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Margaret Spalding passes away

By johnboy - 24 March 2009 45

The ABC’s 666 is reporting that Margaret Spalding, the litigious CEO of Koomarri and architect of the Narrabundah Longstay Caravan Park debacle, was recalled to the almighty yesterday.

Cause of death is unknown, described as sudden.

Condolences go to her family and friends.

John Mackay on 666 is claiming he was responsible for the caravan park business, and yes, she was a saint.

(Oh, and none of them had any idea what Consolidated Builders were going to do with the site, honest)

UPDATED: The Canberra Times has a short note, with a promise of more reporting tomorrow.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Chief Minister Stanhope has made a lengthy statement of condolence.

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45 Responses to
Margaret Spalding passes away
peterh 12:09 pm 24 Mar 09

where is johnboy showing poor form? I made a comment that wasn’t linked to his comment, rather, an observation of my own.

The consolidated builders reference is very much correct. No-one knew what they were going to do. They could have kept the residents, they could have removed them. It wasn’t the place of koomari to dictate the terms of the sale, just to advise the best course of action for the welfare of the residents.

margaret always tried to find the good in everyone she met.

Growling Ferret 12:08 pm 24 Mar 09

I thought JB’s comments were not OTT.

I had little idea of who Margaret Spalding was, JB’s comments provide context of her recent media coverage.

Its not as if he paid someone $15k for alleged nude photos of the lass.

AngryHenry 11:51 am 24 Mar 09

I had a go at JB over a similar article relating to the death of Peter Leonard, it got heated. In hindsight I may have been a little close to the subject matter and overeacted. While I didn’t appreciate his slant on the story I guess he was entitled to put his spin on it.

This story was in the news this morning, it’s of local interest and I have heard Maragret Spaulding’s name dropped several times in other media over the past few weeks, so really he has every right to report on it if he feels it’s newsworthy.

I wouldn’t want to speculate on anything about this right now but it will be interesting to see what, if any, facts come up over the next few days in relation to this.

Danman 11:46 am 24 Mar 09

To quote JB – Condolences go to her family and friends

How is that poor form.

JB is only reporting the news, not creating it…
I guess all reports of this in national media outlets are poor form as well ?

Bloody PC Police.

peterh – I agree, pity though, when you’re so high profile, people only notice your existence when you do not step correct, and seem to forget the years of prior service up to that point.

I-filed 11:41 am 24 Mar 09

Poor form Johnboy.

Grover 11:25 am 24 Mar 09

Poor form Johnboy. You should have more respect for a lady who will be a big loss to the Canberra Community. May she rest in peace, and may you be haunted by your poor taste.

colourful sydney rac 11:22 am 24 Mar 09

I see no problem with what johnboy wrote – why are you giving him a hard time?

peterh 10:51 am 24 Mar 09

regardless of what happened with the long stay park, she was a great contributor to the community, assisting in gaining better visibility to the needs and desires of many of the disabled people who now feel that they are a part of the community, not outsiders. She deserved her award and i am sorry to hear of her passing. My condolences to her family.

Jim Jones 10:51 am 24 Mar 09

George said :

I am not sure what motivates someone to dance on someone’s grave.

Who is dancing on someone’s grave?

abc 10:50 am 24 Mar 09

Now… what could we write about Johnboy when he dies.. you’re as bad as that idiot on 2CC.

Gobbo 10:49 am 24 Mar 09

Rest in peace Ms Spaulding. My thoughts are with your family.

George 10:38 am 24 Mar 09

I am not sure what motivates someone to dance on someone’s grave.

Furry Jesus 10:11 am 24 Mar 09

Hope we find out the cause of death soon. Speculating that we have another Audrey Fagan has already begun.

zagons 10:11 am 24 Mar 09


That is very sad.

pptvb 10:00 am 24 Mar 09

Not the time to be regurgitating that story JB.
Let it rest for while.
Show some respect for a lady who did so much for the Canberra community.

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