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Mayner and Cochran, Thanks For Fixing My Washing Machine!

By joepublic - 6 February 2010 52

I’d like to thank the outstanding job Mayner and Cochran (Fyshwick) did on my $750 Samsung washing machine.

A couple of months after purchasing our wm brand-new from The Good Guys (Fyshwick), the machine started making a loud, repetitive knocking sound.

As it was under warranty, we booked it in to the authorised repairer (Mayner and Cochran).

After only two months of waiting, I phoned to discover that our machine was fixed and ready to be delivered at a convenient time between 9am and 5pm the following Tuesday! As I only work from 9am to 5pm on week days, this was great news!

The big day came and I waited. Sure enough, at exactly some time between 9am and 5pm, the Mayner and Cochran van and two crewmen pulled up my drive way.

They opened the big doors at the back and spent almost 3 seconds searching the empty van.

It was only an hour and half later that they returned for the second time, this time with my washing machine. Outstanding work lads.

Mind you, when delivering a washing machine 30km away, you always want to check that it’s in the van before you get there (just an idea).

After work, we put a load of washing on and we were so happy that the washing machine stopped mid-cycle. Hilarious!

The friendly people at Mayner and Cochran were so happy to hear from us again that they raced around the next day to plug back in the heating element that one of the lads had left un-plugged (silly billy!).

And we were quite in hysterics when only a few weeks after that, the knocking sound returned and the heating element failed again. Outstanding!

Mayner and Cochran – You are the Best!

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52 Responses to
Mayner and Cochran, Thanks For Fixing My Washing Machine!
I-filed 3:27 pm 07 Feb 10

Mayner and Cochran fixed my Maytag a few years ago. I could tell it was a lemon – and M&C were fantastic, they brokered a replacement machine from I think it was Harvey Norman, once the same fault had appeared twice. There had been a small communication problem with their new worker on the switch at some stage I recall, but nothing major. The guys who dropped off the machine were friendly. I suspect M&C are sometimes caught in the middle between retailers and customers, and at the mercy of parts suppliers.
And as for the delivery guys not loading – probably wasn’t their fault. It was probably back at base, so why cane the lads? Chill a bit. Did you lose any pay over it? If so, bill them. If not, meh!

neanderthalsis 2:19 pm 07 Feb 10

Makes one think that it may indeed be easier simply to replace broken appliances rather than endure the suffering of having them repaired.

Gerry-Built 1:12 pm 07 Feb 10

Mayner and Cochran are Canberra’s authorised repairer for most (at least reputable) brands – so you really have no choice. On the occasion that we have had a choice (Stupid Electrolux Dishwasher), the ‘mom & pop’ alternative that turned up were WAY worse, and she – answering the phone – was often abrupt and on at least one occasion – downright rude (so much for “Superior”). On one occasion, when we inquired how things were going after a looooong wait, she responded “well – have we called you yet?”, then a month later, when we rang, she said “you should have called earlier”…

If an appliance breaks down, you’ll have AT LEAST a three week wait… a week for them to schedule you in, another week until parts arrive, and at least one more until they can schedule you in again… Extended warranty is the most important option in purchasing new appliances, as “they don’t make ’em like they used to”…

moneypenny2612 11:21 am 07 Feb 10

M&C did a repair on my (then new) Whirlpool washing machine a few years back. It took them forever to source the part, and they charge like a wounded bull for the installation (it took less than 5 minutes). While they didn’t stuff up the repair, their customer service is not great.

M&C seem to be the dominant player in the ACT for ‘authorised repairs’. How does one become an ‘authorised repairer’? And why do there seem to be so few of them in the ACT? … It is just a matter of poor marketing or is this some kind of closed shop?

I hope my kelvinator fridge doesn’t break down any time soon, as M&C are listed as the authorised repairer there, too – I’m not keen on using them again. Not sure who else services the Electrolux group in the ACT.

Snarky 10:21 am 07 Feb 10

Oh dear – that’s abysmal customer “service” on M&C’s part. Of all the electrical gadgets in our house, the one that’d stress me most if we lost it is the washing machine. Everything else (including the fridges) you can work around for a while, albeit with a fair bit of inconvenience. But with no washing machine and 4-5 loads a week at the laundrette you’re BROKE!

FWIW M&C do carry a huge range of parts from all sorts of old and/or out of date machines if you can do your own repairs. We’ve got a big ol’ Maytag toploader from 1992 whose lid switch broke late last year. Did a bit of checking, rang up and confirmd availability and went and collected a new switch on the same day.

Still, this’ll make me think twice before using their repair services.

swamiOFswank 10:01 am 07 Feb 10

I have a Samsung washing machine – it’s brilliant, never has gone bung, and I’ve had it for at least 7 years. I’d gladly buy another Samsung washing machine. Is the song it plays at the end of the cycle the Korean national anthem?

On the other hand…my Samsung DVD player bit the dust soon after the warranty expired, and the super-large Samsung widescreen TV only lasted 3 years before it developed problems, finally blowing up in a puff of blue smoke. Samsung microwave did much the same thing.

As for Mayner and Cochran…they charged me $230 for replacing the tiny plastic clip on the soap dispenser on my Fisher & Paykel dishwasher. Took the guy about 30 seconds to remove it from the packaging, and at least 40 seconds to install it. Sooooo worth the money.


Tooks 9:06 am 07 Feb 10

While reading the OP, my sarcasm meter blew up. Do you reckon Mayner and Cochran could fix it?

saraj 8:40 am 07 Feb 10

Love a good name and shame 🙂

Sounds very similar to an experience I had, wont be using them again.

trevar 8:27 am 07 Feb 10

JC said :

Had two bad experiences with this mob before, not quite as bad as yours. Though must ask what do you expect buying a Samsung washing machine?

They’re not that bad: we’ve had a Samsung washing machine for a decade; it gets a good workout with six people’s demand (and a missus who only uses towels once between washes!). It’s not looked after, gets no attention, and is even kept outside the house and it just keeps going! We have not once had to have it repaired, or have any moving parts replaced, whereas my mum’s whiz-bang super-expensive American thing, which is very carefully cleaned and cared for between loads, has had four repairs in five years!

Bit of luck I think.

Devil_n_Disquiz 6:55 am 07 Feb 10

“………the recommended repairer.”

JC 1:48 am 07 Feb 10

Had two bad experiences with this mob before, not quite as bad as yours. Though must ask what do you expect buying a Samsung washing machine?

bd84 1:10 am 07 Feb 10

Do I sense some sarcasm here?

Morgan 11:37 pm 06 Feb 10

Hmmm so I take it they failed to manage expectations?

Id be seeking a replacement from the Good Guys,

indigoid 11:17 pm 06 Feb 10

Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson and next time will buy an Asko.

That said, I’ve been very happy with my $800 Samsung front-loader that I bought in 2002. It has been near flawless

ozmackem 10:53 pm 06 Feb 10

Did someone recommend them?

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