Macing of smackhead at Erindale

Thumper 2 March 2007 143

[First filed: February 20, 2007 @ 09:16]

I’ve just had word from a colleague who witnessed an event at Erindale shops yesterday. However, nothing on line as yet.

Apparently a couple of female smackheads pulled a knife on some schoolkids. The cops attended quickly and upon asking one of these miscreants to drop the weapon, promptly maced her when she didn’t.

Lucky for her we don’t live in Victoria hey?

Anyone else have any update on this.

UPDATED: Diespiter77 has sent in the following YouTube video of this incident. Fascinating stuff (some bad language).

ANOTHER UPDATE: Intriguingly the video has been pulled.

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143 Responses to Macing of smackhead at Erindale
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Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 10:21 am 05 Mar 07

A couple of years ago I inadvertantly let off a minute amount pepper spray that was in one of those key ring “self-defense” devices (which had been confiscated by Customs). It was in an open plan office. I’m serious whe I say it was a minute amount, nevertheless we ended up having to leave the area and a couple of people ended up having to go home.

Colin_ Colin_ 10:00 am 05 Mar 07

my only experience with pepper spray, it was let off some 20 metres away (in a hallway). And at that range I could very clearly feel it in the back of my throat and in my eyes, while I very quickly exited the building. I am assuming that the technology of this stuff has improved a little int he last ten years, cause if the stuff the police had used had arosoled like that, there is no way the crowd would still have been cheering… It looked like it came out of the can as some kind of gel?

Do police have to practice with that stuff at the range occasionally like they (presumably) have to do with firearms?

Pandy Pandy 11:40 pm 04 Mar 07

I wonder why it was pilled from youtube? Besides I have not seen it

simbo simbo 9:36 pm 04 Mar 07

I should point out that, legal or not, graffitti has a very, very long cultural history. Anybody who’s seen “Life of Brian” or the opening credits of “Rome” would be aware it goes back to at least the early christian era – of course, in caveman times, concept of private ownership of wallspace was probably a non-starter.

Can’t people like Danman’s brother just agree to use the term “spraycan art” where they’re using graffiti-inspired methods but are sanctioned – or do they want the edginess that the term graffiti inspires. Becuase you can’t have the edginess without the illegality – they go hand in hand…

vg vg 1:58 pm 04 Mar 07

I never have

TrapperKeeper TrapperKeeper 10:43 am 04 Mar 07

I did! Well not quite but i was mighty pissed about it.

vg vg 9:46 am 04 Mar 07

Not everyone wails like a banshee when they get sprayed

Sammy Sammy 9:11 am 04 Mar 07

How come they just dropped like a rock?

Because they were smacked out?

TrapperKeeper TrapperKeeper 8:28 am 04 Mar 07

How come they just dropped like a rock? No screaming or carrying on… I know from experience it causes considerable pain and outrage.

sim_m_o sim_m_o 1:04 am 04 Mar 07

also if you go to, you just put the url into their site, and it generates a link that downlaods the vid as a .flv to your computer. If you have a video iPod you can download Videora iPod converter to convert any video format into a format that fits your iPod nicely, and this format will also play in quicktime if you don’t have a flash player. gives you a link to get a flash player.

nyssa76 nyssa76 11:28 pm 03 Mar 07

Danman, I can’t help it, I have the red hair to match 🙂

J Dawg J Dawg 11:28 pm 03 Mar 07

If, for example, someone was to be caught by the police writing their ‘tag’ on someone’s fence, what would they be charged with? Would the charge be specifically “graffiti” or something like vandalism?

I think we’ll all just have to accept the fact that while graffiti can, and often, refers to the illegal type, in the crazy world of today it can also refer to something which is completely legal.

Sammy Sammy 9:09 pm 03 Mar 07

I grabbed a copy before it was pulled.

Danman Danman 3:00 pm 03 Mar 07

PS Nyssa – you sound feisty LOL

Danman Danman 2:40 pm 03 Mar 07

Its just a big circle jerk of terms – I no longer care – I think I ascertained my brother acts legally – contrary to what bonfire thinks.

dont even know why I got so worked up about it – i dont need to prove shit to a bunch of stranger when I know the truth.

nyssa76 nyssa76 1:18 pm 03 Mar 07

I wouldn’t worry apehammer, you’d be eating mat in 5 seconds 🙂

vg vg 10:33 am 03 Mar 07

Legal graffiti = painting

Graffiti is by its very nature illegal. If its endorsed then its art therefore its painting

Danman Danman 5:33 pm 02 Mar 07

Phucken elle – try this

Danman Danman 5:32 pm 02 Mar 07

I have an addon for firefox that allows me to save youtube vids as .flv files – its available from – then convert to your format of choice using super c v2007

booka booka 4:49 pm 02 Mar 07

Well if you have a mac like me, it’s very easy to rip YouTube files. Use an app call PodTube. you get it free here:

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