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Martial Arts for the Unfit

By Creekgirl - 7 January 2011 25

Does anyone have any recommendations for a martial arts class? I am an overweight female in my twentys looking to try a martial art for fitness, the discipline and to meet other people. I have had a look on the internet, but the websites all seem to feature young men, I was hoping for a class that would be a little more diverse. I want to feel comfortable with my ineptness.

I was also hoping to find a discipline where you don’t have to shout/grunt everytime you make a movement. The descriptions on the websites don’t mention if this is a feature of the discipline.

Any area would do but I would prefer southside or the city.


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25 Responses to
Martial Arts for the Unfit
smiling politely 1:03 pm 07 Jan 11

Another vote for wing chun at Phillip, Sifu Graham’s an excellent teacher and exponent of the art. I’ve also heard good things about brazilian ju-jitsu and krav maga (I think there’s a class held at ANU). In terms of losing weight I’d suggest it’s a matter of training three times per week and watching your calorie intake. Martial arts will also do wonders for your self-confidence after a little while.

gladbag 11:48 am 07 Jan 11

Kempo with Bobby Farquhar, Anu Basketball courts 5.30 pm on Tuesday and accross the road at the Rugby Club building on Thursdays at 6pm. Good mix of fitness, abilities and ages, and loads of fun. Look for the people in black. Great instructor.

harvyk1 11:46 am 07 Jan 11

Strongly recommend National Tae Kwon Do, they have classes running right around Canberra, I personally go to Conder Classes (Monday and Wednesday nights) and Kambah classes (Tuesday and Thursday) there are also classes running on Friday nights and Saturday’s in other locations.

It costs $65 per month for as many classes as you can fit in (or want to go to)…

georgesgenitals 11:28 am 07 Jan 11

Wing chun is a very effective martial art, but isn’t necessarily going to do much around fitness or weight loss. I’d by looking for something a bit more active.

vg 11:15 am 07 Jan 11

There is no such animal as THE world’s mixed martial arts champion, but the sport of MMA had its genesis in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

BJJ is a practical martial art, unlike some of the karate style ones, and will get you very fit if practiced regularly. A lot of the karate style ones are a bit of a wank

xole 11:14 am 07 Jan 11

I do a Korean art called Soo Bahk Do, which I started primarily for fitness. There are six women in the do jang I attend (about a third of the class), and a similar proportion at the other do jangs. My instructor was very understanding about my back problems and general unfitness, and altered the program to fit me. I’ve been doing it for about 18 months now and I’m still loving it (especially the weight loss and muscle toning!).

These are the Canberra do jangs for Soo Bahk Do:
Gungahlin (where I go) –
Florey –
Hughes –
Bungendore –

Hope this is helpful!

andym 10:47 am 07 Jan 11

Creekgirl +1 for Peter Morton.

Creekgirl 10:43 am 07 Jan 11

Thanks Ozi, I might give that one a go. I wont be able to attend the St Eddies one though as it will need to be after hours.

gospeedgo – I have the Zumba DVD’s and I do it at home, but I wanted to try something different, and maybe get some new skills out of it as well.

Thumper 10:42 am 07 Jan 11

I second Wing Chun.

Allan Graham at Canberra Wing Chun Academy is pretty good.

kennardly 10:28 am 07 Jan 11

You should try this:

ticks all the boxes.

inlymbo 10:24 am 07 Jan 11
gospeedygo 10:20 am 07 Jan 11


kel 10:16 am 07 Jan 11

I used to go to kickboxing at the Phoenix Gym in Mitchell and it was excellent for fitness (which was the reason I went). Was very good and had a diverse range of people from inept/uncoordinated to professional/competitive. That was a few years ago now though, so I don’t know what it’s like now. They have expanded their facilities in Mitchell in the interim though, so I guess they must still be popular.

Ozi 10:13 am 07 Jan 11

They have a range of different branches and clubs. The classes are not “grunt/shouty” at all, but are great for fitness and the like. Our branch and Griffith (St Eddies) has between 4 and 7 people per class of varying abilities. You’d be welcome to come along for a class to any branch: first class is free and then you can chose if you want to come back. $50 for the term (10 weeks) so very reasonable prices, and you can do multiple classes per week if you want: ie. St Eddies on Wednesday, and Queanbeyan on Monday etc.

LSWCHP 10:09 am 07 Jan 11

I work with a guy who is involved with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. This is a wrestling/throwing/grappling/ground fighting technique related to judo. It is apparently (according to my colleague) very effective generally, and for women in particular. It relies on technique rather than a lot of physical strength. I believe there are a couple of dojos around Canberra. There is also quite a lot of info available via Google.

I think the world mixed martial arts champion is a BJJ practioner.

I hope this helps.

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