Man dies in Hughes crash

Thumper 30 June 2008 40

The Canberra Times is reporting that a man has died in a car accident in Canberra overnight. ACT police said the accident involved one car and occurred about 3.30am on Yarra Glen road in the inner-southern suburb of Hughes.

The car left the road and collided with a tree on the median strip

[Ed. Time to panic people. This is obviously a sign that we need more speed camera’s]

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40 Responses to Man dies in Hughes crash
duncey duncey 11:29 am 05 Jul 08

I’m glad your curiosity was quelled.

cranky cranky 7:57 pm 04 Jul 08

My question is therefore answered in the negative. Thank you.

duncey duncey 5:53 pm 04 Jul 08

Thankfully that is not the case in this instance.

cranky cranky 7:50 am 04 Jul 08


No assumptions, just asking a question.

It is an unfortunate fact of life (no pun intended) that young males, often with raised levels of alcohol/drugs in the system, are at higher risk of deliberate self harm by motor vehicle accident.

I believe the statistics for single vehicle accidents on Long Gully Road (in particular) would ably demonstrate this unfortunate phenomena.

duncey duncey 11:08 pm 03 Jul 08

Cranky, please do not make assumptions regarding suicide. It hurts enough to lose such a close friend, but seeing comments like yours make this tragedy harder than it needs to be.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 9:07 am 03 Jul 08

Good post shauno. I think people misunderstand the speed limit issue. Speed limits in suburban areas where kids and pets run around NEED to be low (having 40km/h past schools is great). But once you’re out on the freeway there’s no reason we shouldn’t allow traffic to flow along more quickly. 130-140km/h would be good to start with. This would mean the Sydney to Melbourne run would be over an hour and a half or so quicker, and the Canberra to Sydney run would be half an hour or so quicker.

shanefos shanefos 9:01 am 03 Jul 08

shauno said :

We have the insane situation now in Victoria for instance of it getting to the stage of a majority of the population having speeding fines due to people being booked for 1 or 2km over the limit due to the zero tolerance policy.

A majority of the population??? Where’d you get that stat??? Wow! The Victorian Govt. must be rolling in cash! Just think of all the fancy stuff they can do with those funds! I’m moving back to Victoria!

shauno shauno 4:52 am 03 Jul 08

Since a few people have brought up the speed issue ive taken this summary from another website and added a few points of my own.

From the NT Police website road deaths.

2002 – 55
2003 – 53
2004 – 35
2005 – 55
2006 – 44
2007 – 57 – first year of open road speed limits
2008 (current to 02-Jul-2008) – 31 (20 in 2007 at same time)

Nearly all the deaths this year and all the ones previously are preventable by simply not drink driving, not sleeping on the road and people wearing seatbelts and fatigue. Virtually none from actually speeding without drink driving involved.

Take Drink driving,fatigue, sleeping on roads and not wearing seatbelts out of the equation and the road toll would be lucky to be a couple a year.

Its highly likely that the deaths from fatigue alone has increased as a direct result of the NT govt placing silly speed limits on the vast empty straight roads in the outback.

On the police web site every reason why the death occurs on the roads is eventually realised to public. Over and over it is the same reasons.

Yet the govt continues to treat us like idiots and feed us the same bullshit year after year about speeding. I’m only talking open roads and highways not inside city limits. The dual lane concrete highways should be at the minimum 130kmhr limits with out back roads unlimited and just onous on the people to drive to the conditions like it use to be on NT roads. We have the insane situation now in Victoria for instance of it getting to the stage of a majority of the population having speeding fines due to people being booked for 1 or 2km over the limit due to the zero tolerance policy.

la mente torbida la mente torbida 8:43 am 02 Jul 08

Did anyone happen to notice the 30-40 people sitting around the tree later in the afternoon, grieving the loss of their close friend?

He was a much loved friend of many people….it has left my daughter and her friends absolutely shattered …a life lost at an age where your whole life is in front of you.

A tragedy in every real sense of the word.

We’ll miss you Caucus

Pandy Pandy 7:22 am 02 Jul 08

Its called light rail.

Special G Special G 3:40 am 02 Jul 08

Cars need to be built along the lines of the Adelaide bus system with large rail links between the major cities allowing high speed travel whre you can fall asleep behind the wheel.

ant ant 12:58 am 02 Jul 08

I never fall asleep in my rattly, noisy, bumpy, very old car. But in modern style cars, I do. And on these wide, flat, straight roads like the Hume, it’s really difficult. On a proper road, where you actually have to drive, it’s harder to drop off. But where you’re practically a passenger, pressing the accelorator and adjusting the wheel, it’s all too easy. Heck, people don’t even press accelorators now, they have cruise control. ye gods. No wonder they demand roads like the Hume.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 9:36 pm 01 Jul 08

Norway may be on to something there with the near zero BAC. Don’t agree with the ultra low speed limits but then I don’t know what the roads and conditions are like there. Possibly a lot of snow and ice around making for treacherous driving.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 9:06 pm 01 Jul 08

Ah, the speeders romanticising Germany again.

Germany and Australia have pretty much the same rate of road fatalities per billion km travelled – 7.4 and 7.9 respectively. Most of the difference can be attributed to much improved safety features in German cars, and in particular, the widespread use of ESC since the late 90s.

But hey, if you think emulating European countries is the best way to improve road safety, why not go for a country with a really low fatality rate, like Norway? 90km/h on motorways, 80 on open roads, 50 in urban areas, 0.01 BAC?

FredJ FredJ 4:27 pm 01 Jul 08

Krauts is a term of endearement these days – honest.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 3:42 pm 01 Jul 08

astrojax said :

the roads in germany are significantly better than the hume, too…

Some parts of the autobahn may be, but not all.

p1 p1 3:27 pm 01 Jul 08

[but ‘krauts’, fredj? a derogatory slur is needed here?]

psssst. Don’t mention the war….

astrojax astrojax 2:52 pm 01 Jul 08

they have excellent driver training. You don’t get a licence until you can drive…

there ya go… for all the calls about simply letting people speed, it is actually training that helps things. gee whizz, and golly, surprise surprise surprise. the roads in germany are significantly better than the hume, too, but…

[but ‘krauts’, fredj? a derogatory slur is needed here?]

FredJ FredJ 12:27 pm 01 Jul 08

Shanefos – I’ve driven back from Ski weekends from Austria to Frankfurt. 7 hours at 180kmh after partying and ski-ing all weekend. Believe me speed keeps you WIDE awake! Pure torture driving the Hume after a good weekend in Sydney. But your mind is too closed to consider the possibility that the programming you have been receiving for your whole life could be wrong. The krauts have a lower road toll and have large parts of their road network with no speed limits – and god, can they drive. Which is a point – they have excellent driver training. You don’t get a licence until you can drive…

peterh peterh 11:41 am 01 Jul 08

shanefos said :

So, let me get this straight. To stop this kind of accident from ever happening again, all we need to is a) remove the speed limit on all roads, b) stop road maintenance crews from filling potholes so we have more “bumps and undulations” and c) put some curves and and bends in any straight stretch of road so it’s not so “boring”.
Hmmm, yes. That all sounds very logical to me….

once you have driven the hay plain road, you find that there is nothing more interesting than a bump in the road. (not including wildlife and sheep)

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