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Macing of smackhead at Erindale

By Thumper - 1 March 2007 143

[First filed: February 20, 2007 @ 09:16]

I’ve just had word from a colleague who witnessed an event at Erindale shops yesterday. However, nothing on line as yet.

Apparently a couple of female smackheads pulled a knife on some schoolkids. The cops attended quickly and upon asking one of these miscreants to drop the weapon, promptly maced her when she didn’t.

Lucky for her we don’t live in Victoria hey?

Anyone else have any update on this.

UPDATED: Diespiter77 has sent in the following YouTube video of this incident. Fascinating stuff (some bad language).

ANOTHER UPDATE: Intriguingly the video has been pulled.

What’s Your opinion?

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143 Responses to
Macing of smackhead at Erindale
Mr Evil 1:16 pm 20 Feb 07

Good work AFP.

Pity the Police couldn’t tie these scumbags to the back of the patrol car and take them for a 3km drag.

shauno 12:46 pm 20 Feb 07

“It’s not shooting “people” Thumper it’s shooting “smackheads” who pull a knife on a schoolkid…. and hanging or lethal injection is quite acceptable if shooting is off the menu.”

Go and live in Iran Swaggie the death penalty is available and used frequently for much less a crime then that. I sure you would love that society.

Swaggie 12:41 pm 20 Feb 07

It’s not shooting “people” Thumper it’s shooting “smackheads” who pull a knife on a schoolkid…. and hanging or lethal injection is quite acceptable if shooting is off the menu.

Thumper 12:34 pm 20 Feb 07

Why does this site appear to have a preponderance of people who like the idea of shooting people?

Ralph 12:31 pm 20 Feb 07

Pity they didn’t pull the gun on these oxygen thieves.

Al 12:29 pm 20 Feb 07

Now we know how Bonfire gets fired up…

bonfire 11:52 am 20 Feb 07

that stuff is good on scrambled eggs.

mutley 11:46 am 20 Feb 07

Hope they emptied the canister on her.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 11:36 am 20 Feb 07

Good on the cops, sounds like they have it under control.

Maelinar 11:32 am 20 Feb 07

Nothing to see here…

Absent Diane 11:30 am 20 Feb 07

nothing wrong with it at all.

Thumper 11:27 am 20 Feb 07

Totally agree Avacry…

Avacry 10:30 am 20 Feb 07

I don’t see a problem with this. The police prevented harm to themselves and others.

TBA 10:13 am 20 Feb 07

Lucky that they don’t live in Vic? Or a shame that they don’t…. depends on your perspective I guess.

Nik_the_Pig 9:31 am 20 Feb 07

Don’t kid yourself that this sort of thing is uncommon.I’d doubt that the AFP media (should they have even been informed about the incident – most GD’s coppers would not of seen anything media worthy in such an incident) would put out a media release on such an incident nor would the “professional” media pay any attention to it unless there was an angle to beat-up.

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