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Minister for police sends out rangers to enforce the law.

By johnboy 11 May 2005 15

ABC Online has the amazing news that our Minister for Police has been forced to send out the park rangers to bring law and order to the charity bins of the town.

Rangers will patrol Canberra day and night as part of the ACT Government’s latest effort to stop people dumping unwanted rubbish at charity bins.

Urban Services Minister John Hargreaves will launch the campaign today and says the rangers will also be able to issue on-the-spot fines to people caught in the act.

If only there were already a force which patrolled the city with sufficient regularity to deter illegal behaviour!

Wait a minute… isn’t Mr. Hargreaves the Minister for a force like that?

What’s Your opinion?

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Minister for police sends out rangers to enforce the law.
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vg 9:28 am 12 May 05

The ACT government pays for its Police service and, ergo, has it to itself to a certain degree. As for the “mostly rookie cops in training for policing PNG or the Solomons”……what piffle.

Have been here for 15 years, as have many of my cohorts. The overseas option is not mandatory and can be quite unattractive, depending on your family situation.

Read a little thing called the ACT Policing Purchase Agreement so you can be a bit clearer

Pete 10:21 pm 11 May 05

No Mr Hargreaves isn’t the Minister for a force like that. I think Senator Ellison is. The ACT doesn’t have a police service. It gets whatever the Commonwealth Government deigns to allow it to have (mostly rookie cops in training for policing PNG or the Solomons).

5:23 pm 11 May 05

Giving a charity a frying pan seems like charity to me. Buying a frying pan off a charity also seems like charity to me. What’s the problem?

1:42 pm 11 May 05

Charity Bin….. Charging $50 for a frying pan they were given doesn’t seem like charity to me.
🙁 🙁

LurkerGal 10:45 am 11 May 05

Anon: She’d take it, too. And stack it in neat piles in her house, ensuring there is always a narrow pathway to get to and around the rooms in the house.

Aunt is insane.

bonfire 10:39 am 11 May 05

‘I wanna be an ACT ranger…
I wanna live a life of danger…’

I wish they would get rid of the bloody charity bins. Cant stand the whinging and pious pleas every three weeks to the media about it.

Its a model which isnt working. instead of getting the gummint to force it to work, change the business model.

10:35 am 11 May 05

Problem solved. Deliver rubbish to aunt, not chariy bins.

LurkerGal 10:32 am 11 May 05

Anon: You obviously haven’t been to my Aunt’s place…..

10:27 am 11 May 05

Call me picky, but “unwanted rubbish”? Is there another kind?

Thumper 10:10 am 11 May 05

A simple solution would be the government to drive around in a big truck and pick up the rubbish as well as having fines.

Situation solved.

But then again, that would mean the government would actually have to do something like a core responsibility, such as rubbish removal.

atnas 9:53 am 11 May 05

Or the distinct lack of tips.

Ralph 9:43 am 11 May 05

Of course high tip fees wouldn’t have anything to do with the illegal dumping.

9:29 am 11 May 05

They’re not the park rangers. They’re the city rangers. If you’re going to have a whinge, then get it right.

Indi 8:57 am 11 May 05

All a bit too late – these bins are being phased out by the charities as they were sick of cleaning up the mess due to the govt. acting too late in reaction to the problem of illegal dumping.

Thumper 8:07 am 11 May 05

Ah, yes, but you forget, we are getting some more….

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