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Missing cat in Pialligo area.

By Thumper 12 September 2005 29

I know this isn’t a lost and found service but given that JBs parent’s cat is getting a good run, I have to ask if this little community service could be included.

My partner recently went on holiday for a week of so and dutifully put her two cats in to a cattery at Pialligo.

Due to the absolute ineptness of the staff one of her cats escaped and is believed to be still at large in the Pialligo area. Now the cat didn’t have one cage door to get by, but two. And yet it still managed to get out when a staff member cleaned the cage.

Having said that, the other cat, the not escaped version, is fretting for his friend and my partner would be eternally greatful if the said cat was found.

His name is Monty and he’s jet black and slinky. Okay, its not much to go by but he’s also microchipped and has a collar with a mobile number.

Some reward could be arranged in the form of alcohol.

Please look out for said cat if anyone is in that area.


[ED – The tale of a kennel losing a pet is interesting enough in its own right]

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Missing cat in Pialligo area.
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Thumper 8:23 am 23 Sep 05

Hold the lawsuits as the ubiqitous missing cat has been found.

As mentioned the previously mentioned cat managed, through ineptness of Tara Cattery and kennels in Pialligo, to escape and has spent the last three weeks wandering around the Pialligo area.

He turned up yesterday in a trap set by his owner, and paid for by his owner. Tara were rather unhelpful and seemed to hint that they would simply like the problem to go away as it would be bad for their business.

Well, yes. You lost a cat! That is not good business. You are very lucky that he was found.

And to people who have used this facility for many years be aware that the owner changed only a few years ago.

Cat is skinny but okay. Owner is very happy.

Thumper 7:44 am 14 Sep 05

Reward has increased to a small but not insignificant amount of money plus alchohol.

Nik_the_Pig 4:22 pm 13 Sep 05

Well have my cat looked after at Tara, a cattery in Pialligo. They have always been good to us, the conditions look good and considering how animals pine, our cat Snooker has always been in good health when we pick him up (one minor case of kennel cough the exception). Having said that if Snooker some how was lost during a stay I would go balistic. To a lot of people (particually those without children) a pet is like a child. Can you imagine the hoohar if a school said “sorry, we seem to have missplaed your Timmy but I’m sure he’ll turn up in a few days. If not you can always get another”

Thumper 3:52 pm 13 Sep 05


its the only one in Pialligo.

One bonus is that they might be a little more careful given this incident.


el 2:14 pm 13 Sep 05

Are you willing or able to name the place?

I’m interested as my mum has two dogs in a kennel in Pialligo at the moment while she’s in the UK.

Thumper 8:14 am 13 Sep 05

Funnily enough I’m actually not a great cat lover. I have a dog and I don’t think I could own a cat. However, the point is that this place lost a cat!

It so completely ludicrous that i’ll write it again.

They lost a cat!

And sadly, he has yet to turn up despite many searches.

Chris 4:39 pm 12 Sep 05

Those people who don’t like cats were never read to, as children, the story of ‘The Cat That Walked’or ‘Jenny’. Go read bonfire, -it’s not too late for you.

Absent Diane 4:16 pm 12 Sep 05

Cats are just animals they are not each personally responsible for our forefathers having no appreciation for the amount of damage introducing a foreign animal or plant in an ecosystem can be. Plus cats make me laugh!!

Maelinar 3:24 pm 12 Sep 05

Tacky call bonfire, I have 2 cats and would be devestated if I ever lost one or both.

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