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Slots 28 April 2010 29

Canberra filmmaker Jonathan Nolan has featured on A Current Affair.

[ED – In relation to the Starwalker affair.]

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29 Responses to Local Filmmaker Features On ACA
Slots Slots 4:50 pm 03 May 10

Okay, dare2dream, you don’t know Jonathan Nolan, but you have been following the events surrounding Starwalker.

In that case, can I ask whether you’ve done any of your own research to assertain whether or not the facts revealed about Starwalker and Jonathan Nolan are true? Or do you simply take his word for it that everything that has been said has been a “tissue of lies”?

As I said above, I don’t ask anyone here to simply take our word for it. But the Facebook group listed above gives a good starting point for checking the facts for yourself. It’s not that hard.

Or do you believe that every single person we’ve contacted – Prof Hawking, Red Vision Media, Polkadot PR, etc, are telling lies?

What about the people who are financially out of pocket thanks to Jonathan Nolan? From the cast and crew of Sweet Cyanide, as detailed in yesterday’s Canberra Times article, through to those involved in Starwalker, such as Robert Brand?

Are you calling them liars?

That’s one of the enigmas about Jonathan Nolan. He challenges people to ask questions and dig up the truth with his conspiracy theories about things like 9/11. But as soon as people start asking questions about him, and revealing the truth about what he says, he immediately screams “defamation!!” You can’t have it both ways, Jonathan.

dare2dream dare2dream 4:48 pm 03 May 10

I see on ozsoapbox that Robert Brand says that his family has been hurt so badly. Well,I too have been hurt badly perhaps by websites that are supportive of Robert Brand…it seems to me that the culture of the internet could be hurting quite a few people. Dare2dream is not Jonathan Nolan nor is dare2dream closely connected to Jonathan Nolan.

sloppery sloppery 3:13 pm 03 May 10

The whole thing stinks of bullshit.

dare2dream dare2dream 2:49 pm 03 May 10

Slots, being an astronaut has never been one of my dreams. I have never met Jonathan Nolan and only became aware of him and the Starwalker debate in the last six months.

Heywood, the culture of the internet and proponents of freedom of speech needs to operate within the boundaries of the law. I’m all for freedom of speech but have a look at S 12 of the Human Right’s Act (ACT)where it says that everyone has the right ‘…not to have his or her reputation unlawfully attacked.’

fgzk fgzk 11:56 am 03 May 10

Slots. To illicit any real response from RA posters. I think you need to present evidence of public housing tenancy, unemployment benefits, hoody wearing, minor property thefts or bike riding. Anything else would be, as Aurelius points out, considered a petty squabble.

fgzk fgzk 11:18 am 03 May 10

Nice show of hands slots. Its not so important who a poster is on RA. I think identifying posters is frowned upon. Assumptions are good. I think we can work the rest out for ourselves.

If he is a local then maybe other RA readers have come across him and will share their opinions too.

Slots Slots 10:55 am 03 May 10

BTW, if dare2dream isn’t actually connected to Nolan, before you stick up for him you might want to do some research of your own. There have been a lot of claims made about Nolan. Most of them can be easily checked. We don’t ask that you just take our word for it.

That’s how this whole thing started. Nolan made some outrageous claims, and people decided to actually check out those claims, rather than just take his word for it. The more we checked, the more lies we found, not just with Starwalker, but with practically everything Nolan has ever said on the internet.

So, if you don’t believe us, do your own research, send your own emails. Then you can make up your own mind.

Slots Slots 9:53 am 03 May 10

@fgzk – Fair enough. Just go to the Facebook group mentioned in the ACA story:


It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out from my username here what my involvement in this has been on that board.

Still waiting to hear from dare2dream on their connection to Nolan.

fgzk fgzk 7:37 pm 02 May 10

Slots maybe you should show your hand too.

Gwalter Gwalter 7:21 pm 02 May 10

@dare2dream. The Canberra Times story today certainly seems to back up the ACA story.

Heywood Heywood 4:52 pm 02 May 10

Dare2dream, those stupid websites need raise funds to fend off the lawsuits from those who don’t respect or understand freedom of speech nor understand the culture of the internet.

Slots Slots 4:14 pm 02 May 10

dare2dream, okay, you don’t trust ACA. Fair enough.

How about what Robert Brand has stated above, which more or less confirms a lot of the details in the ACA story? Are you calling Robert a liar?

What about the story in today’s Canberra Times? Is that also a “tissue of lies and defamation”?

It’s strange that you would watch something like the ACA story and immediately jump to the conclusion of “defamation” rather than scam, and that you would use wording very similar to Jonathan Nolan on his blog:


I can only assume that, at the very least, you are a close friend of Jonathan Nolan’s, given that the particular name you are hiding behind was lifted directly from the orginal press release for Starwalker. Quote: “anyone from any background can dare to dream and try out to become an Astronaut.”

