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Local Muslims allegedly beat up Kurt Kennedy

By johnboy - 6 May 2007 57

Back in the day we were keen watchers of Kurt Kennedy.

We thrilled at his tilt for the the 2004 Legislative Assembly with his policies which included stamp duty concessions for having the relatives living next door, more voting power for large families, and being able to sink a bore in your backyard to get ‘free’ water.

We pondered the madness of his website (sadly now reworked, but happily still just as mad. And then when he sent in the answers to our candiate questionaire we really had a good old giggle.

We were a little bit sad when he only got 168 votes in that election (by no means the lowest candidate vote in Molonglo that year).

Then he surprised us all by converting to Islam and founding the “Best Party of Allah” which managed to goad Sophie Mirabella (née Panopoulos) into hysterics on the floor of the national parliament. This was followed up by a withdrawal of the party’s application allegedly for fear of being tagged as terrorists.

So imagine our surprise when today’s Canberra Times ran a story on this local legend getting beaten up on the grounds of the Canberra Mosque. It seems Kurt is now the secretary of the ACT Islamic Society. He had just announced that he was replacing the local imam of 13 year’s service, Mohammed Swaiti, with Yahya Atay.

While we would never advocating beating Kurt Kennedy up, we do wonder how more traditional members of the Muslim community would feel about this recent arrival, with a most unconventional grasp on reality, ditching their long standing spiritual leader?

We also wonder why the Canberra Times didn’t see fit to mention Kurt’s past.

UPDATED: The CT’s Graham Downie is now on the story with more background and at least a passing mention of Kurt’s colourful past. The Australian is always keen on a story about violent muslims and does not fail to deliver. The Oz notes that an AVO has been sought, more interestingly they also have the claim that Kurt converted to Islam 11 years ago. Maybe he’s been off in his tardis since 2004 when he was asked about his faith by this website and replied thusly:

“what are your religious beliefs and how do you anticipate they would guide your actions in the Assembly, which policies of yours are motivated by your religious beliefs” I BELIEVE IN SOMEONE STRONGER THAN YOU AND ME. I’M JUST A SERVANT OF THAT PERSON.

An answer which could be consistent with being a Muslim, but is not one of more ringing statements of faith ever uttered.

What’s Your opinion?

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57 Responses to
Local Muslims allegedly beat up Kurt Kennedy
DawnDrifter 11:41 am 07 May 07

M – This is directed squarely at you. (I guess you were there too) and this is not how it happened. He made an announcement, people were upset and took it out on him outside. All 5 of them vs Kurt (you were probably one of the people that waited for him outside were you?)

bonfire 9:12 am 07 May 07

crazy as a coconut

Sammy 9:10 am 07 May 07

A restraining order has been taken out

Erm, no, a restraining order is to be applied for.

They don’t just hand them out, thankfully.

OzChick 8:39 am 07 May 07

A restraining order has been taken out against the former imam and his supporters…

barking toad 8:11 am 07 May 07

The religion of peace and beheading atrracts loonies.

el 7:23 am 07 May 07

the guy who told it to the CT is related to kurt by marriage.

I thought the Federales had squashed the gay marriage legislation?

hk0reduck 11:39 pm 06 May 07

I don’t know why someone from within the Islamic community would leak this to the media.
Non-islamic people are already doing a good enough job of dragging their image through the dirt.
Take a leaf from Christianity and only leak the bad stuff 30 years after it happened.

johnboy 11:07 pm 06 May 07

Pandy I’ve been offered places on the ticket by numerous parties.

I think I do more good doing this.

You can go root yourself.

m 10:41 pm 06 May 07

i was there kurt started the fight by grabbing the other guys neck. only problem is kurt cant fight for shit. most of the article was inaccurate the guy who told it to the CT is related to kurt by marriage. a little bit of unethical reporting

Pandy 10:37 pm 06 May 07

Gota drink less.

Pandy 10:36 pm 06 May 07

At least he had the guts ti stand for election. And had a taste for being beating up.

What have you done noteworthy lately John? (Running Tiotact does not count).

Sammy 5:11 pm 06 May 07

Even the imam movie doesn’t capitalise imam.

OpenYourMind 1:14 pm 06 May 07

‘…unconventional grasp on reality’… that really is a funny line!

Speaking of CT,and apologies for being off topic, but Ian Warden’s Sunday Times article comparing the isolation of living in Gunghalin to the isolation of the newly discovered extrasolar planet Gliese 581 c. Even if you are sensitive about Gunghalin, it’s still a funny read.

johnboy 12:32 pm 06 May 07

correct on the spelling, thanks for that.

I don’t capitalise just as i wouldn’t capitalise Priest

DJ 12:06 pm 06 May 07

“…he was replacing the local iman of 13 year’s service”

Isn’t it Imam?

The CT don’t see fit to mention a lot of things.

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