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Belconnen Foreshore sexual assault?

By notbothered 3 April 2009 42


Just hoping some one might have some info about an apparent gang rape that happened outside the Subway in Belconnen. Hopefully some witnesses?! The two girls that were assaulted are in a fairly serious condition, and all that’s known about the offenders is that they were of polynesian appearance and that there were four of them and one female.

Also Canberra hospitals suck, as when they went in to get a rape kit (after being bashed, stomped on etc, as I said serious condition) they were told to “wait” How are the police supposed to do their job, if the hospitals wont do theirs?!

[ED – If you have information best to contact Crimestoppers rather than post it here.]

What’s Your opinion?

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Belconnen Foreshore sexual assault?
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mutley 6:22 pm 06 Apr 09

They don’t get criticised for being out alone late at night or wearing a tank top and shorts.

I get criticised by anyone who sees me wearing those!

Granny 5:57 pm 06 Apr 09

That’s true, but men seldom get blamed for it the way women can be. They don’t get criticised for being out alone late at night or wearing a tank top and shorts.

notbothered 5:54 pm 06 Apr 09

No, there isn’t any excuse, but it needs to be pointed out that the “it wont happen to me” way of thinking just doesn’t work, coz it could happen and unfortunately it sometimes does. It’s not just women either, men need to be aware too, rape isn’t solely made up of women victims.

Granny 5:32 pm 06 Apr 09

The unprovoked bit shouldn’t even enter into it. There is never any excuse for raping a woman.

notbothered 5:28 pm 06 Apr 09

Thats fine Granny, and like I said, it was this time in particular that the staff may have been lacking. I too have had fantastic experiences with the hospital emergency staff, I’m not sure what went wrong, or if they were sat in the waiting room until a room was free???
I am wondering whether the police will issue a statement but as I said before I’m not even certain that the girls involved managed to complete their statement.
All I can say is that I’m close to the victims, and I hope perhaps other women are a little more aware when heading out, as it was unprovoked.

Granny 4:56 pm 06 Apr 09

notbothered said :

Thats fine coz it’s your opinion, I just hope that the people that matter don’t take it so lightly (the police, incase you were wondering)

Hilarious!! *guffaw*

Granny 4:55 pm 06 Apr 09

Perhaps people are enjoying it. I wouldn’t know.

However, I don’t think the hard-working staff in the various accident and emergency departments will necessarily be enjoying the speculating, since they have all been effectively tarred with one stroke of your brush.

The fact that I had to use their services just the other night reminded me what incredible human beings they really are. It’s a thankless job at the best of times.

My heart goes out to anybody who has suffered the trauma of rape. I don’t mean any disrepect to anybody, but I would rather wait for confirmation from an official source than just blindly accept everything said by some anonymous poster on an internet forum.

I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is.

notbothered 4:49 pm 06 Apr 09

Thats fine coz it’s your opinion, I just hope that the people that matter don’t take it so lightly (the police, incase you were wondering)

vg 4:43 pm 06 Apr 09

I’m calling bull shit on 90% of the OP

notbothered 4:39 pm 06 Apr 09

Probably, but as they haven’t and as this thread really hasn’t amounted to any information I don’t see the harm in leaving it. People can keep enjoying speculating about whether or not it really happened.

Granny 3:59 pm 06 Apr 09

And likewise if the police do want information from the public, you would think they would also be quite capable of issuing media releases to said editor.

notbothered 3:45 pm 06 Apr 09

I’m sure if the police don’t want this up they would ask the editor to remove it.

Granny 3:35 pm 06 Apr 09

If the police have chosen not to release this, are you sure it is helpful for you to take it upon yourself to do so?

notbothered 3:33 pm 06 Apr 09

Colourful – nope no race baiting, I wouldve stated that it was 4 caucasian guys or asian guys or whatever other race they may have been if that was the case. It just happens to be that was how they were described.
Thanks Caf, as you said not everything gets reported. The girls were in the middle of a statement when they were taken to hospital, so I’m not certain that they’ve even completed it yet.
Qbn Gal – I hardly think its inaccurate when it comes straight from the victim. I understand that working in a hospital is a stressful job before they start getting complaints about lack of service, I’m just letting everyone know that in this particular instance that is what happened.
Bailes23 – It happened before midnight, which is why I’m on here hoping for witnesses, although I’m not entirely sure how many people would admit that they saw something.

BTW, it was an unprovoked attack, so I’m not sure that that really helps police investigations, as there are not alot of places to start.

Hmmmn, nothing from the police, op mentions ‘polynesian appearance’, is this just race baiting?

caf 11:37 am 06 Apr 09

We’ve seen in the past that the police don’t put out immediate media releases on everything – I suppose it comes down to the individual case and whether they feel that their investigations will be hindered or helped by more publicity.

The Brad 11:04 am 06 Apr 09

Tooks said :

Perhaps there has been no word from police because it either wasn’t reported to them, or this incident never occurred.

I was thinking the same thing. 2 girls hideously raped in an open area, and no record of this incident.
How do you know the Police have no leads. Unless you work with them, you have no idea what they’ve uncovered.

Sorry for being cynical, but until there’s an official word from an official source, this story reeks of a successful troll report.

Qbn Gal 11:00 am 06 Apr 09

If these girls were transported to hospital by ambulance, then you can bet it was reported to Police. And as we haven’t seen mention of it in the Police Wrap, but there has been mention of an attempted sexual assault in Civic, then I think it would be fair to assume that this incident didn’t happen.

Tooks 10:56 am 06 Apr 09

Perhaps there has been no word from police because it either wasn’t reported to them, or this incident never occurred.

Qbn Gal 10:50 am 06 Apr 09

I find it hard to believe that a patient, “unresponsive to light and had lost consciousness for however” would have been placed in a waiting room. For a start she would have had 4 hours of neuro obs following an unconsious period. I’d check the facts before posting something that criticises the care our hospital staff provide. The medical/nursing staff have enough to deal within the system without fingers being pointed by the public without accurate facts.

And I agree with Granny, where are the police facts.

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