Local history – The Dickson Kisser!

johnboy 9 July 2009 24

In the recent discussion on a vandalised road sign in Downer the subject came up of “The Dickson Kisser”. MissPeaches had the following explanation which I thought was worthy of its own space on the front page:

    hahaha Years ago there used to be this old fella who lived on the corner there and would sit out the front waiting for unsuspecting female pedestrians wandering past. He would bang his walking stick on the cement to get their attention and motion for them to come over.

    So thinking this poor old fella needs assistance or something (or rather that’s what i thought when I was the victim and assume most people think the same) the pedestrian comes up his little verandah and he would grab them by the wrist pull them and plant a kiss on their lips!!

    Now I know technically he lived in Downer but when he wasn’t sitting on his verandah he would be across the road at the Dickson shops applying similar tactics to the shoppers in the area.

    Hence the name – the Dickson kisser.

Anyone else fall victim to this kissing fiend?

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24 Responses to Local history – The Dickson Kisser!
grunta123 grunta123 7:04 pm 09 Jul 09

I’m going out to buy me a walking stick. Woo Hoo!

Who says tha oldies are crazy.

Jim Jones Jim Jones 1:59 pm 09 Jul 09

MissPeaches said :

@Jim Jones

Did you know him as the Dickson kisser as well? I remember the red fez now that you mention it!

I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember what we called him, but no, it wasn’t the Dickson kisser.

I remember him pretty clearly though, shuffling awkwardly (in that distinctly decrepit crazy old-man fashion) towards the girls making that kissing face. I don’t think I ever saw him actually kiss anyone though.

CapitalK CapitalK 1:34 pm 09 Jul 09

Sorry – by girls I mean college girls – not young girls

CapitalK CapitalK 1:33 pm 09 Jul 09

There was also a guy who would cut girls hair, can’t remember what we called him.
Same sort of story ie fairly harmless, he would just snip off a bit of hair.
This was also at least 15 years ago.

MissPeaches MissPeaches 1:10 pm 09 Jul 09

@Jim Jones

Did you know him as the Dickson kisser as well? I remember the red fez now that you mention it!

Ivan76 Ivan76 12:44 pm 09 Jul 09

Does his daughter gives kisses also? Just wondering….

Jim Jones Jim Jones 12:17 pm 09 Jul 09

He’d be well dead by now. I used to live very very close to him and walked past him every day, my female flatmates knew about him and would always avoid him. He was a nutcase, but pretty harmless.

He had a daughter who was absolutely stunning and who spent some of her afternoons trying to rein him in. I think he might have been Middle Eastern, because I vaguely remember him wearing a dirty red fez on occasions, and his daughter was dark-haired and dark-eyed.

MissPeaches MissPeaches 11:33 am 09 Jul 09

RAGD said :

@ MissPeaches,

How long ago was this? And how old were you at the time?

um this was at least 15 years ago but he was around for a very long time and had quite the reputation in the area. I expect he has passed away now.

Hank Hank 11:20 am 09 Jul 09

And that’s how I got this cold sore, I swear….

RAGD RAGD 11:01 am 09 Jul 09

@ MissPeaches,

How long ago was this? And how old were you at the time?

G-Fresh G-Fresh 10:44 am 09 Jul 09

Lock this man up!

DarkLadyWolfMother DarkLadyWolfMother 10:31 am 09 Jul 09

Did anyone actually report him?

peterh peterh 10:26 am 09 Jul 09

Mike Bessenger said :

It’s just a kiss, c’mon spread the love.

and the strange diseases…

Mike Bessenger Mike Bessenger 10:23 am 09 Jul 09

It’s just a kiss, c’mon spread the love.

MissPeaches MissPeaches 10:20 am 09 Jul 09

RAGD said :

That’s terrible. Did anyone tell this dirty old man off?

well he gave a fairly strong impression that he didn’t speak english so i guess he got away with it… 🙂

rottweiler rottweiler 10:20 am 09 Jul 09

As much as feels for the “victims” and wouldn’t like it to happen to me, You gotta give him 10 points for trying to get a bit!!! 🙂

phototext phototext 10:16 am 09 Jul 09


RAGD RAGD 10:00 am 09 Jul 09

That’s terrible. Did anyone tell this dirty old man off?

MissPeaches MissPeaches 9:55 am 09 Jul 09

It was icky! It’s one of those memories you can never erase…

We had another elderly friend who lived a few doors up from him and she would see him coming… She would try to get away as fast as she could but also used a walking stick and unfortunately he was faster than she was. Poor old duck! She was a victim multiple times!

FC FC 9:42 am 09 Jul 09

Oh My, How icky!

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