MLAs recommend an end to free parking for Federales

captainwhorebags 30 August 2007 88

The standing committee on Planning and Environment has identified the availability of free parking “perks” as a disincentive to use the unprofitable ACTION network, according to this story today.

“Free parking on Commonwealth Government-occupied premises is a disincentive to the use of public transport and impacts negatively on the ACT’s ability to raise revenue from public transport,” the report said.

Both workers and visitors to Federal Buildings would be targeted. Areas identified for gouging include the Russell Precinct, Parliament House and departments within Barton and the Parliamentary Triangle. How the local government plans to enforce this on Commonwealth land is beyond me.

How about looking at why the ACTION services are unpopular, rather than using punitive measures to encourage uptake. A price rise, also suggested by the committee, is not likely to encourage usage either.

Of course, if the MLA’s are serious about this, then they should be foregoing their free parking privileges at the London Circuit Soviet. Not likely.

UPDATED: Apparently the Feds agree, so it looks like pay parking is inevitable.

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88 Responses to MLAs recommend an end to free parking for Federales
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ant ant 8:06 pm 01 Sep 07

Paying for parking doesn’t miraculously make parking problems disappear. Look at Civic, the most expensive parking in Canberra. It’s a nightmare.

Making people who work in Barton/the triangle pay for parking just sounds like a punitive measure, to me. Who will it actually benefit? Just lashing out at people who aren’t paying for parking might make people feel better, but it achieves very little.

sepi sepi 7:57 pm 01 Sep 07

MLAs get a free car and a parking spot right in the middle of civic – free.

My suggestion – not to build on the Canberra Theatre carpark or the Civic pool carpark. The disastrous parkign situation in Civic is now impacting on Russel, Campbell, regatta point and braddon. It will only get worse as parking diminishes.

el el 5:12 pm 01 Sep 07

I would suggest

– filling in half of Lake Burley Griffin

– Construction of a MEGA carpark on top of newly filled in former lake areas.

– Light rail, light zeppilin and bus based public transport to and from said MEGA carpark to the CBD/Parliamentary Triangle/Canberra Airport/Fyshwick area – could also service new Kingston Foreshore area and hook up with existing train tracks if that side of the lake is the side that gets filled in…

miz miz 4:50 pm 01 Sep 07

Do the MLAs pay for parking?

Thumper Thumper 1:37 pm 31 Aug 07

Voucher parking. Walk in, present your bonafides, get a voucher, put it in car.

Samey same for hospitals.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 1:25 pm 31 Aug 07

Ingee: I’d have to agree on that stance. The one national attraction we do have to pay to park at – the botanical gardens – gives me the ribbets every time I go there because of it.

But how to stop free-loaders if pay-parking for staff was introduced…?

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 11:43 am 31 Aug 07

Some time ago I was told by a senior Liberal staffer that present Commonwealth government has a philosophical issue with paid parking at places like the National Library, the National Science and Technology Centre and National Gallery – given that these places are paid for by the Australian tax payer, they shouldn’t get slugged again when they come to visit these places.

I suppose that position might be reflected by the extraordinary lengths that the NGA goes to to keep pubes out of its car park before it opens to the public.

Thumper Thumper 10:11 am 31 Aug 07

“Mr Lloyd said the Government was yet to make a decision and Mr Stanhope should back off.

“The ACT Labor Government should get its act together and dramatically improve the public transport system in Canberra before it should be making any push to impose paid parking within the Parliamentary Triangle,” he said.

“He did not deny the Government was considering implementing pay parking at its sites.

Here we go again, Stanhope taking on the big boys. And the big boys are quite content to tell him hop back in his box and worry about his real responsibilities.

Pandy Pandy 9:39 pm 30 Aug 07

Bring on light rail then.

Thanks Gungahlin Al for backing up my story.

noodle noodle 9:02 pm 30 Aug 07

I heard that guy from the NCA this morning as well. That sounded like a “yes” to me.

Pandy Pandy 8:27 pm 30 Aug 07

Thumper: Yes.

noodle noodle 8:26 pm 30 Aug 07

As I understand it, the NCA DOES support paid parking, its the powerful Fed departments (Finance, PM&C etc) who don’t want it, and don’t want their workers to have to pay. VicePope had it right about the reason, its supposedly due to lack of amenity in the area. But soon the public servants relocating to Civic are going to experience lack of amenity too, when they can’t find a car park and can’t get a bus either, for all the reasons others have already stated (timetables, routes, scariness).

Humphries has really got it wrong if he’s saying people in Barton shouldn’t pay for parking. We all pay one way or another, but wouldn’t it be fairer if everyone had to pay? Maybe then there could be money for more park and ride stations.

iceu iceu 7:31 pm 30 Aug 07

There is currently not one bus service directly from any suburb in Gungahlin to Russell. Ok, there is one, which runs once a day and gets to Russell at 8:35am, after most people have to start work. I don’t know how this could ever be seen as acceptable…

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 6:42 pm 30 Aug 07

Aww crap…it was meant to say “at our June meeting.”

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 6:39 pm 30 Aug 07

Thanks GnT – So the hint text below should read?:
[a href=”url” title=”highlighted word/s”[/a]
But pointy brackets? (Find out in a minute…)

God – it took years to get rid of MS-DOS and now we have to learn another cryptic bloody language…?
When you upgrade RA Friday night guys, can you install a WYSIWYG editor, please?

Andy: ACTION GM Tom Elliott said just that at . I reminded him that regardless of how we feel about SnoTown, it is there, it is legal, and there are now several thousand ACT residents/taxpayers who don’t have any say in the matter and who are not receiving equitable services from the Government/ACTION. He eventually agreed that it would be given serious consideration during the service review now under way. In the meantime, I’ve asked Airport reps whether they would subsidise a pilot of such a bus service to help prove the demand. We’ll see.

Now let’s see if I’ve got this linky thing right…

GnT GnT 5:38 pm 30 Aug 07

Gunghalin Al – You need to put [/a] (but with pointy brackets) at the end of the word you want highlighted.

sepi sepi 5:06 pm 30 Aug 07

What about building a massive car park at Campbell park behind defence, and doing park n ride from there?

Or at Regatta point.

VicePope VicePope 4:51 pm 30 Aug 07

Is Sen Humphries’ support for free parking (for some) like his support for his public sector constituents whose Comcare entitlements were monstered this year. In other words, illusory.

For this, and so many other reasons, Put Humphries Last.

Thumper Thumper 3:08 pm 30 Aug 07

Has the NCA actually come out and stated that they are in favour of paid parking?

Or are we getting this second hand from hargreaves’ office?

caf caf 3:03 pm 30 Aug 07

Is he also in support of FREE BEER?

How do you reconcile that comment with the fact that the NCA is reportedly in favour of paid parking in the triangle, and has been for some time?

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