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Live in Canberra? It’ll cost you

By johnboy - 13 February 2007 34

Interesting post up on the British Expats site from a “Hel” who’s trying as hard as she can to move to Canberra.

She’s a little disheartened to discover that public education is going to cost “$12000 per year plus $349 insurance” for her son, compared to ~$5,000 in NSW.

And another one goes private…

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
Live in Canberra? It’ll cost you
bonfire 1:01 pm 13 Feb 07

typical whinging poms from a welfare mentality state.

ask them to put there hands in there own pocket to fund a lifestyle and watch them whinge.

i dont see why the benefits of being a taxpying citizen shoudl be extended to to those who have no intention of contributing to society as a whole over the longer term.

i dont expect to go on the dole when im on holiday in the old dart.

terubo 12:53 pm 13 Feb 07

What about the ‘ladies of the night’ – are they more expensive here too?
(I wonder who’ll answer that one…)

Al 12:48 pm 13 Feb 07

Everything’s expensive here. Dentist fees are on average 50% higher. Couple of days ago was the report that doctors fee gaps are the highest in the country, and more. While we are patting ourselves on the back about best education, highest average pays, standard of living and everything else, we should remember we are being systematically shafted for the privilege by all and sundry. And we put up with it…

emd 12:29 pm 13 Feb 07

I think the dip community could be why they think they can get away with gouging so much.

Amazing, given the costs and relative prestige of private schools in Canberra. I’d be willing to bet diplomats don’t have to put their kids names on the wait list at birth to get in at Grammar, Radford etc.

terubo 12:13 pm 13 Feb 07

Sammy, those hot blondes usually have bad days.
Which is why the place is known as ‘Hot Cross Bunnings’.

johnboy 12:01 pm 13 Feb 07

I think the dip community could be why they think they can get away with gouging so much.

johnboy 11:58 am 13 Feb 07

By my reading I think they’d like to get a longer visa if they could.

emd 11:58 am 13 Feb 07

Wow, that’s huge. I wonder why so much in ACT compared to NSW? Given our large diplomatic community, I would have thought ACT would have reasonably fees.

For around $2,500 per year in school fees, I could send all three kids to the local Catholic school. Add on a few hundred extra per child for uniforms, a few hundred for private music lessons at school, and it’s still a lot less than $12,000 per student.

Sammy 11:56 am 13 Feb 07

For a little while the twins perplexed me, as I didn’t realise there were twin blondes working there.

One is clearly more attractive than the other, and until I realised they were two people, I thought she was just having extreme good and bad days 🙂

Deano 11:54 am 13 Feb 07

From the post:
Ontop of school fees we will not get 1st homebuyers grant, medicare, child benefit etc

So let me get this straight – they are coming here on a temporary working visa with the option to piss off back home if things don’t work out but are complaining that they won’t be getting the handouts that long term taxpayers are getting.

No wonder they are called Whinging Poms!

Pandy 11:52 am 13 Feb 07

Wendy (the younger) is hot at Bunnings

CouldExpire 11:16 am 13 Feb 07

for your viewing pleasure sammy… lol

Sammy 10:22 am 13 Feb 07

I like going to Bunnings in Tuggeranong to see the hot chicks who work the checkouts. Why do they hire so many hot chicks? Oh wait, I answered my own question 🙂

CouldExpire 10:20 am 13 Feb 07

$12,000.. thats disgusting!

I know one of the managers at Bunnings in Tuggers, I’ll ask him why there so many Poms…
my best guess though is they most likely they needed the staff and hired them!

Sammy 9:23 am 13 Feb 07

Recently i’ve noticed an inordinate number of poms working at Bunnings in Tuggeranong. There are a few reasons I can think of:

1. It’s just normal

2. They’ve come over here to work at Bunnings

3. They are the children of people who’ve come over here on skilled migrant visas.

1 2 3

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