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Canberra’s Favourite Property Managers


It’s no secret that investing in property can be a smart financial move, especially in Canberra’s tight rental market.

But the reality is that managing an investment property is hard work. There are time-consuming tasks like advertising the property for rent, screening potential tenants and dealing with maintenance issues; as well as diplomatically challenging jobs like negotiating rent increases and late rent payments.

If you’d prefer to spend your time and energy elsewhere, engaging a property manager could be the right decision for you. A skilled and committed property manager can mean the difference between an investment that effortlessly grows in value, or a stressful money pit.

So, where can you find the best property managers in Canberra, and what qualities should you consider before signing on the dotted line? Let’s take a closer look.

What makes a great property manager?

When it comes to choosing a property management company, investors often opt for the same agency that sold them the property. While this can be a convenient option, it may also be worth looking more broadly.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a property manager:

  • Proactive communication. It’s your property manager’s job to facilitate clear communication between all parties. To minimise future headaches and maximise occupancy, look for a property manager who honest and transparent, and provides regular updates to both investors and tenants.
  • Property management experience. While there are many overlaps between selling properties and managing them, the best property management companies understand the nuances of the property management industry. They know the market and their industry, and should be able to advise you on all aspects of property management. Don’t be afraid to ask how many years of property management experience an agency has, or how many properties it manages.
  • Responsiveness. The best property managers respond to emails and return phone calls quickly. They arrange repairs and maintenance work without delay, stay on top of when leases are due to expire, and complete tasks on time without being reminded.
  • Professionalism. Look for a professional-looking agency with staff that present as organised and friendly. Use your first impressions from the reception area as a guide to the overall professionalism of the agency.
  • Local or national. Whether to go with a local or national property manager will depend on your investment plans. It is a good idea to stay local if you only plan to invest locally. However, if you would like to expand your investments to other states, consider a property manager that has national coverage.

The best property managers in Canberra

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 19 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and maintain a minimum average of 4/5 stars on both Google and Facebook reviews.

Independent Property Management

Independent Property Management

Independent Property Management is an award-winning business that focuses on holistic property management. Its team understands what your property is worth and who your target market should be, while ensuring the upkeep and value of your asset is maintained.

With a focus on honesty and transparency, Independent’s property management team is always looking for ways to take the stress out of owning an investment property. They take pride in their people, have a passion for property and use cutting edge technology to underpin their service in adding value and creating wealth.

Ensuring your property is in safe hands, Independent’s award-winning team has won accolades including Property Manager of the Year Award at the Real Estate Institute of Australia Awards for Excellence (2011, 2016, 2017 and 2018), as well as multiple awards for administration support, leasing and leadership from the Institute and Leading Property Managers of Australia.

Google Reviews five star ratings include Claire Kim’s: “She is a best person who I’ve ever met for rental property management. She has very strong responsibility for her work and clearly communicate with her customers landlords and tenants. I’ve felt that she is very professional. I will definitely work with her again if I have properties for lease.”

And Nick Martin appreciated the service as a tenant, leaving this comment with his five star Google review.

“We hadn’t rented for about 20 years and had some pretty awful memories from the past. Fortunately, our property manager has renewed our faith! She has been exceptional! A great communicator, responding quickly and efficiently to all requests. She always remains positive and it seems as though nothing is too much trouble. She is also understanding and flexible when things don’t go exactly to plan. She has really made us feel like she is serving our interests as well as the owners, which is a very different experience to what we have had previously.”

91 Northbourne Ave
Turner ACT 2612
Agent Team

Agent Team

Whether you’re a seasoned property investor or looking to rent out a home or apartment for the first time, you can trust Agent Team to handle every aspect of your property management with professionalism and enthusiasm.

Operating out of Kippax Fair, Agent Team is a thriving independent agency led by Steve Lowe, a former builder turned award-winning real estate agent. When you work with Steve and his team, you can expect positive outcomes, a focus on building strong client relationships, and access to time-saving technology that takes the hassle out of owning an investment property and resolving tenant issues.

Investor Sione shared his experience with Team Agent as a Facebook review: “I currently have a property under Team Agent and managed by Loren. She is professional and has a lot of experience as a property manager… I’m telling you now people, [if] you need a real estate that you can trust, honest and supportive in finding your dream home or manage your property then I recommend Loren Blundell from Team Agent. You will not be disappointed.”

Shop 6, 48 Hardwick Crescent
Holt ACT 2609
McGrath Belconnen/Gungahlin

McGrath Belconnen/Gungahlin

McGrath Belconnen/Gungahlin says it’s the best property management business on the planet. As the most engaged agency in Gungahlin, it operates the largest property investment management portfolio with $700M in assets under management.

