MEASQ Car Sound Competition sponsored by Aerpro

2LOUD2OLD 12 March 2012

MEASQ is a fair and unbiased judging format used to compare competitor’s car audio systems. Criteria includes the system’s ability to accurately reproduce audio as the original recording intended, plus provide valuable feedback to the competitor. The format is designed to ensure consistency and an objective approach while remaining easy to understand and accommodating of competitor’s various skill and knowledge levels.

Above all else, MEASQ competition should be fun and rewarding for the competitor, and bring together enthusiasts in a friendly, yet competitive environment.

The MEASQ format and series, operates across many states of Australia and is currently the only national sound quality competition format.

What: Round 3 of the MEASQ ACT Series 2012

Where: Black Mountain Peninsula

When: Sunday 25th March 2012

Competitor Arrival & Registration: 9am
Competition & Judging Commences: 10am

MEASQ Classes (Entry Fee $35.00)
Novice ($20.00 Entry Fee)
Intermediate Class
Advanced Class
Expert Class
Show Class

Trophies Awarded in Each Class
Winner | Runner Up

Additional Awards:

Judges Choice Award
Encouragement Award

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