Liquor laws hit the too hard basket?

johnboy 23 July 2009 10

Vicki Dunne is wondering aloud whatever happened to the review of the ACT’s liquor laws:

    “The government issued a discussion paper in March last year, calling for submissions by 30 June 2008,” said Mrs Dunne.

    “In the Estimates Committee hearings in May this year, the Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, admitted that he had taken advice on the progress of the review only ‘one or two weeks’ prior to the hearings and that it would be ‘a few months’ before he would be taking anything to Cabinet.

    “So, here we are, 16 months after the discussion paper was issued and more than a year after the closing date for submissions and still nothing has been mentioned.

Anyone want to bet they’ll come up with something after, and not before, the ALP ceases to be one of the biggest bar owners in town?

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10 Responses to Liquor laws hit the too hard basket?
j from the block j from the block 4:42 pm 23 Jul 09

And just quickly following on from the loui post the other day,
Granny; sometimes customers forget that the people smiling and asking how there day is, are paid to do that, and be nice to them, many in hospitality / customer service don’t actually want to be friends with everyone who enters their place of business, but are happy to do it for tips or a wage, it’s our job, it’s part of the service, I’ll ask dozens of people how their day / wife / job is over a night, please don’t test me on everyones response though. We’re a friendly bunch to be sure, but sometimes people misconstrue that.
Pelican Lini; I have worked from 5 star to no star, and in between here in the ACT, never hit a punter (involved in brawls yes, ejected patrons, yes, never hit), and as a general rule, tend to give as I receive in regards to sarcasm etc. When not at the day job I work in an Irish Pub in Civic. I’ll let you guess which one.

j from the block j from the block 3:25 pm 23 Jul 09

Should also add, the level of responsible service is sometimes dictated by the management / owners, I have worked in places where you were to drunk to be served once you were to drunk to pull any more money out of your wallet.

j from the block j from the block 2:52 pm 23 Jul 09

Like all professions, there are some bar staff that are better, or more experienced in spotting the non sober, the call then becomes, are you going to stop serving them; when they are too drunk to drive, too drunk to make relaiable judgments, too drunk to walk etc. Also keeping in mind, all bodies, and alcohol tolerances are not equal, but once the signs of swaying, slurring, and fumbling for money come around, thats normally a pretty good sign they have had sufficent.
And for those who I have cut off because you have vertigo, a speech impediment, are uncoordinated, or all three, if you were not too drunk, I do apologise, but after doing it for 15 odd years, I stand by having that number in single digits, as opposed to assuming otherwise, and allowing people to get into trouble.

Dante Dante 2:51 pm 23 Jul 09

I thought this was about liquor laws p1, not your personal preference in music.

Is anyone honestly surprised at the inability of the current Govt to deal with seemingly anything in a timely manner? We keep voting them back in so they think they’re doing a good job and have a mandate to do whatever they want… that’s pretty evident in the way Stanhopless carries himself.

Liquor laws need a serious rethink if they are allowed to effectively close venues over noise issues after the EPA investigates rules that there is no problem with noise. I’m still bitter with Liquor Licencing about Toast’s closure, and I probably will be for a long time.

p1 p1 2:19 pm 23 Jul 09

Bar tenders of course being able to tell the difference between drunk and sober when trying to lip read as they order another “4 rum & cokes please mate” over the generic bass beat of the new cool tune…

j from the block j from the block 11:02 am 23 Jul 09

They normally fall back on the bartenders opinion, and the whole responsible service of alcohol thing. In my experience, one guy ordering 10 shots with out friends, in one go at the bar, tends to lead to a messy end.

AG Canberra AG Canberra 10:59 am 23 Jul 09

I had no problem ordering 10 shots for myself and 9 friends on the weekend….What exactly are updated laws meant to do?

j from the block j from the block 10:30 am 23 Jul 09

Responsible service of alcohol according to the act / laws tends to state that you can not serve someone who is intoxicated, and that once someone has an alcoholic drink they become intoxicated. So you can either give only one drink to punters, or swim in the fuzzy grey of the laws.
Same goes for not serving shots, sure, one guy ordering 20 shots of tequila at “insert notorious club here” is ridiculous, but how about the guy ordering fine single malt? “Sorry sir, you need to put coke with your Glenmorangie, its the law”.

j from the block j from the block 10:09 am 23 Jul 09

The ACT Liquor Laws are a joke.

Nosey Nosey 10:09 am 23 Jul 09

They can’t decide on the Liqour Laws. No shock.

Start with the responsible service of alcohol, at least that should be easy.

Less vomit smell in civic in the morning. Yay.

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