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Martin McKenzie-Murray piddling on the Centenary BBQ

By johnboy - 7 March 2013 33

It takes a special kind of person to turn up early to a party while the decorations are going up and stand outside shouting to passersby why it’s going to be a dud party.

The Age’s Martin McKenzie-Murray is, it seems, that special kind of person.

And for the love of god can we stop talking about the long abandoned Burley Griffin vision?

I swear it only comes up because everyone knows the name.

As for the Centenary celebrations. They’re happening.

We can stand around with the genius of hindsight picking at things.

Or we can give it a go.

It seem obvious which one is going to be more fun.

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
Martin McKenzie-Murray piddling on the Centenary BBQ
poetix 9:35 am 08 Mar 13

Pork Hunt said :

Into english can someone translate please the gobbledygook that is paragraph six?

I think he is saying that the term ‘public service’ covers many different types of work, and that some public service funding cuts may be justifiable, whereas others are not.

But my Google translator from waffle to clarity has been playing up lately (-:

johnboy 9:22 am 08 Mar 13

Pork Hunt said :

Into english can someone translate please the gobbledygook that is paragraph six?

My par 6 or martin’s?

Pork Hunt 9:17 am 08 Mar 13

Into english can someone translate please the gobbledygook that is paragraph six?

Mr Evil 9:04 pm 07 Mar 13

Some latte drinking, hipster wannabe from Melbs hates Canberra?

Really, I couldn’t give a flying truck what this dickhead thinks.

Holden Caulfield 4:26 pm 07 Mar 13

Awwwwwwwww, poor Marty is feeling a little overwhelmed.

Holden Caulfield 4:18 pm 07 Mar 13

I think we should be kind on him, with a double-barrel surname I’m sure he got picked on a lot at school. Now that he’s a big man and thinks he can write he’s just enforcing his faux-intellectual arguments on us in an attempt to be the bully he’s always dreamed of being in the physical world.

chewy14 3:19 pm 07 Mar 13

What a peanut this guy is.

And I see he’s doubling down in the Crimes story this arvo.

Seriously, he’s surprised that when he goes on a scattergun attack of the city, that some people might be offended?

johnboy 3:18 pm 07 Mar 13

And now we have the Canberra Times trying to defend it’s stablemate against its own readership.

I love the self serving logic of arguing “Lot’s of people disagreed with me so I must be right”

johnboy 2:56 pm 07 Mar 13

A good take by Finnigan:

    we share our joy without reservation
    but we’re happy for people to curse us bitterly
    we welcome all sour outsiders to say what they can
    and we send them to the empty triangular potemkin village south side of the lake
    show them round some empty museums and a carpark or two
    then send them on their way thinking they’ve seen it all

    what we got you can’t have unless you ask for it
    and you can’t ask for it if you’re stupid
    and that’s how this works

poetix 2:05 pm 07 Mar 13

Did you get to play Goal Attack?

johnboy 2:01 pm 07 Mar 13

If only someone had invited him to join their mixed netball squad.

poetix 1:58 pm 07 Mar 13

I feel there is quite a difference between poking gentle fun at the festivities and getting stuck into the whole city is such a predictable way. He even does the pathetic fallacy, god love him: ‘That cool wind didn’t just come from the Brindabella Ranges. There was a chilling vibe.’

Someone sounds a little bitter. And I don’t mean in a good beer festival kind of way.

FioBla 1:46 pm 07 Mar 13

Inaccurate, and quickly generalised again.

Canberra is the cyclist of Australia.

>The argument is sloppy, of course – it’s leveraging the popular but inchoate sense that government is bloated

I know that cycling is healthy but…

> A few weeks ago a former departmental speechwriter wrote an opinion piece, ”Coked Up in Canberra”, about notional blizzards of cocaine swirling around our invented capital and enjoyed by over-entitled young bureaucrats. It

Y’all run red lights.

>There was a chilling vibe. Here was the ”unreality” of Canberra that Keating had described.

Y’all need to pay rego to be taken seriously.

>In open societies, cities normally express the power of pluralism – the fluent vitality of the fullest range of professions, personalities and nationalities.

Roads were made for cars. Idiot.

> It’s as if Griffin had unwittingly designed Superman’s Fortress of Solitude for wonks and staffers.

Tax dollars on MAMILs?? The worst idea ever.

Friggin Canberra*/Cyclist*. *Delete where applicable.

Sit back. Watch the clicks and comments roll in.

davesact 12:58 pm 07 Mar 13

Came to Canberra for 20 minutes. Do they have a non-members bar any more? Obvious expert.

martyo 12:32 pm 07 Mar 13

ask @feed_the_chooks how all the shooting and stabbings are going ? tosser

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