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Local Vet Urgently Needs Your Support

By spin462002 - 23 February 2008 37

Dr Jan Spate is a local vet at Hall. The Vet Board is threatening to close her down because her premises apparently don’t come up to their “standards”. The fact she is a superb vet and offers a wonderful service that anyone can afford seems to be lost on them!! I wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else! Jan has a big heart and does a fantastic job in clean, user friendly surroundings.

Please write to the Board and tell them what a great vet Jan is. Tell them about the great service she provides and how much she cares about your animals/pets.

email to:
or snail mail to: Vet Surgeons Board of the ACT, PO Box 976 Civic Square ACT 2608

I sent my letter today (email and copy by snail mail) Let’s not lose this great service, please show your support.

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
Local Vet Urgently Needs Your Support
LlamaFrog 8:15 pm 23 Feb 08

Standards are standards, if every other vet can meet them then so can this one. Think of the bigger picture.

CanberraResident 7:48 pm 23 Feb 08

I am still none the wiser as to why the Vet Board have threatened to close down this vet. I don’t care if she’s a fabulous vet, I don’t care if she’s a fabulous person for that matter. The appropriate authority has identified a problem, and I’m certain the vet in question would have received plenty of warning that this was coming. Did she take the necessary steps to improve things? I don’t know the full story, but I’m sure the Vet Board are only doing their job. Good luck to you in your efforts, and all the best to the vet, but rules are there to be abided by, especially where people and animals are concerned. No exceptions, I don’t care if you’re Mother Teresa or Saint Francis of Assisi. Read dem rules.

Special G 7:46 pm 23 Feb 08

I take 3 dogs and a cat to her regularly and have a good experience every time. In comparison to other vets I have seen it stacks up to the same standards – but then again what I look for and what the board looks for could be different things.

cranky 5:53 pm 23 Feb 08

Your original post requested clients write to the Vet’s Board in support of the Vet.

You then criticised comments that added support and alternative solutions.

Strikes me the discussion is being curtailed by yourself – not a good career move on this site.

spin462002 5:41 pm 23 Feb 08

Hi cranky, so you think they are rhetorical questions then? I mistakenly thought it was some kind of discussion.

cranky 5:41 pm 23 Feb 08

I thought my post did that in spades! Only needs the Board to be made aware of this site and thread. I am obviously not in a position to write on her behalf as a customer.

jemmy 5:38 pm 23 Feb 08

I can’t find anything in the standards regarding premises, only about personal standards and qualifications. I wonder if there’s a bit of a personality conflict.

spin462002 5:37 pm 23 Feb 08

It’s so easy to make complaints about lack of service and hardly any of us ever bother to give positive feedback when it’s due.

Maybe now is a good time? This is the only way I could think of to reach her clients. They are the ones who know her and appreciate her.

I guess there’s no other reason than to support her and remind the Board that she is an excellent and well respected vet in the community.

cranky 5:33 pm 23 Feb 08

Spin, my dear. This post has scored 5 replies before this one. 2 are yours, gently chiding other posters for their thoughts.

Just what on earth are you expecting in the way of comments?

Nemo 5:29 pm 23 Feb 08

So if she is doing what they are asking her to do (and therefore i presume meeting the required standards), what is the point in your letter writing campaign?

spin462002 5:17 pm 23 Feb 08

She doesn’t need to move, she is doing what they are asking her to do. She is an intelligent woman and a gifted vet. I just wanted to rally some support for her, not create conflict unnecessarily. There’s enough of that in life as it is.

I go to her because I have high standards and high expectations of service and competence.

I just don’t think that having a fancy building/office/surgery makes you a good vet.

If you don’t go there and don’t know her, don’t worry about it.

Nemo 5:07 pm 23 Feb 08

Couldn’t she just move premises? Surely if you are at risk of losing your practice, you either bring your premises up to scratch or move..

Why should the Vet Surgeons Board lower their standards?

If she does close up her practice there are a number of other highly valued vets in the area. I highly recommend Kippax vet hospital.

spin462002 4:48 pm 23 Feb 08

I can’t really comment about the standards, I am just a concerned client wanting to rally support from other concerned clients who may risk losing their greatly valued vet.

If you don’t know her personally there’s no point writing, as much as your support right here is appreciated : )

As a consumer, Jan’s premises more than meet my “standards” and I would never compromise my much loved pets!

She is a great vet. No fancy premises can guarantee that!!

cranky 4:38 pm 23 Feb 08

I’m long term southside, and have never used the ladies services. However, this being Another Country Town, I have only ever heard praise heaped upon her, as astonishingly good at her job. Must count for something.

CanberraResident 3:55 pm 23 Feb 08

Do you have any further details about which “standards” they claim she has not met?

I’d like to hear more about why they have decided to close her down. They don’t take these things lightly you know, so there must be some valid reason.

Happy to provide support if it’s justified, but I’m not writing to anyone if I don’t have the full facts, but in saying that, I’m sure that she has her regular clients who will support her till the cows come home (excuse the pun).

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