Long-awaited second service station in Weston approved

Ian Bushnell 26 March 2018 15

The site for the proposed new service station and takeaway in Weston. Photo: Ian Bushnell.

Plans for the long-awaited second service station in Weston Creek have been approved subject to a number of conditions.

The development application for the site on the corner of Cotter Road and Kirkpatrick Street, North Weston, near the RSPCA, was lodged in June last year and was the subject of a submission from the Weston Creek Community Council which had concerns about traffic and parking.

The proposal included plans for a Caltex service station and shop, and two food outlets – McDonald’s and Oporto.

The block will have to be split into two sections with an access easement separating the service station and Oporto takeaway building, and the McDonald’s restaurant.

The notice of decision said the design contributed to a ‘convoluted vehicular movement’ and the traffic control measures were inadequate and presented potential hazards to pedestrians and other users. The developer will have to implement design changes and new traffic control measures to mitigate these hazards.

The Oporto drive-through will have to be redesigned and the fuel canopy and bowsers relocated to achieve safer and convenient movement of larger truck/fuel trucks.

Water tanks will also have to be moved to allow unobstructed pedestrian access from the car park to the restaurant.

There will also have to be direct pedestrian access connection between buildings.

There had been a parking shortfall of 15 spaces, with only 65 allocated instead of the 80 required but this has been considered enough to serve the purposes of the site, on condition that an accessible space be added to the McDonald’s car park.

Signage and lighting were also issues, with the Caltex/Oporto sign to be lowered to a maximum of four metres and non-illuminated. The McDonald’s Pylon sign is to be deleted and included as part of the Caltex/Oporto Pylon sign.

Lighting on the site must not have an adverse effect on adjacent residential developments or the Mt Stromlo Observatory.

Landscaping for the development was considered inadequate, given its impact on the existing and future residential areas, and the developer will have to provide more, as a well as plantings along Cotter Road of advanced stock.

Weston Creek Community Council chair Tom Anderson welcomed the approval, saying a second service station for Weston Creek and the new residents of Molonglo was long overdue.

“We started this in 2012 with a petition, through Gai Brodtmann and lodged in the Assembly, and we’ve been working on it since then,” Mr Anderson said.

“You’ve got 28,000 people who are basically dependent on the one service station.”

He said the people in Molonglo deserved better than what they were getting. “They’ve got nothing,” he said.

Mr Anderson said the council was reasonably happy with the changes.

“The configuration needed some changes because we believed there were issues with the way it was set out and the flow of traffic wasn’t good,” he said.


The only other service station in Weston Creek is the Caltex/Woolworths site opposite Cooleman Court.

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15 Responses to Long-awaited second service station in Weston approved
onetonne onetonne 8:28 pm 27 Mar 18

Why can’t it just be a servo?
Also, can’t wait to see how much better it’s going to make the traffic on Cotter Road. There’s only so many roads out of the Creek and they’re already chockas in the morning and that’s without all the new houses still to get built.

Peter Zimmermann Peter Zimmermann 8:49 am 27 Mar 18

our planners have totally lost the plot...agree with Emma. Has big business infiltrated our politicians and town planners?

bigred bigred 7:27 am 27 Mar 18

Servos equal fuel leaks into the waterways, there is no escaping it.
Fast food outlets equal discarded wrappers, once again there is no escape.
All night servos equals noise of bogans near the shelter unsettling distressed animals.
I also expect the existing site near Coollo will close once the new one opens meaning the dodderers of Weston Creek will soon be complaining they have to drive further to get their pension day 10 litres.

My understanding is the site was identified for a new servo after the North Weston Housing was completed – do you have evidence to the contrary?

Megan Walker Megan Walker 6:59 am 27 Mar 18

Another Caltex? So, no competition then....

Johnny Barlow Johnny Barlow 5:25 am 27 Mar 18

Bianca Solar Weston creek s on fire atm

bigred bigred 9:31 pm 26 Mar 18

why would Caltex open a new servo when the nearby one is running below capacity, expect for the times Tom Anderson want to top up his car? Further, what are they doing approving this site just above the recently proclaimed nature reserve, and across the road from quite an expensive bit of housing? How are they going to deal with the RSPCA animal shelter?

    aleayr aleayr 11:27 pm 26 Mar 18

    It’s a good spot just off the parkway, and they likely didn’t want anyone else to complete with them, so now they’ll own both. Bad for competition, but they did pay a huge amount at auction to secure it, so they must have been pretty desperate to get it.

    Why is it a problem approving it near a nature reserve (this site has been slated for a servo for years, this isn’t new)? What concerns do you have?

    Why do you have an issue with it being across the road from ‘expensive housing’ – I’d say quite convenient for those who live there really. That arterial road is already noisy, are you suggesting the amenity will be compromised? Why should this be considered any differently to if there was less ‘expensive’ housing there?

    What do you mean by ‘deal with’ the RSPCA animal shelter? The RSPCA will still be there, it’s just a bit further down the road. Again, what concerns do you have?

    Your post just reads like a rant, without the extra detail, sorry.

    Spiral Spiral 6:04 am 27 Mar 18

    The sooner the new servo opens, the better. The only servo currently in Weston Creek is terrible:

    They take a very long time to reactivate the pumps after the previous user.
    The pumps are very slow, especially if you choose the pre-se option.
    Access to the pumps can be difficult during busy times.
    Vehicles are often sloped in a bad way while filling.
    Pumps are more frequently out of order there than the other servos I go to.

    I only use it if I have, to and prefer to get fuel elsewhere.

    JC JC 11:53 am 27 Mar 18

    Many don’t quite understand that with Caltex branded servos there are 4 types. Caltex owned, private owned but Caltex branded, Woolworths owned and co-branded and private owned Caltex/Woolworths co-branded (not many).

    If I am not mistaken the new site is to be a Caltex owned site but the one at Weston is a Woolworths owned site.

    So whilst same brand they are still very much competing with each other and if the sale of the Woolworths sites goes ahead (noting ACCC has already said no) then the Weston Creek one will become a BP anyway.

Guy Metcalfe Guy Metcalfe 9:09 pm 26 Mar 18

Great more fast food and blaring lights at night. #citycarboncopy.

Emma Ryan Emma Ryan 9:04 pm 26 Mar 18

Another Maccas seriously 😐 is there an ETA on completion?

Michael Langridge Michael Langridge 8:56 pm 26 Mar 18

Just gotta go

Brenton Wells Brenton Wells 7:23 pm 26 Mar 18

Drive through Oporto! Rachel WellsJessie Pinkerton

Stephen Page-Murray Stephen Page-Murray 6:21 pm 26 Mar 18

Another Maccas?? They must be joking

Trish Lingard-Wyss Trish Lingard-Wyss 6:02 pm 26 Mar 18

do we really need another Maccas?

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