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Manuka hosting AFL into the future in doubt

By toriness 28 July 2009 24

My god, is it really any wonder that next to no one could be bothered going to watch the Sydney v Melbourne game? I am amazed that nearly 7,000 turned up to watch it.

Are we supposed to be so very grateful to get any crappy old teams & game for our $366K of territory money. Why bother having Sydney Swans play here – not just because they are a dull and uninspiring stoppage-play footy team – but their game is on free-to-air tv (another pet hate of mine which I have ranted about before on RA) every week!! Why would you pay to sit at Manuka in the cold when you can watch it on your TV at home? Give us a real reason to get down to Manuka Oval and spend our bucks on a seat.

I, like Andrew Barr in The Age, demand better quality teams playing here from 2010 onwards for our $400K of territory money that will appeal to more than just the Sydneysiders who can be bothered coming down from Sydney for the day (so really, what injection of money would there really be into the ACT to justify buying the game in the first place??) to watch when their team happens to be playing well – because god knows as they enter the doldrums in coming years they won’t! Two quality Melbourne teams or a Melbourne team versus Adelaide or Brisbane is far more likely to have interstate fans flying in for the weekend to bring some real money and crowds here.

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Manuka hosting AFL into the future in doubt
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Ivan76 9:40 am 29 Jul 09

Forget about Canberra & AFL games….

When Sydney has 2 teams then your team will possibly be playing in Sydney twice a year.

Go & watch the games in Sydney live, better stadium, better atmosphere and no to damn cold.

& Go the mighty Saints!! Ill be at the SCG this Saturday night!!!

Skidd Marx 8:56 am 29 Jul 09

Agreed A.K, going to an AFL game in Western Syd/Gold Coast will be like walking into a morgue.

Anna Key 5:10 am 29 Jul 09

Sorry 2604, I did say I wasn’t there and was basing it on watching tv – some of the game not the WIN news report. I can’t speak for BD but I wasn’t having a go at RL, the Raiders or their supporters. Just the folks who do the crowd figures. The same seems to happen at the SFS, and ossibly other grounds but as I haven’t been to those I won’t comment.

The new AFL teams are a joke. The western sydney crowds in will make last weekend’s crowd at Manuka look impressive

2604 12:08 am 29 Jul 09

bd84 said :

Anna Key said :

I still question whether there really was over 11,000 at Bruce. I wasn’t there, but that crowd would make the ground almost half full which it didn’t look like on tv. Admittedly I didn’t see a view of the Big Mal stand.

I figure the laws of mathematics don’t apply at NRL games

The crowd figures at the Raiders games never add up. Having been to a few and watching them announce 12,000 people then comparing it to the less than half empty stadium makes you wonder how good their counting skills are. I’m guessing they also count all the teams, security staff, police, paramedics, ground and catering staff into the total. Judging by what I’ve seen on TV of the game over the weekend there wouldn’t have been more than 8,000 odd there.

Have to laugh because neither of you was actually there and you both are basing your opinion on a five second grab on WIN News. FTR the stadium WAS nearly half full, including most of the Mal stand and most of the G-L stand, as well as a good proportion of the inner bowl. Both Tigers and Raiders fans will attest to that. The fact that such a good crowd showed up despite the crap weather shows the support that league enjoys in Canberra.

Anna, the NRL is doing fine and doesn’t need to fudge its figures as you suggest. Even if match attendances aren’t great at every match, it dominates live sport and TV ratings in the biggest (NSW) and fastest-growing (QLD) markets. Why else do you think the AFL is scrambling to establish a second Sydney team, and one on the Gold Coast – markets which the NRL has a complete lock on?

BD, if your criticisms weren’t so laughably effete and they might almost be offensive to Raiders supporters like myself. As it is, I think we’ll probably win another premiership before you make anyone laugh, or even take notice. Good luck with that.

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