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Lost dog in O’Connor : Now in the city

By Daspuck 1 April 2010 19

I was walking into work (in Civic) from O’Connor this morning around 8:20 when just as I past the O’Connor Shops, I started to be followed by a dog. I’m not very good with breeds so I don’t know what kind of dog he is (I took  photos) but he seems trained and has a very thick collar (but no registration tag). I tried to send him away but he followed me ALL THE WAY into the city  (but at a distance) where I had to dodge traffic for him which seemed to make him follow me even more.

For obvious reasons he seemed quite terrified by the time we got to Mort St, and I stopped at the corner outside Prickles florist where a very nice lady offered to call the RSPCA for me. I waited with the dog until more people came out and offered me some string to make a makeshift lead for him but he refused to go anywhere.

Finally, the nice lady and her workmates took him into the courtyard between Prickles, the Drakeford (?) building and the AFP headquarters building. (as of 9:30am)

The dog looks like a working dog and responds very quickly to whistles and commands. He seems well looked after and given his collar, I’m assuming someone out there is missing him.

If he is your dog, the RSPCA has been called; he is currently with the nice lady (Holly her name is) at the AFP building on Mort St and she left me her contact details.



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Lost dog in O’Connor : Now in the city
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laughtong 11:17 am 06 Apr 10

A quick follow-up. I just checked the DAS Pound site and this boy seems to have gone home.

Obviously some-one caring was looking for him.

cleo 11:29 pm 05 Apr 10

niknak Well then why don’t you ring the RSPCA? I bloody would

niknak 5:34 pm 05 Apr 10

There’s a dog who looks very similar to this who use to run loose around the Ainslie/Dickson area. Because he’s been beaten however, he wouldn’t let anyone touch him or help him.

The dog’s -worthless- dirtbag owner lives in Dickson. We have it on good authority from people who live across the street from him that the poor dog is now chained up all day, often with no food or water, barking its head off.

The only time the barking stops is when Captain Dirtbag gets home and kicks & beats the dog for making a noise. Srsly, why do losers like that own animals?

nexus6 11:23 am 04 Apr 10

i recently pulled over to check on 2 dogs on nothbourn avenue, one was quit obviously dead, the other was fine but i was concerned that it would also be hit. so i took the time to catch the dog, put it in the car. call act connect to get the dog catchers number etc. in the meantime a guy from the flats on northbourne came out picked up the dead dog and rushed it home. i asked him if he owned the second dog which he said he didnt.
after an hour or so the dog catcher comes back with an address for the owner of the dog i had in my car. gues who it belonged to? thats right the same dumb arse who picked up the dead dog. he had picked up the WRONG dog. they did look similar but still it gives you an idea of how well these people look after their dogs when they cant even recognise them.
after that experience i hope that this dog is owned by someone who takes better care of it.

Juice Terry 7:32 pm 02 Apr 10

nexus6 said :

thats a good looking dog. good on you for helping keep him safe. hopefully he dosent belong to some looser junkie type.

Those lousy loosers.

laughtong 3:33 pm 02 Apr 10

Hi Daspuck,

The pound is closed over Easter, so the dog won’t be moving until Tuesday now.
I am not sure how regularly the site is updated, but given the public holidays it could be very slow. But I did notice just now that a dog has been added today (2nd).

In case you didn’t pick up to click on the details, these are the details attached to the dog in the photo you linked to earlier.

Impound Details
Yard No: 10 Reason: STRAY (OWNER UNKNOWN)
Date: 31/03/2010 Time: 14:17
Street Name: MORT
Suburb: BRADDON Street Type: STREET
Dog Details
Sex: MALE Desexed: NO

Daspuck 12:59 pm 02 Apr 10

A friend alerted me to a Lost Dog poster in Lyneham- The picture of the dog looks a LOT like him, but the poster said he was a “miniature fox terrier” ANYWAY, I called the number and the lady said “it would have been good if I had called earlier” – she’d picked him up already from the pound so I wasn’t “entitled to the reward”.

I didn’t want a reward, I just wanted to make sure he was ok. Reward would be if the dog had been registered, chipped,desexed, and kept secure.

Anyone know how often the pound’s site is updated? Cos he’s still listed there. Just want to ensure once and for all it was the same dog and put my mind at ease.

bloodnut 10:02 am 02 Apr 10

Thought it might be George at first.

laughtong 8:43 am 02 Apr 10

He is still showing on the pound website Friday am.

Nice looking boy, but as the pound is shut over Easter he will be there for the duration.

Hope his owners come looking, as most of the rescues are over full at the moment.

If you are looking for another dog, look in the pound or at rescues like ARF

CoffinRX2 9:47 pm 01 Apr 10

Good on you for looking after him and getting DAS to pick him up. they do a great job.

Although I didnt see him there today when i was looking for a dog to adopt, .. but on tuesday I’ve added a nice Staffy to the family from there 🙂

Special G 9:07 pm 01 Apr 10

The dogs getting more gaol time than a junkie who steals a car. Just for being friendly.

Crazy mixed up world we live in.

motleychick 4:46 pm 01 Apr 10

Good on you for looking after him!! He is a beautiful animal and I hope he goes back to his owner soon. He looks loved and very well looked after!

astrojax 2:58 pm 01 Apr 10

nexus6 said :

hopefully he dosent belong to some looser junkie type.

nah, he’d belong to the tighter junkie type, innit?

Poster 12:53 pm 01 Apr 10


A man usually rides past my unit every day with a dog that looks very similar to the one pictured. He seems to ride up Northbourne towards Dickson with the dog running in front. I assumed he was from either Northbourne Flats or Condamine Court.

I last saw them a couple of days ago and the man didn’t have his bike…So I think the dog may have just run too far ahead.

If I see him walking past without his dog, I will let him know about this.

deezagood 11:39 am 01 Apr 10

He’s gorgeous – he looks very well loved; I hope he is bailed out in no time. But if not, hopefully he’ll go to lovely home. Are you looking for a new little doggy friend Dapuck?

Good on you for looking after him; I am always delivering escapees to the Fadden vet, and hope that if ever any of my gang escapes that others would do the same. I would urge people to ensure that all pets have an I.D. tag on their collar with at least a phone number (as well as microchipping of course), as this is the very best way of getting your missing pet back to you without fuss.

Danman 11:34 am 01 Apr 10

nexus6 said :

thats a good looking dog. good on you for helping keep him safe. hopefully he dosent belong to some looser junkie type.

because dogs that get out of enclosures can only belong to them huh..

Talk about drawing a long bow.

Poor fella – hope his master finds him soon – The power of RiotAct shall prevail 🙂

nexus6 9:32 am 01 Apr 10

thats a good looking dog. good on you for helping keep him safe. hopefully he dosent belong to some looser junkie type.

Daspuck 9:08 am 01 Apr 10

He was eventually picked up by Domestic Animal Services and is now at the pound; he’s listed as a kelpie and not desexed:

Really hope his owners come to get him; he really is a lovely dog.

tess553 8:25 am 01 Apr 10

Bless you for tying to keep him safe.

You can also let the Domestic Animal Services people know about him and register him as “found” through Canberra Connect – maybe he is already listd there as lost – would be great if he can avoid spending the long weekend in the pound.

there are links on the left to report online

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