Mischievous Zed pledges support to the ALP Secretary Bill Redpath

johnboy 2 July 2009 22

Zed Seselja is very excited by mutterings and differences from the Labor party over the future of the new party secretary, Bill Redpath.

    “It was reported in today’s Canberra Times that Mr Redpath had lost the support of the party including his own left faction,” Zed said.

    “The Chief Minister and the right factional Minister, Andrew Barr, where asked about the resignation of Bill Redpath, this morning on radio. Their answers differed widely, clearly demonstrating the rifts that have formed between the left and the right of the Labor party.

    “The Chief Minister was robust about Mr Repatch not receiving loyalty from the party;

    ‘I think Bill hasn’t received, perhaps the support and loyalty he would have expected. Having been supported into the position just six months ago on the expectation his appointment would be for 18 months. He has chosen, and I think, he’s reasons are around supporting the party first, putting the Labor party first, which we would like to think all members of the Labor party would do all the time’ (ABC News 9am, 2/7/09).

    “Andrew Barr was asked repeatedly the same question, about whether Mr Redpath had his support and repeatedly he refused to express his support;

    ‘I am not commenting on internal party matters, I’ll refer you to the party president it you would like any further comments about the Labor party’ (ABC 666 8.45am 2/7/09).

    “Andrew Barr’s lack of support for the Secretary, which is at odds with his leader, highlights the serious rift in the ALP Caucus over the leadership handover.

It’s handy that Zed’s keeping track of all this stuff for us.

UPDATE: The ABC reports that Bill has resigned. Perhaps too nice a guy for the rough and tumble of politics.

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22 Responses to Mischievous Zed pledges support to the ALP Secretary Bill Redpath
Anna Key Anna Key 9:59 am 04 Jul 09

housebound said :

Thumper perhaps had the best comment of the day with #14.

I agree.

Bill is still listed on the ALP website as Comrade in Chief.


muFasa muFasa 3:49 pm 03 Jul 09

I don’t know, I’m going with BerraBoy68 and post #10…

housebound housebound 3:09 pm 03 Jul 09

I’m starting to think the whole lot of you are off your meds. Step back, read your posts but insert the name of the other side.

Thumper perhaps had the best comment of the day with #14.

thesource1980 thesource1980 2:41 pm 03 Jul 09

By the way this is a forum. Freedom of speech.

I see George you are off your meds today – careful the tortured dwarf will spank you. Sorry you would like that.

What was Win up to a party political announcement.

George George 2:32 pm 03 Jul 09

I know you must struggle with a peanut for a brain muFasa but, I wasn’t actually discussing the issue at hand, I was saying how gooses like you love to mock the Liberals for infighting but believe Labor’s poo doesn’t smell! PM is right, all political parties have infighting!

PM PM 12:47 pm 03 Jul 09

Wake up fellas, all sides of politics have in-fighting to some degree. Even the Greens!

Any party leader would have been dumb not to have highlighted their opponents’ in-fighting.


muFasa muFasa 12:41 pm 03 Jul 09

George – go and crawl up under a rock.. honestly – you only ever come on here and give supporting comments to the Libs, you don’t participate in real dialoge. The discussion here is just about how stupid an idea it was to put out a release about in-fighting in a political party when your’s has been doing exactly the same thing!!

When you have something concrete to the discussion to say i.e. why you think it was a good idea for this release to go out; then say something, other than that bugger off!

AngryHenry AngryHenry 12:39 pm 03 Jul 09

Zed is as dumb as a bag of hammers.

If that’s the best we can do as far as opposition goes, we’re all in trouble.

There’s no-one keeping any bastard honest as far as I’m concerned.

The politics in this town is a total joke.

Thumper Thumper 12:10 pm 03 Jul 09

Oh man, are you about to take some heat…

Win Win 12:03 pm 03 Jul 09

I don’t usually comment however on this occassion I will.

The Liberal Team headed by Zed is doing a very good job.

The issues of the past are just that in the past.

Our Liberal Team is working cohesively and are united in taking the fight up to the Labor Party on all Levels.

It’s about time that the media concentrate on Labor’s mishandling of the ACT and it’s budget.

PM PM 11:52 am 03 Jul 09

Not remarkable at all. Why should anything change now?

George George 11:19 am 03 Jul 09

It’s quite amusing to see the Labor Party sycophants and their allies, the ‘grieved’-Liberal Members, attack Zed over Labor’s infighting.

The Labor Party sycophants and their disenfranchised Liberal Party member friends love to parade around RiotACT when there is a sniff of Liberal bickering but move very quickly to shut down chat when ALP division and back-stabbing rises to the surface.

Their hypocrisy is remarkable.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 7:09 am 03 Jul 09

Everyone together now.. “Workers, United will never be defeated…”

Words to live by children.

disenfranchised disenfranchised 6:37 am 03 Jul 09

Is it too much to ask that he actually put some ideas out to the community rather than try to exploit Labor’s problems? His is lazy politics of the worst kind. Frankly, Seselja and his team failed to deliver at the last election. It was a very poor result. He hasn’t revisited policies since the global financial crisis. His strategy is to sit on the comfy good money and cruise until the next electoral failure. We all know what you are like Zed. The Liberals can’t even afford a new Director. They are broke and a joke. The electoral fact is many in the community will not vote for such a lazy right wing candidate totally disconnected from Canberra’s business community.

Bilko Bilko 8:55 pm 02 Jul 09

I hope it is nothing to do with the “sale” of the labor clubs

Thumper Thumper 6:59 pm 02 Jul 09

Labor may not be united, but its a bit rich having the Libs, a model of unity, criticising them for it

Of course, only the ALP are allowed to criticise disunity.

che che 6:40 pm 02 Jul 09

I’m sorry to hear Bill has resigned.
I thought he would have done a good job with the ACT ALP if they had let him.
Best of luck in your next endeavour Bill.

Ian Ian 6:35 pm 02 Jul 09

Labor may not be united, but its a bit rich having the Libs, a model of unity, criticising them for it

Bic Bic 5:32 pm 02 Jul 09

The liberals’ hypocrisy on this is stomach-turning

MrMagoo MrMagoo 4:09 pm 02 Jul 09

muFasa said :

I don’t understand why he is so eager to poke this issue… considering the Libs issues…

It’s called turning the mirror away from himself. It’s absolutely laughable that he is getting on the bandwagon on this. Surely he is still spending his time looking over his shoulder to make sure Brendan etc. haven’t got a knife aimed squarely at his back.

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