Matt is not gay OK? Also free beer at Duxton

johnboy 21 March 2012 9

matt is not gay

A problem for a bar refit as thin as a coat of paint is that Matt can both be defamed, and can then correct the record with nothing more complicated than a set of keys.

But while at Duxton last night (living down the road from a decent pub makes it a frequent place to meet people) a wondrous thing happened that I’ve never encountered in all my years wasted in bars.

As the evening drew on we were informed it was last drinks for tap beers because they were cleaning the lines.

Fair enough on a slow Tuesday.

Around that point I noticed there were quite a lot of off duty staff loitering around the bar in their civvies.

Then the patrons were politely informed that we were welcome to help empty out the beer lines prior to cleaning.

Free as long as it lasted!

Word of the marvellous “night of free beer” is sure to spread throughout the Inner North.

I make no guarantees as to whether such a thing shall come to pass again.

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9 Responses to Matt is not gay OK? Also free beer at Duxton
PoQ PoQ 8:42 pm 22 Mar 12

So is the Duxton going to become the hangout of the artistic, bohemian Inner North set?

TheDancingDjinn TheDancingDjinn 2:25 pm 22 Mar 12

This kind of reminds me of something written on the wall of my high school in the 90s

“Mr Ellis, and Mr Palavestra are gay” then under it there was ” Not that there is anything wrong with that” hehehe i enjoy reference humour 🙂

VYBerlinaV8_is_back VYBerlinaV8_is_back 1:50 pm 22 Mar 12

bloodnut said :

Maybe its my denial… but I read that as Max T is not gay when I was there on Tuesday…

I can definitely see you reading that as Max T, but for the life of me I can’t see the bit about being there on Tuesday.

Jon Jon 1:33 pm 22 Mar 12

What if Matt is actually gay? Does saying he’s NOT gay constitute defamation? Maybe Matt wasn’t being defamed to begin with, but the addition of the word ‘not’ has turned a statement of fact into an act of defamation.

It’s a SLOW news day today, isn’t it? 🙂

PoQ PoQ 1:06 pm 22 Mar 12

Lots of people are “straight”, as its called. Matt’s allowed not to be gay. Some people turn out that way; you should stop hassling them (and Matt in particular).

shirty_bear shirty_bear 10:53 am 22 Mar 12

No, Matt isn’t gay … but he once shagged a bloke who was. Max T, maybe.

bloodnut bloodnut 7:23 am 22 Mar 12

Maybe its my denial… but I read that as Max T is not gay when I was there on Tuesday…

AsparagusSyndrome AsparagusSyndrome 12:43 am 22 Mar 12

So… probably worth dropping a hint in passing, next time you’re drinking there, that the beer tastes a bit ‘dirty’ and that you think the lines might need ‘a bit of a clean’. Then hang about for a while.

I think Matt is gay. I’m almost sure of it. Judging by the scratching, the first key looks like it belongs to a big powerful ute, while the second key looks like it belongs to one of those small, fuel efficient ‘commuter’ cars.

Although, to be fair, and not rule out anything without further evidence, there is a possibility that the writing was done in the opposite order. Perhaps someone scrawled ‘NOT’, and later on, Matt decided to capitalise on that with some graffiti insurance of his own.

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