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Man dies a day after being in high speed police chase

By Kerces - 15 September 2006 119

The Canberra Times is rather excited by the news that a man who was involved in a high speed police chase on Wednesday died yesterday afternoon.

David “DJ” McLaughlin shot himself in a car in Gungahlin which was surrounded by armed police. He was pronounced dead at the Canberra Hospital.

On Wednesday evening the police chase involving McLaughlin apparently began when police noticed him in a stolen car at Hawker shops. Police said he rammed th police car and crashed into two othe cars when trying to get away from there.

The police chase went from there down to Flynn where McLaughlin abandoned the car. Flynn was locked down for hours, causing much inconvenience to residents who have been complaining to the paper, while police searched for the man. They had seen him holding a shotgun sometime during all this.

Yesterday McLaughlin was ‘intercepted” in Ngunnawal, in a different car. Police began negotiations with him via mobile phone, and during this he threatened self harm. Superintendent Brian McDonald told the CT (in typical police fashion) that around 4.50pm McLaughlin had discharged a firearm “causing self harm”. he was treated at the scene by ambulance officers the police had gotten on hand, but later died at hospital.

Superintendent McDonald said police think McLaughlin usually lived in Canberra’s north and that he had family living locally who had been in touch with police. He also said that McLaughlin was wanted on a warrant for an unrelated matter.

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119 Responses to
Man dies a day after being in high speed police chase
johnboy 11:38 am 15 Sep 06

You’re the sort of people who need to be exterminated from the gene pool.

So you’ll actively go out and exterminate the genetics of people who hold a different view to you?

That’s a lot more callous than anything suggested here.

Big Al 11:32 am 15 Sep 06

So we should be giving the little prick a smilie stamp and a pat on the head? He did what he thought he needed to do … lets all build a bridge and get over it.

Tempestas 11:31 am 15 Sep 06

“In my perfect world all the people who don’t fit my whimsy shall be forced to put themselves to the sword.

Employment (at least for undertakers and sword cleaners) will be massive and all who fail to be caught in my whimsy of death shall live happily ever after.”

That we had a) an armed seige b) a suburb blocked off c) a death by violent means are all negative things.

That a car-thief will no longer be stealing cars is a slight positive.

To those who think this positive outweighs the negatives, please wear bright clothing so you can be easily identified and avoided at all possible times

toby101375 11:24 am 15 Sep 06

That goes for me as well. A little more respect to those that die. If you think you’re funny you’re not….you’re a pin head. You’re the sort of people who need to be exterminated from the gene pool.

BattleKath 11:20 am 15 Sep 06

you’re all despicable.

life is life, and death is death. we’re all the same and i can’t believe that you’re all so willing to cheer the death of a human being, theif or not.

Big Al 11:06 am 15 Sep 06

I just thought that it was a pretty sever form of self-depreciation that’s all.

johnboy 11:02 am 15 Sep 06

Excuse me if I lack the compassion to feel moved by the loss of an armed car thief.

FC 10:57 am 15 Sep 06

I agree with you snahon that we can’t fully excuse peoples behaviours because they have had a “bad life” or whatever, because in the end we all responsible for our own choices. And if the individual had shot and killed someone else my feelings would probably be with the victom and the victoms family. There is no excuse for taking anothers life so I would not be as compassionate, and I think that something to think about also is that the guy here never did threaten to hurt police or anyone else with the weapon, just himself.

snahon 10:49 am 15 Sep 06

There is *some* validity to FC’s comments but by the same token we as a society cannot continue to fully excuse peoples behaviour based on their circumstances.

Granted this young person was obviously messed up and needed help (which we don’t know if they were receiving…) but if that person had actually shot and killed someone else would you be so forgiving FC ?

FC 10:44 am 15 Sep 06

Wake up people! How can you think this is justice – his death is not something to be celebrating. There are bigger issues here and just because the kid made some bad choices doesn’t mean that he deserved to die.
Maybe if you had some real life experience you would actually see that a 23yr old taking their own life, regardless of whether they where a “criminal” or not is a tragedy and we as a society need to be looking at why someone at such a young age would see this as the best option out. You can roll your eyes and say, ” I never contributed to him being a scum bag criminal” and think I am trying to make excuses for people making bad choices, but I’m not – if you aren’t a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. And the small mindedness of some of the posts are embarrassing!

Big Al 10:40 am 15 Sep 06

I’ve heard it said that suicide is the ultimate example of self-criticism

Danman 10:38 am 15 Sep 06

The ultimate in Self administered justice

Swaggie 10:27 am 15 Sep 06

A welcome deletion from the gene pool.

Binker 9:52 am 15 Sep 06

Let the outpourings of grief begin

James-T-Kirk 9:45 am 15 Sep 06

Couldn’t have hapened to a nicer scumbag

If you are a criminal, found in a stolen car, you are still a criminal.

If you choose to use the firearm you have with you on yourself, you are still a criminal.

Thank God that he didn’t use the thing on some other poor schmuck.

Good ridance to bad rubbish. Looks like another case solved in such a way as the courts can’tr stuff it up.

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