McDonald’s Chisholm DA knocked back a second time by ACTPLA

Michael Weaver 4 September 2020 30
Jennifer Hunt

Chisholm Tavern manager Jennifer Hunt outside the venue she and her husband Graham have operated for 29 years. Photo: Region Media.

McDonald’s has lost its latest bid to build a restaurant on the site of the Chisholm Tavern after the fast-food giant’s second-bite proposal was refused by the ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) this week.

The $2.2 million proposal was first refused in February, but the landowners, Chisholm Village Pty Ltd, resubmitted the DA in July with a number of variations for the ACT Government to reconsider.

The second proposal was refused on the grounds that the application for reconsideration did not adequately address a number of factors, including the position of the restaurant and potential environmental impacts of waste produced by the proposed business.

Transport Canberra and City Services also noted likely traffic congestion and inadequate clearances for a waste truck.

The ACTPLA decision highlighted concerns about public safety due to congestion from the nearby fire station, BP service station and Vikings Club.

A lack of community consultation, the potential effect of a McDonald’s on local businesses and already existing McDonald’s restaurants in the vicinity were further cited as reasons for the bid’s rejection.

“On the basis of the extent of non-compliance and the uncertainty about the impacts on the adjacent car parking area and associated impacts on the surrounding traffic, it is not considered appropriate to issue a conditional approval,” ACTPLA said in its notice of decision.

“As such, the reconsideration application does not warrant a change from the original decision to refuse the proposal.”

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The battle over the site has been raging for more than a year after landowner Chisholm Village first submitted a DA to build a McDonald’s restaurant on the site of the Chisholm Tavern in July 2019.

Both attempts saw significant public petitions against the proposal, with the first attracting more than 770 signatures and the second more than 1000, plus 21 written submissions.

“Thank you to everyone that signed the petition and put in submissions to say no to the plan to demolish the Chisholm Family Tavern and put in a Maccas,” said Member for Brindabella Joy Burch, who had also been vocal against the proposal.

A sign outside the Chisholm Shopping Centre this week

A sign outside the Chisholm Shopping Centre this week. Photo: Joy Burch Facebook

Canberra Progressives Party candidate for Murrumbidgee Robert Knight also weighed in, saying the value of the Chisholm Tavern to the community was significant.

“Too often we sign over our treasured meeting places to commercial interests, and in doing so we lose an aspect of what it is to be a community. We need more places which bring us together, rather than just serve our appetites for a quick, cheap feed,” Mr Knight said.

Manager of the Chisholm Tavern Jennifer Hunt said she would let the news sink in before making a decision on the future of the business.

“We will obviously stay here now, at least for a few more years. At least now we can spend some money on the place,” Ms Hunt said.

Ms Hunt and her husband Graham have run the Chisolm Taven for 29 years. They plan to operate the Tavern for another five years before retiring.

The entire Chisholm Shopping Centre is currently up for sale. The owners hoped a McDonald’s would make the site more attractive to a potential buyer.

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30 Responses to McDonald’s Chisholm DA knocked back a second time by ACTPLA
Phillip Ling Phillip Ling 4:24 am 07 Sep 20

Good on yer. Look at jerrabomberra they have the fat corner. It has kfc, McDonald's and crispy creams in one spot.

steve2020 steve2020 2:29 pm 06 Sep 20

It was a silly proposal when there are already McDonald’s restaurants nearby at Erindale in Wanniassa and Greenway.

Someonesmother Someonesmother 8:54 pm 05 Sep 20

Good work. I am already seeing Oprto rubbish around Mawson and Yamba Drive from the tossers.

Genny Herbert Genny Herbert 6:36 pm 05 Sep 20

Well done local community members for using your voice of objection.

Russell Heaton Russell Heaton 5:31 pm 05 Sep 20

We don't need their rubbish thrown around our streets

Spiral Spiral 4:45 pm 05 Sep 20

I am in agreement that McDonald’s produces average (at best) food.

However my children have worked there and it is one of the few places that frequently takes on kids with no experience.

A McDonald’s also typically employs more youngsters than other food outlets.

They also offer more flexible working hours as they are open for very long hours. So there are opportunities for people to start at 6am on weekends and still play sport in the afternoons, or work until 9 or 10pm and still have most of the day available for other things.

As a consumer of food, I don’t care if another McDonald’s opens or not.

But if I lived in the area and had teenagers who were looking for work, then it not opening would not be good news.

Kerri Hallas Kerri Hallas 2:54 pm 05 Sep 20

The fewer of them the better...

Nell Feneck Nell Feneck 7:45 am 05 Sep 20

What happened to the tavern ?

Domenic Fabbo Domenic Fabbo 5:14 pm 04 Sep 20

The Chisholm community has come together as one and won against Maccas, well done....

Tony Webber Tony Webber 4:53 pm 04 Sep 20

Great place for lunch!!!!!

Cathy Lloyd Cathy Lloyd 4:22 pm 04 Sep 20

Sanity prevailed!!

Anne Felton Anne Felton 4:08 pm 04 Sep 20

Honestly Chisholm does not need A Golden Arches. Canberra has enough McDonalds already.

Robert Honeybone Snr Robert Honeybone Snr 3:42 pm 04 Sep 20

Far too many McDonald's stores in Canberra now

David Fredericks David Fredericks 3:16 pm 04 Sep 20

So let's hope this provides some certainty for the future of the Chisholm Tavern and they can do a long required Reno and rebranding

Shane Calder Shane Calder 2:03 pm 04 Sep 20

Keep the tavern

Charny Barney Charny Barney 2:03 pm 04 Sep 20

Build another in Charnwood, there isn't enough mcdonalds rubbish blowing around here

Valentino Majetic Valentino Majetic 1:42 pm 04 Sep 20

Build one on the Monaro in Hume

Dragan Gluhović Dragan Gluhović 1:36 pm 04 Sep 20

🤣🤣🤣, they want MD in every suburb

Nick Timmer Nick Timmer 1:33 pm 04 Sep 20

Not needed

Julie Maynard Julie Maynard 1:19 pm 04 Sep 20

Build an Oliver’s Real Food instead! It’s a healthy alternative to fast food-which we need more of!

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