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Life is looking up

Local man makes parents proud

By Skidbladnir - 24 January 2008 21

According to this ABC Article, a local scouting volunteer from Banks, who is 20 years old, a Rover, and has been charged with further crimes relating to pornography and acts of sex with persons under the age of 16.

The hearing has been adjourned for a month.

[Ed. post edited at request of author]

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21 Responses to
Local man makes parents proud
Skidbladnir 10:03 am 25 Jan 08

No availability of the article as the CT doesn’t put everything online yet, but The Age link only links to a certain position in their “Breaking News” RSS feed, so you can only find an old cached page.

Mælinar 9:41 am 25 Jan 08

Skid, that, obviously, is different then.

Skidbladnir 9:24 am 25 Jan 08

There was an article in the age and the CT when this first came to light (21Dec07) headlined “Man preyed on young girls, court told” in which it pointed out that he was 20 at the time, and the girls involved “were as young as 13”.

Mælinar 9:19 am 25 Jan 08

15:17 or 16:20 is legal isn’t it ?

That would then make it either inappropriate, consentual, or rape.

My thoughts are worst case scenario is most probably abuse of a position of trust, and expelled from the Scouts. Woo hoo.

He’ll get more punishment from this website than from the legal system.

s-s-a 9:08 am 25 Jan 08

“Noting that he was 17 and girls were 14/15 when some of the alleged offences occurred I’m not sure if that actually classifies him as a pedo in anything but the law.”

Yeah I agree. Tho he should have been told in no uncertain terms that being a leader places his charges 110% off-limits – same as new-grad teachers and year 12 students.

madman 9:27 pm 24 Jan 08

Oh and… Shame on you for threatening to sue RiotACT.

What has RiotACT done… It’s always been there when you wanted to post anything, always readily available, always just one click away. Heck it’s greater then your best friend!

You cannot go threatening a free media service carriage and think you’ve done good for the community. You should appologise, or at least never log back in again because what you said was pretty defamatory.

Shame shame shame.

Peace out hommies!

madman 9:22 pm 24 Jan 08

Hey now Shenanigans, there some pretty high claims there. Remember it’s not Riot ACT that posted that content but the individual, and that person is therfore responsible. As for the legality, there is nothing wrong with naming the accused man and even submitting photos. It’s what the media is all about, If you want to sue the whole media then… LOL I say good luck to you.

Obviously you don’t know the legality to this, or should we say…. The case, so you put it. You cannot sue a carriage service for posted content. But give it a go, We’ll all hail you when you’re wearing bling from the money you got out of the court case.

Really I think you need to chill.

Peace out!

shenanigans 7:28 pm 24 Jan 08

I really don’t like the nasty vigilante turn Riot Act has taken recently. Putting this guys photo up – what is this shit? “Pedo scum”? Whta do you know about this case? I hope he’s found innocent and sues your arse off.

anon1972 6:22 pm 24 Jan 08

Noting that he was 17 and girls were 14/15 when some of the alleged offences occurred I’m not sure if that actually classifies him as a pedo in anything but the law.

JD114 5:45 pm 24 Jan 08

Correction, it’s a friend of one of his friends…

JD114 5:44 pm 24 Jan 08

Oh dear!!!!!!!!!! One of his Facebook friends is Jackie Roots. I kid you not. See, he never stood a chance lol

Deadmandrinking 1:52 pm 24 Jan 08

I also think you shouldn’t name him or link to his profile – the man’s only been charged. He has not been convicted. There is still a chance he may be innocent.

Burn the pedo scum when they’re found guilty, just remember though, if he’s not found guilty, this accusation will hang an air of suspicion over him for the rest of his life.

Skidbladnir 1:23 pm 24 Jan 08

Hell, just so we don’t ruin his chances at life by being googled, I’ll side with Admin on this one and not name him on this site until his alleged offences become convictions.
But people like him are exactly the reason people worry about sending their daughters into Scouting and keep them stashed in Guides where they learn to braid other people’s hair, bake bad cakes, and believe in fairies, instead of getting out and doing proper things with their childhood.

Mr Evil 12:24 pm 24 Jan 08

Well, at least it wasn’t someone in an organisation like this trying to shag/molest boys this time!

farout 12:15 pm 24 Jan 08

Not a masculine face among his “friends” on facebook.

Perhaps facebook needs to rethink the “poke her” hyperlink. The young man was just doing what facebook told him to.

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