Look both ways before crossing the street

Special G 15 November 2007 53

I was reading the the CT (second page) this morning that the little car thief who killed Clea Rose in the bus interchange has already been picked up for stealing cars again only 4 months since being released on parole after serving 18 months of a 3 year sentence. There a several previous threads on Riot.[see here]

Add to this breaching almost every condition of his parole.

The ACT Courts have seen it in their wisdom to release him on bail, again, with ‘strict’ conditions.

I remember previously Clea’s family having a monster dig at the Police and offering to rehabilitate the youth. There was an inquest into Police procedures requested by the family. All in all does anyone else think that maybe the kid is just a little skid mark on society?

A timely reminder to look both ways before crossing the streets.

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53 Responses to Look both ways before crossing the street
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Cameron Cameron 6:11 pm 15 Nov 07

Ah, the ACT justice system at work again. I wish I could say that this was surprising.

lumnock lumnock 6:26 pm 15 Nov 07

Amber Westins lost soul-mate perhaps? matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match….

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:06 pm 15 Nov 07

Who called it! Who called it!

Hell, I think Helen Keller could have called this one.

That little shit should be back behind bars with both legs broken surgically – to stop a repeat after he ‘gets out again’.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 7:15 pm 15 Nov 07

Nyssa, I hope you’re not a high school teacher, honestly.

Kid needs active rehabilitation, not just ‘stay in detention then go out on bail’.

bighead bighead 7:18 pm 15 Nov 07

They don’t need their little rehabilitation sessions either. They need to be locked up and given the help they need. I see a mixture of both for someone that is a repeat offender the best method.

hk0reduck hk0reduck 7:27 pm 15 Nov 07

We could just give him a shotgun and let him sort it out himself.

Doctor Evil Doctor Evil 8:10 pm 15 Nov 07

So Deadman, you’ll be having the poor misunderstood young chappy round to your place for said rehab? Bet you don’t leave the car keys lying around.

Steal cars, kill someone, go to jail, get out, steal more cars.

Sure, he just needs someone as brilliant as you in his life and he’s gonna turn out just great!

barking toad barking toad 8:12 pm 15 Nov 07

Nobody saw this coming of course.

A compelling argument for very, very late term abortion.

He could possibly move in with dmd and be rehabilated though – hahahah!

bd84 bd84 8:26 pm 15 Nov 07

I’m impressed that it has been his mother dobbing the little shit in when he hasn’t been complying with his curfew and not going to work.

Why the moronic court system keeps letting him go is another story.. why set tougher restrictions when it is obvious from the 3 other agreements he has broken that he has no interest in complying with them at all? Time to go to the big house, with any luck he might accidently fall down the stairs.

cranky cranky 8:49 pm 15 Nov 07

Can one of our resident psychologists give an opinion as to whether this young gent is mentally deranged,(and therefore a candidate for the mental health system), or just a plain bad bastard. Maybe the two go together?

His mother’s obvious support probably indicates that he is nothing more than a sh*thead.

Surely, somewhere in this wide world, some clever people have worked out a way to handle (and reform?) these anti-social individuals.

Society should not have to pander to the failings of these individuals.

Pandy Pandy 10:51 pm 15 Nov 07

I think this guy will never be rehabed. Kill him.

nyssa76 nyssa76 11:12 pm 15 Nov 07

DMD, I am a high school teacher. I deal with difficult students every day. I spend more time with today’s youth than you do. What that has to do with this thread is beyond me, share your views.

My own students commented on this turd today – they think he should be ‘bashed’ and/or worse.

This idiot – and his family (allegedly) – steal cars. He has KILLED a person and DIDN’T learn from it.

When he kills again – which is a high possibility given his lack of remorse and poor actions – are you again going to get on the soap box and say “oh but he needs rehabilitation”?

Wake up to yourself.

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 11:13 pm 15 Nov 07

Does anyone know anything about the validity or effectiveness of rehabilitation in the ACT? Unless there’s a compelling reason to keep this idiot kid out of the prison system, throw him in there for a long, long time.

Pandy Pandy 11:15 pm 15 Nov 07

Yeah in Supermax, with a tattoo onhis forehead spelling “Rock Spider”

vandam vandam 11:28 pm 15 Nov 07

All I can say is, The Police copped so much crap over this. ‘The Police were the offenders’ apparently, while everyone cared about the poor kid and young Clea.

Nobody commented on the Police work that bought the kid before the courts in the first place, and got a guilty conviction.

Maybe the kid would’ve got more time in jail if the media and public were slamming the kid instead of the Police.

Long story short, maybe we shoudl start expressing our anger about the sentences and support the work Police do. It might send a message to the magistrates

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 11:34 pm 15 Nov 07

The police always cop crap, although sometimes it is deserved. That said, they have a difficult job, and don’t always have the best resources in place.

The courts have clearly dropped the ball here. It’s almost as though they are too tired and weak to make anything stick.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 1:07 am 16 Nov 07

What is this trend with my house being some sort of rehab? I only said that I would let an offender stay at my house during rehabilitation if I actually knew that offender and considered them to be a friend.

Of course he can still be rehabilitated. He’s bloody fourteen! Who knew anything about anything, then? There’s a bloody long road ahead of him, and this society is truly f-ked if it can’t at least try to steer it in the right direction.

Better than him going in and out of the slammer for the rest of his life and causing us all grief when he’s out.

And Nyssa – a suggestion that a 14 year old’s legs should be broken is the last thing I’d expect to here from a High School teacher. Society trusts you with the care of youths this age during school hours. Wake up to yourself.

Pandy Pandy 7:07 am 16 Nov 07

14 going on 17. After 3 years he has had his chance

Absent Diane Absent Diane 7:59 am 16 Nov 07

sorry nyssa but that is a bit sick.

Thumper Thumper 8:14 am 16 Nov 07

Little toerag…

There must be a time when all avenues of rehabilitation have been used up.

FFS, he stole a car and killed someone, most people would take that as a sign to change your ways, not this little piece of flotsam.

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