Lights coming to Coranderrk Street roundabout on Parkes Way to ease traffic from light rail construction

Lottie Twyford 11 October 2021 47
The Gungahlin Light Rail terminal

The ACT Government says it’s committed to being upfront about the delays to the road network the light rail construction will cause. Photo: Damien Larkins.

Traffic lights will be installed at the Coranderrk Street roundabout on Parkes Way to ease the expected pressure on the road network during construction of light rail Stage 2.

According to Transport Minister Chris Steel, construction on the traffic lights will begin in the first half of 2022 and will be timed to be completed when the major work to raise London Circuit begins.

Mr Steel said the roundabout is notoriously bottle-necked already, and the traffic lights will “better regulate traffic flow and improve the capacity of the intersection”.

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The Coranderrk Street roundabout on Parkes Way. Image: Screenshot.

“This roundabout currently has a dominant west-bound flow of traffic in the morning, causing major congestion for east-bound traffic coming into the city and the Parliamentary Triangle from areas like Belconnen and Tuggeranong,” he said.

The Minister expects traffic to increase significantly once construction commences thanks to other road closures and works.

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Lane closures and works on Commonwealth Avenue will mean traffic has to be diverted via Kings Avenue, Tuggeranong Parkway and Monaro Highway.

With the new lights, the Minister said, 20 per cent more cars will be able to exit Parkes Way onto Coranderrk Street per hour.

The west-bound turning lanes at the roundabout will also be extended to improve storage capacity at the new lights.

ACT Government estimates suggest this will mean approximately 250 more east-bound vehicles can exit the Parkes Way onto Coranderrk Street during peak hour traffic each morning.

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Road cameras will also be installed so the intersection can be managed from the ACT’s Traffic Management Centre, allowing for the timing of the lights to be managed to optimise traffic flow.

While the National Capital Authority manages the roundabout (NCA), the ACT Government has funded the upgrades through the 2021-22 ACT Budget.

As part of the broader light rail works, the ACT Government is also planning to temporarily signalise the northern side of Vernon Circle to allow safe right-turn movements onto Constitution Avenue and London Circuit for buses and other vehicles heading northbound.

He said the Government is committed to being upfront with the community regarding the upcoming delays.

The next stage of the light rail, 2A, will take the current tracks to Commonwealth Park.

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47 Responses to Lights coming to Coranderrk Street roundabout on Parkes Way to ease traffic from light rail construction
Marko Lehikoinen Marko Lehikoinen 9:25 pm 14 Oct 21

Now I'm gonna have to cross onto the Parkway, Lady Denman Dr, Adelaide then Canberra Ave to make the daily commute faster😥

Thomas Suthons Thomas Suthons 8:28 pm 14 Oct 21

Nicholas Moraitakis what’s your take?

    Nicholas Moraitakis Nicholas Moraitakis 8:30 pm 14 Oct 21

    Thomas Suthons more disruption. More inconvenience. More chaos. Just for an impractical result. Impermanence is the opposite of current infrastructure demands and if something so “worthwhile” causes this then how worthwhile is it?

Quinn Franklin-Roberts Quinn Franklin-Roberts 11:32 am 14 Oct 21

Joe Gordon cant believe theyre doing this 🤬🤬🤬

David Brumfield David Brumfield 4:27 pm 13 Oct 21

That roundabout already backs up to theGlenloch interchange at peak time. Should be fun on Parkes way with extra lights

Nora Preston Nora Preston 8:52 am 13 Oct 21

The majority don’t want Lightrail. Ban the trams

Nigel Jennens Nigel Jennens 1:14 am 13 Oct 21

Before they build the new tram line and disrupt traffic they should dig a tunnel and relocate Parkes Way under ground. A four lane each way 130km/h road should be sufficient to handle the increase in traffic. Once complete they can start on the tram again.

Doug Jackson Doug Jackson 9:41 pm 12 Oct 21

Wohoo.... more rear enders...

Lin Barber Lin Barber 7:22 pm 12 Oct 21

With what money?????

Colin Vivian Colin Vivian 8:00 am 12 Oct 21

Welcome to the tram. Another bandaid that won’t work.

Delays on Commonwealth Ave thanks to the tram construction will result in grid locked on-ramp and Parkes Way eastbound traffic queued for km.

Evan Hawke Evan Hawke 6:36 am 12 Oct 21

A lot of the issue around traffic seem to be more about poor than an increase in the population in Canberra. The ACT government over the last ten years have been restricting the flow of traffic on major roads across the city creating bottlenecks on the handful of remaining roads.

Marcus Clark use to be an important bypass road which allowed traffic from Parks Way to flow freely around the city to the carparking located on the north side of the Canberra Centre until some preschool dropout though that it was a good idea to remove a lane of traffic and install an underutilised bike path. The change forced those cars to start using the Coranderrk roundabout instead, which history has shown hasn’t been able to deal with the increased traffic. Edinburgh Ave extension to Vernon Circuit appears to be the Governments latest attempt to fix this previous poor planning decision, but the issue is only 3-5 cars North bound on Northbourne Ave can turn right across to the east of the city as priority is given to the tram and the traffic coming from Belconnen.

If the Government really wants to improve things they need to have at least two lanes of traffic turning right onto Cooyong St, so people from the south of Canberra can more easily access all the services and jobs that they help subsidise.

Natalia Srock Natalia Srock 1:41 am 12 Oct 21


Something to look forward to 🤦‍♀️

Luke Ashe Luke Ashe 7:17 pm 11 Oct 21

Couldn't they have done this during lockdown? Maybe make it a bit less disruptive?

Vander Leal Vander Leal 5:05 pm 11 Oct 21

Can't wait to avoid the whole region!

Marc Edwards Marc Edwards 4:46 pm 11 Oct 21

It needs a single lane east bound flyover, that’s all, that way traffic will flow. But no this Government believes in making it harder for vehicles to access the city to force people onto public transport.

    Lachlan Morgan-Fraser Lachlan Morgan-Fraser 3:37 am 15 Oct 21

    Marc Edwards that would cost a fortune, and seeing how you boomers scream and cry at any increase in budget spending you’d all be berating Barr in the Facebook comments if he did that too. Your generation seems to want to live in a world where there is 8 lanes of traffic each way on every street, that’s not realistic I’m afraid nor does it fix traffic, adding lanes and building more freeways statically increases traffic due to incentive and causes further congestion. Canberra is growing and needs modern infrastructure so stop complaining.

Richard Willcoxson Richard Willcoxson 2:15 pm 11 Oct 21

It’s needed signalling during peak periods for several years now

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