Mad firebug on the loose

johnboy 14 January 2007 12

The ABC warns that Canberras southern suburbs are being stalked by an arsonist lighting a string of fires last night.

“There were nine grassfires reported along Sullwood Drive, near Mount Taylor, and along the Cotter Road between 1:00am and 4:00am AEDT.

It is believed the arsonist may be using a car to get between fire locations.

ACT Fire Brigade District Officer Peter Jeffs says people should write down car number plates if they see suspicious activities late at night.

Anyone want to bet how many bail breaches our arsonist will be given if arrested?

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12 Responses to Mad firebug on the loose
Kramer Kramer 7:59 pm 10 Jun 07

Hey Guys & Girls, there are a few little post-upgrade bugs which I am currently sorting out.

If you are currently posting as Anonymous, then if you logout and back in again it should be fixed (don’t worry you are not really anonymous, as I can tell who you all are in the server logs 🙂

As for the trackback spam… It’s a “feature” in the new codebase we are running now. I’ll get it sorted ASAP.

5:01 pm 10 Jun 07

I once worked with someone convicted of arson. The arson was clearly about some kind of weird ritual thing associated with a skin condition he had. Or something. Nice enough bloke in many ways, but what he did was so far out of line that he had to be stopped. Not evil, just weird.

I loathe what arson means and does (I am, after all, sort of normal). But, if this bloke was in any way representative, he needed time with a shrink much more than he needed to be incarcerated or incinerated.

4:56 pm 10 Jun 07

w00t I’m anonymous.

4:55 pm 10 Jun 07

WTF? Trackback spam now?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:21 pm 15 Jan 07

Set his (I assume it’s a boy – girls aren’t into this kind of thing) nuts on fire, and give him a water bottle filled with metho to put the fire out with!

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 1:20 pm 15 Jan 07

That’s a better idea, thumper. Just don’t kill him or seriously wound him again. Better to have a former arsonist who’s shit scared of fires than a ticking time-bomb in a cell for ten (two) years.

Thumper Thumper 1:16 pm 15 Jan 07

Put the f*cker in a house that is on fire and lock the doors.

The pitch black, heat, confusion, lack of air, stinging eyes and roaring sound will scare the shit out of him….

And then make the fucker go and mop after a fire.

Aversion therapy.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 1:14 pm 15 Jan 07

I think he should be sent to the worst bushfire-affected areas to help repair the damage to the many hundreds of homes and properties. He should also do this in his underwear with doofus written across his back.
It should be a pleasing punch in the face – always the best form of rehabilitation.

Pandy Pandy 11:51 am 15 Jan 07

Oh sorry. You must be the wrong Andy who posts on a car web forumn. It was an in-joke.

andy andy 9:07 am 15 Jan 07

pandy, say what ?

Pandy Pandy 9:11 pm 14 Jan 07

Yeah especially locked-up in a 380.

andy andy 7:31 pm 14 Jan 07

I hate these people.
I tihnk they should be arsonated when caught.

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