Its team is structured to maximise efficiency and ensure the delivery of six-star services to clients and tenants. It has specialised service areas catered to by industry leading professionals supported by amazing administration and agile technology.

McGrath Belconnen/Gungahlin clients love the convenience of its online client portal. Available 24/7, clients and tenants can access important information, statements and documents.

Under the watchful eye of Jessica Lawless, McGrath Gungahlin is one of the most awarded and high-performing property management businesses in the McGrath network of 95 offices.

A long-term partner of the business, Jess is a multi-time recipient of the network’s coveted Property Manager of the Year award. In the last seven years Jess has guided the team towards the following accolades:

2011 Most Outstanding Property Manager
2012 Fastest Growing Sales Office
2013 Most Outstanding Senior Property Manager
2014 Office of the Year
2016 Most Outstanding Leasing Consultant
2016 Most Outstanding Senior Property Manager
2017 Most Outstanding Senior Property Manager
2018 McGrath Network Record – Most properties leased in a month…Ever
2018 Most Outstanding Leasing Consultant

Level 1, 46-50 Hibberson Street
Gungahlin ACT 2912
McIntyre Property

McIntyre Property

If you’re looking for an award-winning team to manage your investment property, look no further than McIntyre Property. It has won the Property Management Team of the Year Award at the Real Estate Institute of the ACT Awards for Excellence for the last two consecutive years (2018 and 2019).

McIntyre Property’s skilled property management team is led by Jasmine Henjak. Friendly and approachable, Jasmine has over 15 years of experience in the property management industry and a focus on building long-term client relationships.

Property investor J. Neal had this to say about their experience with Jasmine and McIntyre Property in a website testimonial: “Ms Henjak has been my contact for approximately two years and has provided exemplary customer service during this time. Ms Hejak has given prompt and accurate advice regarding tenancy issues and has responded quickly to any problems relating to the maintenance of the property…..I have been very happy with the professional, courteous and timely service provided.”

Unit 277 311 Anketell Street
Greenway ACT 2900

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Your experience with property managers in Canberra

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback. If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Have you had experience with any of the property managers listed above? If so, share your feedback in the comments below.

What's Your Opinion?

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37 Responses to Canberra’s Favourite Property Managers
devils_advocate devils_advocate 9:54 am 18 Oct 11

BearBuns said :

They also collect rent via direct transfer so there is no question of unpaid rent.

Well direct transfer assumes there is money in the account from which to make the transfer. IMHO this direct transfer policy doesn’t add a great deal in the way of certainty from the landlord’s point of view.

johnboy johnboy 9:53 am 18 Oct 11

If lease conditions are in breach of the tenancy act then they’re not binding in my understanding.

devils_advocate devils_advocate 9:51 am 18 Oct 11

winter said :

BearBuns said :

Except an owner or owner representative can’t “insist” that you have the carpets steam cleaned. If they do you can lodge a complaint against them.

If it’s in the lease they can. Also as a practical matter, if the property is in demand, they can insist on what they like. You can lodge a complaint with the tribunal/mag court, but good luck getting the lease renewed.

djk djk 9:25 am 18 Oct 11

winter said :

BearBuns said :

Except an owner or owner representative can’t “insist” that you have the carpets steam cleaned. If they do you can lodge a complaint against them.

They can if they put a clause in the Tenancy Agreement stating it is to be done…

sophiekt sophiekt 10:31 pm 17 Oct 11

Peter Blackshaw Woden get my vote..I just returned from a posting ( 3 years) and the house was returned in great shape and no nasty surprises. Not one late rent payment in the whole 3 years either. Speak to Maria there, she is very professional.

Bob808 Bob808 10:25 pm 17 Oct 11

I would highly recomend Sue Grant from Ray White in Gungahlin. Very professional, Looks after you as the home owner and is also good at keeping the Tennant happy as well. We have other properties in other towns Sue, by far runs rings around other property managers that I have seen.

BearBuns BearBuns 9:54 pm 17 Oct 11

winter said :

BearBuns said :

Except an owner or owner representative can’t “insist” that you have the carpets steam cleaned. If they do you can lodge a complaint against them.