If you are close to Nolan, could you please indicate, amongst all the allegations currently being made against Jonathan Nolan, just two which you feel are not true and are defamatory? Stating the truth here would have no effect on defamation proceedings being pursued by Nolan, and in fact, having them on the public record could only help his cause.

If you are not close to Nolan, could you please explain why you watched the story on ACA and immediately came to the conclusion that Nolan was the victim and not the perpetrator? On what evidence did you base this conclusion?

dare2dream dare2dream 2:13 pm 01 May 10

Robertb, I dont necessarily trust anything that is on programmes like ACA, at the end of the day if the money they make out of a story is more than they will have to pay someone they defame then they will go ahead and do it. They call it business. There are so many stupid website owners that encourage people to make nasty comments about individuals and they dont think about let alone care about the persons whose feelings and reputation they are targeting. I’ve seen a website that even solicits donations from members to pay their legal costs when they do get sued for defamation. The people who post nasty and offensive things on those websites – which could be a criminal matter as well as a civil matter – hide behind idiotic names and are gutless. Jonathan Nolan has my support in fighting those types of people.

robertb robertb 7:09 pm 28 Apr 10

As for the police, they are slow to act because the scamming laws are rotten here in Australia – I have to go through a long process of detailing things to Fair Trading. As far as bullying goes Nolan has threatened me with police action and it never comes – if it was real, there would be a knock at the door from the boys and girls in blue! Read between the lines and don’t be fooled because you got bullied.

I was bullied mercilessly in high school and ended up not going to Uni because of bullying. I swore that I would never allow it again. Nolan is a bully who threatens and is a coward at the end of the day. Sorry “dare2dream”, but you are dreaming

robertb robertb 7:04 pm 28 Apr 10

dare2dream, All I can say is that I dream about Nolan paying me, cause that is about all I will get from him – until it goes to court. He never paid me dispite promises and emails stating he would do so.

If you want a good list of his lies go to:


Read that and tell me he is the victim. My wife has been crying most nights because of the finacial hole Nolan dug for us. My daughter has had nightmares where she dreams Nolan is ——- our family. This has hurt me dearly and if Nolan was the real thing andnot a scam artist, all he had to do was pay me and I would have gone away. I would never have started to dig at the truth.

This is simply whistle blowing on a scam artist – no bullying. The finacier was a lie, the tickets on Soyuz was a lie and on it goes…… He even claims that I don’t have a contract with him and that I am only an “alleged former employee”. I will be putting it on my website on the weekend. That will pretty much nail the guy for lying – yet again. He will not go head to head with me becuase he has nothing but lies and he can’t make me take the site down becuase there are no lies on the site. If there was even a single lie he could do it in a flash.

He owes about $1.5M to people he contracted and he can’t pay. He claims that I can get paid, but I have to sign a new contract to get my money – that is a regulation or law broken right there!

He claims that another comapny is in control of the finances and they don’t want to pay me for complaining that Nolan wasn’t paying me. I think the technical term for not being in control of the funds to pay your staff is “insolvent”.

Nolan are you insolvent or can you pay what you owe? I reckon that pretty much says it all.

Nolan a victim? You decide. ACA did their own research as did the SMH. Watch out for an indepth interview on “Today Tonight”. They may not show it because ACA beat them to the story, but I hope that they do. I spent hours doing the interview.

“Alleged Former Empolyee”, Robert Brand

fgzk fgzk 6:39 pm 28 Apr 10

Has anyone actually seen one of his films. “Allegedly” all his film credits where crap.

Aurelius Aurelius 2:59 pm 28 Apr 10

And dare2dream – defamation is a civil matter. So it’s got nothing to do with the police.
And that should never change. The police do not exist to take sides in petty squabbles.

Aurelius Aurelius 2:57 pm 28 Apr 10

In Nolan’s case, the website defamation case (discussed in the linked story) was allegedly thrown out of court, because the only person on the alleged site publishing his personal details was allegedly Nolan himself.
(Hope that’s enough ‘allegedly’s to protect RA from any legal dramas.)

Slots Slots 1:04 pm 28 Apr 10

dare2dream, why do you automatically assume that Jonathan Nolan is a victim here, rather than the scam artist that ACA make him out to be? Do you know something they don’t, Jonathan, sorry… dare2dream?

dare2dream dare2dream 12:17 pm 28 Apr 10

Like Jonathan Nolan, I’ve been a victim of cyberbullying and defamation via a website. It’s about time the Police started to take the issue seriously instead of putting it in the too hard basket.

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