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Man killed in Sydney over water use

By Thumper - 1 November 2007 36

Although this happened in Sydney I believe it has implications for Canberra given our ongoing water restrictions.

How many readers have found themselves in a threatening position over water and water use?

Condolences to the family.

What’s Your opinion?

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36 Responses to
Man killed in Sydney over water use
Lord Mælinar 12:22 pm 01 Nov 07

Lord Mælinar is in to water sports – I used to be a regional titleholder, and even considered going for olympic/commonwealth selection teams, so yes.

The relevance though now that I have called your bluff ?

Lord Mælinar 12:20 pm 01 Nov 07

Your talking self-defence ingee. Demonstrating you are provoked can be as simple as wearing a red tshirt when I have requested you not to (even if I have verbally requested that you not do it, or just said it in my head when you weren’t listening, and couldn’t have heard it anyway because it was me talking in my head).

Pandy 12:19 pm 01 Nov 07

Lord Mælinar is in to water sports?

Thumper 12:10 pm 01 Nov 07

I blame the United Nations…

Mr Evil 12:09 pm 01 Nov 07

I want to know what makes these younger idiots think it’s okay to punch, kick or shove an elderly person in the first place?

I blame heavy metal music, rap, and light beer!

Ingeegoodbee 12:05 pm 01 Nov 07

I doubt a splash of water and a few choice words would be sufficient to demonstrate provocation to assault – you’ve pretty much got to demonstrate that there was no opportunity to walk away, that you couldn’t difuse the situation through any other reasonable means.

I think it’s pretty ordinary … it’s not like the old guy was doing anything wrong in terms of the water restrictions.

Lord Mælinar 12:03 pm 01 Nov 07

/me sprays VYBerlinaV8 with my hose

VYBerlinaV8 11:47 am 01 Nov 07

I think we all need to take a nice deep breath and relax a bit…

Lord Mælinar 11:29 am 01 Nov 07

But being sprayed with a hose is sufficient provocation to walk up to somebody and give them a crack on the nose – which is what the guy did.

The fact that the person he had just hit on the nose then keeled over and died makes it manslaughter unless a prosecution can establish there was some other contributing factor such as a long-running feud or something similar that is being untold.

caf 10:59 am 01 Nov 07

I don’t think being sprayed with a hose would be sufficient provocation for murder to be out of the question. Anger management issues?

Mr Evil 10:59 am 01 Nov 07

I hope the attacker was concerned enough to turn the tap off after kicking the bloke to death, as imagine how many litres of water was wasted during that period?

Lord Mælinar 10:49 am 01 Nov 07

Murder is a far fetch in this circumstance – a responsible citizen makes an enquiry about the appropriateness of water use, situation gets unfriendly and is provoked by victim.

Manslaughter is much more likely unless the prosecution are deliberately trying to get the case thrown out.

Stung 10:45 am 01 Nov 07

yea, I’ve thought about doing that to people washing down their DRIVEWAYS

Mr Evil 10:43 am 01 Nov 07

Well, that’ll learn him not to waste water! 🙁

Bloody hell!

Sammy 10:39 am 01 Nov 07

What I find interesting about this story is the dichotomy between someone who cares so much about the wasting of water, but so little about human life. It’s truly odd.

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