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Loadedog’s Hermit Interview

che 16 November 2005 7

Loadedog has put up this story about his attempted interview with a Canberra hermit.

Gives an insight into some aspects of Canberra that most of us haven’t thought of/encountered before.

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7 Responses to Loadedog’s Hermit Interview
Jey Jey 3:00 pm 16 Nov 05

A good read. I think there was a similar story about the same man and camp a while back in NowUC.

Thumper Thumper 3:29 pm 16 Nov 05

A few year ago I was on a SAR with SES and we came across a long haired guy living in a tarpolin/ branches/ rocks sort of structure down by the Molonglo River.

the place was well hidden in amongst spindly trees in a reasonably inaccessable area and it looked as if he’d been living there for a long time.

he had clothes hung out to dry, a few carp hanging on the stick and a fireplace with pots and pans on it.

When we first found the place I called out to the cop I was with and we both checked it out, freaking out the guy who was living there.

As it was the cop didn’t worry about it and we moved on.

Interesting. Whether he simply wanted to drop out of life or what, I’ll never know.

colsim colsim 3:34 pm 16 Nov 05

I know where this guy is – if it wasn’t for the bright blue tarp, you’d never know he was there at all.

Each to their own I guess, as long as he isn’t someone who’s slipped through the cracks.

Thumper Thumper 3:55 pm 16 Nov 05

“Each to their own I guess, as long as he isn’t someone who’s slipped through the cracks”

Yep, exactly Col….

seepi seepi 5:59 pm 16 Nov 05

I think if he just wants to be left alone then it is a bit unkind to publicise his whereabouts on the web.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 6:58 pm 16 Nov 05

I’m not going to publicise any details about his whereabouts other than that I’ve suspected someone lived there for a while.

FB FB 10:16 am 17 Nov 05

I agree with Thumper & Colsim, if thats what he chooses then let him be.

But don’t pity the guy. It’s his choice to live like that. In the ACT we have a very good public housing system. As Loadedog mentioned there is a loooong waiting list for public housing, but we also have a section called ‘Emergency Housing’ the list for this type of accomodation is about a week. You don’t get much, a small dodgy bed-sit in a dump block of units, but it’s a place to sleep.

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