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May Day for smokers in ACT Health

johnboy 1 May 2009 25

Katy Gallagher has announced that D-Day has arrived for the hard-smoking health workers of Canberra.

    All ACT Health facilities will be smoke free from today, marking another step in the ACT Government’s program to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.

    ACT Health Minister, Katy Gallagher MLA, said smoking would now only be permitted in approved designated outdoor smoking areas.

    “Each ACT Health worksite has only one designated outdoor smoking area for staff, as well as a separate area for visitors and healthcare consumers,” Ms Gallagher said.

    The Minister said support had been provided to staff through free nicotine replacement therapy while patients admitted to Canberra Hospital would be assisted to manage their nicotine dependence while in hospital.

So one small bureacratic box ticked, just watch the disruption flow.

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25 Responses to May Day for smokers in ACT Health
jakez jakez 8:50 pm 01 May 09

I respect (sort of) the govts right to set policy on it’s property even though they have failed to reciprocate.

Then again none of us have illodial title. Mmm serf goodness.

jakez jakez 8:56 pm 01 May 09

trevar said :

Thumper said :

You’d think the easiest thing to do would just be to make smoking illegal,

If they make smoking illegal I start smoking again just to piss them off.

You sound like my dad: he happily wore seat belts until they passed a law making it compulsory, then he refused (until one day (a good decade later), he had a little prang and bit his tongue when his chin hit the steering wheel; needless to say we all laughed at him and offered no sympathy).

Your Dad is a true hero who sacrificed the structural integrity of his tongue so that one day we may break free from these bonds of slavery. If I knew who he was I would buy him a beer…and then make sure he now wears a seatbelt safe in the knowledge that he does so freely and without fear of the iron fist of our oppressors. Though you do not appreciate his stand I beg you to pass onto him the message that I think he is a great man.

Mr Waffle Mr Waffle 12:49 am 02 May 09

I know of at least one ACT health site (shared with other organisations) where there is no “designated smoking area”. The rules say they have to leave the site entirely- and cross the road, in fact- to smoke; much to the amusement of everyone else who works there, as they can puff anywhere they want (as long as it’s 7 metres or somesuch from an entrance/air vent).

melss melss 9:56 pm 03 May 09

I’m a smoker and I reserve the right to do so in a manner that does not affect other non-smokers.

This kind of topic annoys me everytime it comes up. I’m still at a loss as to why the governments of the day (state and federal) make all these smoking bans and bleat that smokers are a burden on the health system, yet they still won’t make cigarette’s illegal.

Oh that’s right they’d lose all that money in Tobacco Excise – Although if smokers are such a burden on the public health system wouldn’t it be cheaper to ban Tobacco and lose the excise than forking out all that cash when the smoker’s get sick?

You do the math

FC FC 9:57 am 04 May 09

“I’m a smoker and I reserve the right to do so in a manner that does not affect other non-smokers.”
Unfortunatly all smoking affects others. Whether it be someone having to smell it in the air as the walk into the mall/their office or while driving there cars or through secondary affects through being a burden on the health care system or a burden on further tax monies for anti smoking campaigns etc.

Howerver I do agree that they should just ban tobacco as the whole thing seems so hypocritical.
“We don’t condome smoking and we will make it hard for you do do so, but we are happy to take your money and provide you with the supplies to do it”

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