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Memorial to Aboriginal wars being considered

By Thumper 9 June 2008 150 is reporting that, in the wake of the Stolen Generation apology, the Rudd Government is considering erecting an official memorial in Canberra commemorating indigenous Australians killed by white settlers in the so-called “Aboriginal Wars”.

The plan, which was immediately rejected by the RSL, would see a memorial erected alongside existing statues and sculptures to Australia’s war dead on Anzac Ave, leading to the Australian War memorial.

Not surprisingly, the proposal comes from The Canberra Institute, headed by ACT Labor Senate candidate and former Hawke government adviser Peter Conway.

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150 Responses to
Memorial to Aboriginal wars being considered
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tap 3:37 pm 12 Jun 08

nyssa: Im assuming that the money that the memorial would cost is either going to the memorial or education then?

nyssa76 3:04 pm 12 Jun 08

blackparrotz, I know plenty of black fellas, doesn’t mean I spout BS.

Hell I’m related to them but who gives a toss?

Memorials cost money and I for one would prefer the money spent on EDUCATION which all Canberrans can access not just a select few.

Special G 1:40 pm 12 Jun 08

Damn some of you people need to learn what makes a racist and what doesn’t. A racist is a person who hold a particular race (that’s right folks – all of them) as a hatrid/dislike/predjudice/discrimination against simply because they are of that race. I take every person at face value, it is simply circumstance I do not have pleasure of meeting many fine upstanding members of our community who also happen to be aboriginal. I label plenty of ‘white Australians’ exactly the same way – see plenty of previous posts if you doubt me.

My comment if you read it again was specifically about the ones I deal with on a regular basis. Stats do not discount my statement in any way, they just go to show there are many more indigenous Australians out there who I don’t know. Or rehabilitate those I do know into productive members of society.

peterh 9:52 am 12 Jun 08

blackparrotz said :

Special G & peterh
Adelaide shit ! founded by useless FXXXS sounds like you wished you knew your history (loser)
specialG i bet you dont even know a black fella, keep your second rate opinions to your little dick self.
TAP you need tapping on the forhead,

Blackparrotz, try again. you probably know your american history pretty well, you know sh!t about australia’s.

to educate you a bit, here is the info from wikipedia and the link for you to read the full article, bonehead.

A group in Britain led by Edward Gibbon Wakefield were looking to start a colony based on free settlement rather than convict labor. After problems in other Australian colonies arising from existing settlement methods, the time was right to form a more methodical approach to establishing a colony.

and also, blackparrotz, I am from the NT, have several mates that are (gasp) black and can’t see what you are ranting about. We all go to work, earn money, have parties where the kids get to play together, regardless of skin colour, and I find that your windbag comments are only there for entertainment.

or are you grandstanding for something else??

H1NG0 9:46 am 12 Jun 08

What makes a war a conflict? What kind of question is that? Surely if it is a war it is already a conflict. Name a war where there wasn’t any kind of conflict.

My argument is that not every conflict is a war. A war is declared. Its got nothing to do with how many numbers are killed etc. It is a declaration.

peterh 9:36 am 12 Jun 08

Headbonius said :

To Head bonger or bonius or whatever, how can you say the Aboriginal ppl werent loyal to the crown, what crown?? ya imbecile !! their was no crown before settlement !
dont forget this country if founded by convicts, thiefs, & slurry’s.
Deadman drinking and yourself dont evem know your own history,
SHAME SHAME SHAME plz explain !

Peterh, at the risk of making you look like the idiot you are, I never said that you ckocsucker. Please learn to read.

and so should you. I posted a retaliation to the original poster by blackparrotz, not yourself!!

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:31 am 12 Jun 08

@SpecialG: I call it as I see it. Having a ‘part Aboriginal’ brother doesn’t change the fact that you’re a racist. You characterise entire peoples – the equivalent of making sweeping generalisations about Europe – as lazy dole bludgers. You’re wrong, and the statistics show it. Perpetuating negative stereotypes in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence makes you a wilfuly ignorant racist – it’s just that simple. I guess I take back the part about being brave enough to come out and say it – I guess you’re just the regular gutless kind.

@Hingo – run away, you little moron. You know you’ve got nothing. Come on – what makes a war a conflict? It’s not declaration, it’s not the number of fighters, it’s not the number of casualites, and it’s not the size of the territory in dispute, so what is it, Einstein? You know the answer – it’s something fought by white people, good ol’ boys, or else it was nothing. You want a memorial to the Boer War where 500 Australians died (half of disease, so lets not trot out the ‘it was teh smallpox!1!’), and one to WW1 where 27,000 Australians died, but not one to a hundred year campaign that saw 220,000 Aborigines killed? Nobody needs to insult you – you’re a walking joke.

H1NG0 8:33 am 12 Jun 08

There Woody goes again, quick with the insults and not much else. I’m not going to argue with someone who is against everything I say. Its like figthing with a kid. I have better ways to spend my time. Its not my problem if you can see the difference between these Aboriginal conflicts and World War 2.

I wasn’t born in Orange either, I lived there when I was older. Not that I think that has much bearing on this argument. Just responding to your attempt at an insult.

Deadmandrinking 11:42 pm 11 Jun 08

I’m glad I’m not, Tap. So glad.


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