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Miranda Divine talks sense about the Stanhope/ Hicks love in

By Thumper - 6 August 2006 63

The SMH has Miranda Divine putting into print what most sane people in this country actually think, namely, Hicks junior is a tosser, Hicks senior, for all his good intentions, is a tosser, and that our beloved Brave Leader, is also a tosser.

Specifically, these words chill me to the bone, ‘It also illustrates how many people are in denial about what happened on September 11, 2001.’

Stanhope is trying to make a martyr out of Hicks junior by clouding the facts with his own agenda of social justice.

The rest of the country must be laughing at us for having such a statesman in control of our territory.

Article here.

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63 Responses to
Miranda Divine talks sense about the Stanhope/ Hicks love in
Smackbang 1:01 pm 07 Aug 06

> what most sane people in this country actually think

hubris!! they think like you, do they?!

Thumper 12:58 pm 07 Aug 06

Sorry, ‘rabid’, not rapid.

Told you I’m computer illiterate

Thumper 12:57 pm 07 Aug 06

Mate, I didn’t come out and call you a moron.

Divine is way to rapid right for me. And it’s actuually difficult to use Divine as a regular source of Canberra issues because she rarely writes about Canberra.

Point taken though, it’s not my article. It was just something I read and thought I’d post. I actually would have liked to see it linked to other Hicks article as an update but I’m a computer gumby and can’t do those link sort of things.

simto 12:16 pm 07 Aug 06

Incidentally, I tried using the google search engine on the top right corner to find your unvented spleen about Miranda Devine (trying a couple of spelling alternatives, just in case) – couldn’t find any. So where would I find anywhere an instance of you describing Miranda Devine as “over the top”?

Or is it possible they don’t exist, and you’re just having a tanty?

simto 11:55 am 07 Aug 06

I’ve read a fair few of your “articles”, Thumper (no, I don’t really think linking to someone elses writing is worthy of the name myself, but hey, whatever floats your boat). And I don’t really remember you bashing into Devine with the reguarity you bash into Stanhope. Now, it’s deserved on both sides, and Stanhopes’ going to get more attention on a site like this, but given your past history, you maybe should have been a bit more careful about not just stating “Miranda Devine’s saying what most sane people in this country actually think”.

Because that certainly sounds like you’re picking a side there.

The main reason I don’t post a lot of articles is because there’s not a great deal of stuff that I feel isn’t being discussed already on this site. If I ever change my mind, I’ll add something. But (despite the length of this post), I don’t often feel like saying something just for the sake of getting some sort of frivolous credibility.

Woody Mann-Caruso 11:39 am 07 Aug 06

Pity he’s South Australian, seepi.

seepi 11:20 am 07 Aug 06

All the other Western inmates at Gitmo are home in their own countries, and have been for years.
David Hicks is slowly going insane in a small box. Poor Terry Hicks is doing a fantastic job.
I don’t actually have any better ideas for an ACT father of the year.

bonfire 10:47 am 07 Aug 06

i think in the context of father of the year, devines comments on hicks seniors marriage and parenting skills are justified.

she’s also right about short memory. i see all the ant-semites and anti-us hezbollah supporters marching for ‘peace’ and it makes me sick.

Thumper 8:59 am 07 Aug 06

Good on ya Simpto, nothing like just doling out it out. Maybe if you read a hell of a lot more articles posted here you will find that I think Miranda Divine is over the top as well.

I also note that you contribute a lot of articles.

Oh, that’s right, you don’t.

Fuck off…

simto 8:56 am 07 Aug 06

Yep, Devine vs. Stanhope is another case of moron versus moron. By picking the side of either moron, you’ve just defined yourself as in the same mental league, Thumper. Well done.

miz 7:57 am 07 Aug 06

Though possibly the one thing I agree with him about is David Hicks. I cannot believe he is still rotting in a US-run cesspit. I think his Dad has a lot of guts and dignity.

miz 7:52 am 07 Aug 06

My comparative assessment of Jon Stanhope and Miranda Devine – Devine is a flaky try-hard ‘journalist’ and I never believe a word she writes, whereas Jon Stanhope has now proven to be a flaky try-hard ‘statesman’ and I now will never believe a word he says.

johnboy 12:22 am 07 Aug 06

I’d just like to make my own position very clear.

I think one of the best things about this country is the huge variety of stupid opinions we’re all allowed to have.

The reason the Government won’t have Hicks brought home is because he’s broken no law of this land.

Ruddock says the only way to try him would be to pass retrospective law. Which ignores the minor point that we don’t much like getting sent to prison for things that weren’t illegal when we did them.

Devine should be ashamed of herself for using the breakdown of the Hicks’ marriage. I’m sure no-one she knows has ever had their relationship breakdown to the detriment of the kids.

My objection to the nomination was in the person making it, who has taken on (or failed to) a higher responsibility to the ACT.

Big Al 10:59 pm 06 Aug 06

“Specifically, these words chill me to the bone, ‘It also illustrates how many people are in denial about what happened on September 11, 2001.’”
Denial about what? Sure we’re all supposed to nod our obedient little heads but why do we (collectively as a community) nod?

911 (I just love the irony of using the date that takes the piss out of the US emergency number) was about bombing the people into submission. Dresden. Hiroshima. North Vietnam. San Salvador. September 11. Afghanistan. Iraq. Lebanon.

It’s always going to hurt when the rank outside slips through the defence line and scores under the posts but the score line still reads: Good Guys 35 – Scumbags 21. If they get close by half time, then we’ll worry about it.

johnboy 10:26 pm 06 Aug 06

Well all this’ll do is make Stanhope a bigger hero to his core-constituency.

Which is lucky as they’d otherwise be furious about the school closures.

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