I don’t know about you but I would rather live in a place where I know the carpets have been cleaned on a regular basis rather than once every time the tenant moves which could be years. I can think of a lot worse practices from Real Estate agents than ensuring a clean and tidy residence fit for human habitation, unlike some places I have had the misfortune of viewing.

el el 8:51 pm 17 Oct 11

Avoid PRD Nationwide in Kingston, had very poor experiences with them.

winter winter 8:43 pm 17 Oct 11

BearBuns said :

Except an owner or owner representative can’t “insist” that you have the carpets steam cleaned. If they do you can lodge a complaint against them.

taninaus taninaus 7:23 pm 17 Oct 11

Independent is one I choose not to deal with any more. Very junior property managers that are overloaded (or incompetent) and the sales people who gets your tenant has nothing to do with the person who manages it so there is no accountability – they are more interested in turn over at any cost than your best interests.

Ask the agent about length of service of their property managers as some appear good but then the good person leaves and the next doesn’t follow through. Don’t accept 10% that most will quote you, negotiation should get you better than that by a few %.

Bobert Bobert 7:18 pm 17 Oct 11

I just brought my own house, but I used to rent a house in North Ainslie from Independent. As someone who was leasing the house, I thought they were excellent. They kept out of my life, but they did definitely tell me when something was wrong. They were strict but fair about inspections, and they kept me and my landlord in the loop about all problems. Would definitely recommend them!

BearBuns BearBuns 5:29 pm 17 Oct 11

I am a renter and have been for many, many years and have seen my share of dodgy practices! I currently rent through Bertram Ellis and find them very easy to deal with from a renters point of view. Any hassles I have are dealt with very quickly.

For an owner I can tell you that they inspect every six months without fail, they thoroughly check tenant references (all of my referees were contacted) and they insist that the carpets are steam cleaned every 18 months. They also collect rent via direct transfer so there is no question of unpaid rent. Might seem strange giving a thumbs up from a renter but it is nice to come across a decent and professional outfit who looks after both sides as much as possible.

devils_advocate devils_advocate 3:22 pm 17 Oct 11

A relative of mine had a bad experience with IPG.
Basically they didn’t alert to non-payment of rent until it was more than a month overdue, then served the notice to remedy to the wrong address (a defect in service, as with any defect in the required steps, is fatal to eviction proceedings).
When asked what to do about the non-payment issue, they said they’d take action in the magistrates court (the tenancy tribunal no longer existed at this point, having been consolidated into magistrate’s court) but the backlog could be as much as 3 weeks. Also they proposed to charge $35 per hour for the privilege.

Rather than do that, we filed ourselves, and the matter was listed for hearing around 3 days later (so what they were basing the backlog claim on I don’t know). Luckily, the tenant didn’t want to get evicted and cooperated, paying the outstanding rent. Also the tenant was not represented, so didn’t realise that the defect in the notice (wrong address put down by property manager) basically prevented us from doing anything. In the end it worked out ok but no thanks to the property manager.

Now the relative manages the IPs directly and hasn’t had any issues (apart from the odd legal consult thrown my way).

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 3:00 pm 17 Oct 11

Not pushin any barrows here but frenz of mine have always found Hookers in Dickson up to the task. But, as with any business, a property manager is often faced with having to make compromises. Speed of renting, ethnic and other pc concerns, veracity of referees etc.

Personally if I needed to hand over my property to an agent I would tend towards anyone local. A couple of agents I know regularly vary their route home to pass by their local properties, just to keep an eye on things. And, if you are going overseas or interstate as I suspect, take out comprehensive landlord’s insurance. That way if the agent is negligent or cops a tenant with all the references but none of the wherewithall, you’re covered against the worst of potential losses.

Girl_from_Ipanema Girl_from_Ipanema 2:34 pm 17 Oct 11

Jess at McGrath in Gungahlin is excellent.

thehutch thehutch 2:16 pm 17 Oct 11

Property Manager said :

I know a fantastic property manager, but it’s not really an unbiased opinion! Feel free to check my previous posts on RiotACT and if you’d like more information on my services just let me know.

If ‘Property Manager’ is who I think he is, then I will suggest he a decent professional bloke who I’d happily have look after my (non-existent) investment property.

I would suggest staying away from LJ Hooker Gungahlin… there is one good property manager there, but I have had a less than happy experience with the other property manager

ramblingted ramblingted 1:36 pm 17 Oct 11

troll-sniffer said :

Where’s the place?

Red Hill

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 12:15 pm 17 Oct 11

Where’s the place?

Property Manager Property Manager 12:12 pm 17 Oct 11

I know a fantastic property manager, but it’s not really an unbiased opinion! Feel free to check my previous posts on RiotACT and if you’d like more information on my services just let me know.

Darkfalz Darkfalz 11:49 am 17 Oct 11

We’ve had less than perfect experiences with both Dwyer Dunn and Elders in Kingston.

Remember they can only do 1 inspection every 6 months.

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