transport, scrap the lot of it, give the cycle paths back to nature, and subsidise more public parking?

la mente torbida 1:38 pm 03 Apr 09

I want a tube system like Woollies uses to send their cash to the back office.

Holden Caulfield 1:14 pm 03 Apr 09

Haha, I like the travelator idea.

Will rollerbladers become the new cyclists. 😛

PM 12:46 pm 03 Apr 09

Not solution to all problems, but cheaper to run than buses or cars once built. The cost of the initial infrastructure being quoted by the government is grossly overstated.

p1 12:38 pm 03 Apr 09

I think that giant travelators between town centres would be the best option.

…or some sort of tube system that humans fit in…

Thumper 12:23 pm 03 Apr 09

It won’t. But monorail will.

amarooresident2 12:01 pm 03 Apr 09

I still don’t understand how light rail is supposed to be the solution to all our problems.

p1 11:50 am 03 Apr 09

Then we’ll be on the map, like North Haverbrook

harvyk1 10:45 am 03 Apr 09


Very Busy 10:39 am 03 Apr 09

OMG – This bloke is our Chief Minister – HELP

TP 3000 10:15 am 03 Apr 09

The ACT Labour Government has never wanted light rail in Canberra. Does anyone remember when on a Monday ex Transport Minister Simon Corbel said that light rail up the middle of Northbourne Avenue was viable. Then the following Wednesday Simon was replaced as transport minister John Hargreaves who said that light rail wouldn’t be sent up the middle of Northbourne Avenue.

However I am still going to continue writing up my own 50 Year Transport Plan & will still submit it to the ACT Labour, Greens & Liberals.

johnboy 10:04 am 03 Apr 09

Wow, I always knew some spidersense was tingling when I thought about covering Legislative Assembly question time.

That was miserably poor speaking by the CM, is he trying to bore them all into submission?

Skidbladnir 10:00 am 03 Apr 09


goose 9:58 am 03 Apr 09

Monorail is still an option.

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