Man charged over nightclub sex assault

toriness 21 January 2008 62

A 25-YEAR-OLD Canberra man will face court today after he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman of the same age in the toilet cubicle of a city nightclub.

The man was arrested by ACT Police before dawn yesterday after they were contacted by the club’s security staff.

He was arrested at the club.

The man will appear in ACT Magistrates Court today charged with sexual intercourse without consent.

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62 Responses to Man charged over nightclub sex assault
VicePope VicePope 11:51 am 22 Jan 08

Howdy – I agree fully on the undesirabiity of making excuses, or of condemning the bloke out of hand, or assigning racial stereotypes. And I agree on the “prudence” issue at some levels. In a perfect world, people could dress as they wish, drink irresponsibly and so on without facing criminal assault. But it’s not a perfect world – there are dills of all races and religions who think they have a right, that no means yes and that any woman displaying her ankles is begging for it. They think they have a right to steal or vandalise anything not locked down and to rob anyone who looks vulnerable as well.

We probably expect people to drive defensively (ie, not assert a right when to do so will lead to an avoidable collision even if the other person is at fault). We buy insurance and we take advice before we invest. Is life and personal security and dignity less valuable?

It’s an issue that troubles me, and makes me wonder whether how many sets of standards we should apply to our actions.

Dante Dante 11:47 am 22 Jan 08

Hey, I never denied that there are skanky chicks at nightclubs 😛

My comment was aimed mainly at Ralph’s insidious post… and at the suggestion that because this happens, people should boycott all nightclubs.

This also happens in shopping malls… should we boycott all shopping malls?

howdy howdy 11:24 am 22 Jan 08

VicePope – yeah, sadly that is the way of life if you want to survive – trust no-one.
I just also wanted to stop people making ‘excuses’ for the guy. This does nothing to condone the act of rape. Rather it justifies things a bit more for the next guy if they feel they have the support or sympathy of others.

Saying “obligation of prudence” to me would be offering support to the next guy.

‘oh she was obligated to be more prudent and should have been wearing shorts at the Big Day out cause it was so easy for me to slip one in’

There is no ‘obligation’ to be prudent. It’s just safer to be that way if you are female.

VicePope VicePope 11:07 am 22 Jan 08

Mr Evil – 20 stone is c127 kg. But do we know how big this charged person was? Do we know what he said? Do we know it was the mens’ loo? If we don’t, why don’t we just keep quiet until we do. If we must speculate, why not try philosophy, theology or the more arcane reaches of cosmology?

Howdy – you are right about the fact that women have a right not to be raped and that their behaviour, dress etc is not about inviting rape. And I expect some rapists might not be affected by what is worn because they are looking for vulnerability.

I wonder, at an ethical level, about whether there is an obligation of prudence – for example, I don’t leave my car unlocked in insecure parking lots and I generally avoid using some ATMs at some times of the night. I have a right to do both these things, and no-one has a right to pinch my car or mug me, but I’d prefer not to have to go through the grief.

howdy howdy 10:59 am 22 Jan 08

No, I’ve been chased before though, I wasn’t going to stick around to find out if the person would take no for an answer : )

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:51 am 22 Jan 08

Howdy, you ever tried saying “No” to a 20 stone Pacific Islander!

howdy howdy 9:50 am 22 Jan 08

I understand some peoples ‘angle’ in regard to the ‘seriousness’ of the rape but please don’t make excuses for the guy – alcohol, girl wearing clothes to pick up, girls getting with guys and giving them an boner, using the guys loo etc

Many women, get drunk, dress skimpily, snog guys – to have fun. TO HAVE FUN. They are not ‘asking’ to be raped.

We may think that ‘using the guys loo’ is a silly thing to do – but only because of dodgy guys like this one, the dodgy guys are the problem there.

No-one has any right to have intercourse with anyone unless there is mutual and continual consent.

Intercourse isn’t a trivial matter, it also can involve unwanted pregnancy, STD’s, losing your virginity, physical harm and emotional trauma.

EVERYONE has a right to say NO to that. No matter what the circumstances leading up to it are.

schmerica_ schmerica_ 8:20 am 22 Jan 08

No doubt – Mooseheads.

Girls often use the male bathrooms as the lines are too long in the females. Shes obviously not throught it through very well, some guy has come in behind her and closed the door. You can’t hear yourself think anywhere in club (toilets included) with the shit music they blast out with too much bass. So nobody probably heard her calling out.

Adza Adza 1:03 am 22 Jan 08

Cool I’m now 30 something so I’m off to get the skanky chicks..

I don’t condone rape, but one wonders how much alocohol was sunk before it took place.

Pandy Pandy 8:05 pm 21 Jan 08

I had no parents DMD. I am a bastard.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 6:48 pm 21 Jan 08

I blame your parents, Pandy. From what recent news says, the quality of prostitution is dropping in this town, so the perv’s are resorting to drastic measures…

Pandy Pandy 6:34 pm 21 Jan 08

I blame the parents.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 6:32 pm 21 Jan 08

Yeah, Ralph…anglo-aussies never ever rape people. That Marist brother in the headlines recently had to change his name to something sounding mederterrainian/east-european so he could join the club.

P.S. You are a wanker.

hingo hingo 3:38 pm 21 Jan 08

Yeah Dante! Blasphemy!

(I actually posted the comment about the skanky chicks)

aa aa 3:34 pm 21 Jan 08

yeah Dante, isn’t that the reason most guys go out these days? hehehe

Mælinar Mælinar 3:30 pm 21 Jan 08

@Dante – what’s wrong with skanky chicks ?

dmac dmac 3:15 pm 21 Jan 08

More from the ABC here.

Note the alleged perpetrator’s name.

Then draw your own conclusion.



Comment by Ralph — 21 January, 2008 @ 1:43 pm

What exactly does that mean?

Dante Dante 3:13 pm 21 Jan 08

It can’t be Academy, the place is closed until the start of February.

…some amazing stereotypes being thrown around in this thread.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:06 pm 21 Jan 08

Of the times I’d been into Academy there was a tremendous queue for the toilets, such that unless the accused has negligible staying power, there could be a list of potential witnesses to say “Yeah, they were getting busy in there while I had to stay outside and piss all over my Supre skirt.”

howdy howdy 3:00 pm 21 Jan 08

I was going to say that at least security were on to it, but then I wondered how the guy managed to go so far, unless no-one saw him ‘drag someone off’ initially.

Then I read the ABC article again: “Security staff from the night club alerted police, who arrested the man at the scene”. And wondered if they confronted the man before they called police or were they too scared?

I hope to god they didn’t wait for the cops to deal with it…

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