Limestone Liz

jet.alone.2015 26 March 2007 13

hey everyone/anyone…

what’s the story about limestone liz? all my mates laugh their heads off when i mention it and i feel embarassed to approach oter people to ask… im sorry if its something distasteful (i kinda think i know what she does… :/ ) but just want to see what her story is, if anyone knows.



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13 Responses to Limestone Liz
caf caf 10:44 am 29 Mar 07
Danman Danman 7:08 am 29 Mar 07

google limestone lizzy – Australian results only.

tuggers tuggers 12:01 am 29 Mar 07

Johnboy / Danman. i can’t get this story though the link. Can you repost it for all our educations?

bigred bigred 10:05 pm 27 Mar 07

I thought she was an urban myth until I caught a glimpse of her in the car’s headlights recently. She don’t look half bad.

gaelhope gaelhope 9:57 pm 27 Mar 07

I’m with regularbrowse on this – she was known by the name of Mary. I met her while visiting someone else in BRC. She told me she has a kid that was taken from her because of her addiction. While in BRC on that occasion she was bashed by other women for giving them lice.

Sad story, sad woman, pathetic to make a joke of her.

Sammy Sammy 2:22 pm 27 Mar 07

She works as a plumber, and spends most of her day cleaning pipes.

The last time she submitted her input tax credits to the Tax office, they weren’t very impressed.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:03 pm 27 Mar 07

She works as a plumber, and spends most of her day cleaning pipes.

Danman Danman 1:35 pm 27 Mar 07

or faibairn franny depending on location

regularbrowse regularbrowse 1:24 pm 27 Mar 07

Sad story. She’s well known in the ACT court system. Presume its the same person known as “Limestone Mary” (much closer to her real first name). Last I heard two years ago, her family was sending her to a heroin detox program in W.A. Doesn’t sound like it worked.

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 12:03 pm 27 Mar 07

Either that or someone gives her the advertising rates card.

Ari Ari 9:31 am 27 Mar 07

Johnboy was looking for nominations for small business to be reviewed.

How about he reviews Limestone Liz?

Unbeliever Unbeliever 9:06 am 27 Mar 07

What she does is a private matter between her and her paying clients 😉


Danman Danman 6:23 am 27 Mar 07

Pretty messy but this will give you a good ides who she is/was

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