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Manuka plaza “secure parking”

By Paddy 9 October 2010 45

stolen car

A friend of mine had his car stolen last night in the heavily fortified sanctuary of Mauka plaza.

His early thoughts of a highly secure garage for his car were shattered last night when he discovered it stolen.

Through his own investigation he managed to discover that the highly advertised sanctum that is supposed to be the car park actually does not have any working security cameras.

This is borderline crazy, and a shout out to the AFP – the case officer is as feeble as my attempts for love this week.

Just for my mates sake: its a white Toyota Celica coupe, 1975, Rego: YEP 90J, if anyone knows anything give him a call on 0425869068 – ask for furgo.

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Manuka plaza “secure parking”
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Tooks 10:41 am 12 Oct 10

triffid, you’re still missing the point. BTW, when I said “What a lovely person you must be”, it was in direct response to this comment of yours:

So, I hope that those school children (clearly they have not much experienced life first hand) who are quick to approportion blame to Landcat arrive home tonight to find their tele gone, and their watch collection, and their dog and cat, and their car and whatever else they hold dear and own as a result of their hard graft. And then, that the exercise is repeated for them in 6 months time, or at whatever regular interval is required, until they themselves learn what it feels like.

Wishing these kinds of things on people is pretty childish.

And if it is, as you say, that we need to take precautions to reduce being a victim of crime (where you draw the line there is anyone’s guess) then it’s a sad day indeed.

Yes, it is sad, BUT – it’s a reality of life. Precautions like locking your doors at night (and when away from the house), having alarms and other anti-theft devices (for house and car) are a fact of life. Precautions such as these are common sense and are a fact of life for anyone living in a decent sized city.

Thumper 8:46 am 12 Oct 10

Frankly, I believe the courts should start taking car theft seriously and handing out decent sentences to anyone who steals a vehicle.

People should be able to park their cars wherever they wish in the reasonable expectation that it is not going to be stolen by some low life.

Postalgeek 8:21 am 12 Oct 10

parle said :

Monster of the Deep said :

It really, really sucks having your car stolen. Show some bloody sympathy.

…and it really, really, really sucks when that stolen car is involved in a further crime or deaths involving innocent people. I hope it wasn’t stolen with nothing more than 30 seconds and a flat blade screwdriver, if I had owned a vehicle in that circumstance and it killed someone I’d feel partly responsible.

Would you feel partly responsible if it had been your flat blade screwdriver (stolen within 30 seconds) that had been used to steal the car?

Spideydog 12:20 am 12 Oct 10

triffid said :

Oh . . . yeah . . . and I’m a bit weary of the ‘sheltered workshop’ set who post on the basis of limited first-hand experience or otherwise limited exposure to the world.

(Ban me from here: please, JB.)

You’ve totally missed the point and gone off on a pointless tirade m8. Everyone here feels for this poor bugger who has lost his car to scum car thieves, but when you go and blame everyone else for the theft and non-recovery – except for the filthy thief and then not take a tiny bit of responsibility himself for having nil security measures of his own, then you may receive a little criticism. If your going to blame a facility for not being ‘secure’ enough, but not bother with any security measures of his own, it’s a little hypocritical if you ask me.

Should we be able park our pride and joys without the fear of it being stolen ….? Bloody oath, but sadly these days we individually have to make an effort to prevent becoming a victim of crime. Once again I hope he gets a safe return of his car and the offenders get some bad karma go their way.

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