Man sets himself on fire

Thumper 3 December 2008 61

The Herald Sun is reporting that a man has self immolated like a Buddhist monk outside Parliament House.

He is believed to be part of a group seeking permanent residency.


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61 Responses to Man sets himself on fire
tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 9:18 pm 09 Dec 08

Well, it wouldn’t have been the first time. Last time a dude gave it a shot outside the Parly House, he was pretty successful at burning himself to death…and successful at getting his family what he wanted from all accounts.

Instant Mash Instant Mash 5:56 pm 07 Dec 08

Probably just a drunk Uni student in a bed sheet…

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 12:30 pm 07 Dec 08

Mr Marat Aminov, the man who is protesting, is actually a permanent resident of Australia and is eligible for citizenship if he wishes to apply. Mr and Mrs Aminov arrived in Australia with their son on temporary business visas back in 1997 and since that time have extended their stay on a number of visas.

In 2007, the former minister, Mr Andrews, intervened to enable them to make an application for an Aged Parent visa. This was lodged in June 2007 and they were granted bridging visas with full work rights. They are now queued for the granting of those visas, as is the case with all applicants.

I want to stress that the family is in Australia lawfully, they are holders of valid visas, they are not being considered for deportation and this has not been considered since the former minister intervened.

WTF was he protesting about then?

I-filed I-filed 12:22 pm 07 Dec 08

I have no sympathy for this person. I have sympathy for people in refugee camps in the Sudan, Kenya, Uganda.

Hopefully blackmail will not secure access for his parents. It sounds as though they were safe in Latvia. No-one is starving in Latvia. It’s part of Europe. If they’ve rendered themselves stateless it will have been quite conscious and strategic. If he wants to carry on like that, put him in a secure mental health unit until he is capable of modifying his behaviour.

Send his parents away, and continue to allow genuine refugees in, in an orderly fashion, under migration law.

It’s the only fair way.

poptop poptop 11:49 am 07 Dec 08

The way I had heard it, sonnyboy Marat got permanent residency through marriage. His marriage [apparently] is no more. He has been on anti-depressants and in counselling for some time. Marat is their only child. The parent parents have applied for residency but been denied.

However, the Minister for Immigration, Chris Evans, put out a media release outlining their situation from his perspective.

So the claim is, they are just in the queue.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 9:40 am 07 Dec 08

poptop said :


Mr Aminov is already permanent resident so him getting deported is not an option.

His parents aren’t permanent residents.

They arrived a decade ago to visit their only son and, not surprisingly, want to stay.

Even if they didn’t want to stay, they have nowhere to go.

The parents are Stateless Aliens.

This is our new, humane Government in practice.

So let me get this right.

The son emigrated legally.

His parents visited him legally.

His parents outstayed their visa allowance, but did not apply for residency.

Their passports are now expired, so they cannot travel overseas.

So he thinks this is worth freefall bungeeing and self immolation for?

MYERgirl MYERgirl 3:24 am 07 Dec 08

That’s so sad 🙁

astrojax astrojax 12:03 pm 04 Dec 08

the trouble is that kevin 24/7 is far too easily offended…

i fail to see what was wrong with what bidgood did, given others attended to the situation. he brought an issue to the public’s attention and made quids for a charity – bloke oughta get a gong, not a bollocking…

poptop poptop 10:33 am 04 Dec 08

You expected the logic to be linear, p1?

The tragedy is that all the MPs and media are so busy lining up to give Bidgood a smacking, that the Aminovs have been forgotten . . . again.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 10:30 am 04 Dec 08

A FEDERAL Labor MP who took a photograph of a protester threatening to set himself alight did not try to sell the photograph to The Daily Telegraph, its editor says.

James Bidgood has apologised for taking the photograph of the protester outside federal parliament, and then giving it to the media in exchange for a donation to charity.

It was for charity, and he has apologoised for it in any case. No big story there then.

And surely if he has provided graphic evidence of this mans attempt to gain publicity, then the man cannot complain?

p1 p1 10:27 am 04 Dec 08

So he should be apologising to the party and not the family?

Actually the family should be happy. You only do things like this for publicity of your cause, and he had that now. I hope the charity he picked helps refugees.

poptop poptop 10:14 am 04 Dec 08

It provided a visual of an event that is likely to be embarrassing to the Government, thereby making it more newsworthy.

That’s what’s wrong with what Bidgood did.

p1 p1 10:10 am 04 Dec 08

If he personally profited, or if he was the minister specifically related to the case I could understand, but really, what is wrong with what he did?

poptop poptop 9:48 am 04 Dec 08

He “sold” them to the extent of the proceeds going to a charity.

ant ant 9:47 am 04 Dec 08

Would media peopel have to apologise for photographing this bloke kooking-out? The politician ought not to have tried to sell the shots, but I can’t see a problem with him taking them.

poptop poptop 9:32 am 04 Dec 08

I love that KRudd made Bidgood apologise to the family, presumably for being insensitive to the tragedy being played out in public sight.

Will our PM ask as Minister Evans to extend the same courtesy to this family?

farnarkler farnarkler 9:18 am 04 Dec 08

There must’ve been some wet ink on the MP’s rule of conduct which says MPs are not allowed to photograph people who are self imolating and then sell the pics to the press.

poptop poptop 9:11 am 04 Dec 08

Not half as confused as Mr and Mrs Aminov I imagine, Thumper.

Johnboy and the Australian Judiciary are right – this is just like reading Kafka’s The Castle.

How about James Bidgood MP having to apologise for selling his snaps to the media though?

Thumper Thumper 8:56 am 04 Dec 08

I’m confused. They came from somewhere and now want Australian passports so they can go back and visit this somewhere, and yet they are stateless aliens?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 8:51 am 04 Dec 08

Maybe Rudd’s Labor isn’t interested in helping them because they’re not a “Working Family”?

So, when the USSR broke up did everyone there suddenly become stateless aliens? Last time I looked at a map, there seemed to still be a lot of countries in the former-USSR area that didn’t appear to be full of stateless aliens!

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