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Michelago Ghost House Photo

By yummy_mummy 16 January 2009 92

We took this photo while driving past the Michelago Ghost House while driving from Canberra to Victoria a couple of days ago. To our astonishment, we found a ghostly face looking back at us through the window. Notice there is blood smeared on the cheek of the face.

We also took this photo of the house on the way back from Victoria yesterday afternoon. We haven’t found anything in this photo yet, but maybe someone can prove us wrong.

[ED – Don’t Blink! Also, larger images if you click on them]


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Michelago Ghost House Photo
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Gus 8:50 pm 10 Jul 09

I have just moved to the Jerangle area, and drive past this house on the way to work and home each day. At night there are lights on inside as others have said.

peterh 11:47 pm 18 Mar 09

SheepGroper said :

Would a ghost lover be a necrophiliac?

no, they just love dead people…

SheepGroper 9:09 pm 18 Mar 09

Would a ghost lover be a necrophiliac?

Pontius Pilate 6:54 pm 18 Mar 09

For all the ghost lovers out there, here is a recent website you will love.

Pontius (hugely skeptical of anything ghostly)

Danman 4:03 pm 17 Feb 09

Lights on at night… – thats odd


My post certainly wasn’t.

Skidbladnir 3:26 pm 17 Feb 09

For reference:

I believe this whol post was taking the piss out of people who get freaked out by the house.

bada_bing 2:55 pm 17 Feb 09

i live in michelago… i drive past thishouse everyday twice a day and have never seen anything surreal… all i can say is that i have seen lights on at night.. and the lights are on in different rooms all the time. btw.. there is no face in that photo…

neanderthalsis 12:55 pm 19 Jan 09

Danman said :

Could someone please explain this then please…

When I took the photo, I noticed nothing out of the ordinary, but a few weeks later when I looked at the picture, I was shocked to see that there seemed to be 2 apparitions in my photo.

Ever since, I have been to chicken to go back to Mt Majura.

High res non 56k friendly link.

The Mad Monks of Mt. Majura?

neanderthalsis 12:53 pm 19 Jan 09

Thumper said :

Haunted Australia?

haha, this is the website that says that Kambah Woolshed once once used to house convicts and that they, the convicts, were routinely and brutally beaten and that the screams of the convicts can still be heard.

Except that it was always just a woolshed. No convicts, no beatings, just hard yakka.

The screams are from the ghosts of the shearers, it was the zombie sheep enacting their terrible revenge for mulesing.

tylersmayhem 12:24 pm 19 Jan 09

This is nothing man – apparently a dude in Sydney discover Mary & Jebus in his lava lamp. (,27574,24916527-13762,00.html). I didn’t believe Yummy Mummys story last week – but now I’m fully convinced.

I’ve had even a closer look at the face, and it definitely is for sure. In fact after further scientific analysis, I’m certain that it is not blood on the face -it is in fact faeces, and a large amount of it at that!

SheepGroper 10:18 pm 17 Jan 09

I see one in the high resolution shot, a disembodied dick-and-balls. See the space between the PH and 62? If you look below it, at around the level the trouser cuffs would be if they were straightened out, you see the glowing head of the apparition, facing the guy on the left, resting on the amply proportioned sack.

Is there a history of castrations gone awry on the Mount?


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