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MLAs recommend an end to free parking for Federales

By captainwhorebags - 30 August 2007 88

The standing committee on Planning and Environment has identified the availability of free parking “perks” as a disincentive to use the unprofitable ACTION network, according to this story today.

“Free parking on Commonwealth Government-occupied premises is a disincentive to the use of public transport and impacts negatively on the ACT’s ability to raise revenue from public transport,” the report said.

Both workers and visitors to Federal Buildings would be targeted. Areas identified for gouging include the Russell Precinct, Parliament House and departments within Barton and the Parliamentary Triangle. How the local government plans to enforce this on Commonwealth land is beyond me.

How about looking at why the ACTION services are unpopular, rather than using punitive measures to encourage uptake. A price rise, also suggested by the committee, is not likely to encourage usage either.

Of course, if the MLA’s are serious about this, then they should be foregoing their free parking privileges at the London Circuit Soviet. Not likely.

UPDATED: Apparently the Feds agree, so it looks like pay parking is inevitable.

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88 Responses to
MLAs recommend an end to free parking for Federales
sepi 12:35 pm 29 Aug 07

This is the stupidest idea they’ve had in ages.

For starters Barton is one of those areas that is difficult to get to via Action bus being ‘not quite civic’. It is annoying to hang around civic interchange for 25 minutes to then catch a bus for about 5 minutes to Barton.

I think they should look at fixing up the interchanges, and perhaps patrolling them for safety, and people might be more likely to catch the bus. Why not put a nice new gorgeous interchange at the lake, in amongst their new coffee shops they say they are building.

caf 12:33 pm 29 Aug 07

Oh and unfortunately for the conspiracy theorists, the revenue from the pay parking that the committee recommended the ACT lobby for would go to the Commonwealth as the owner of the carparks.

Gungahlin Al 12:32 pm 29 Aug 07

West CTD. Not much chance of you coming back as a homing pigeon… 🙂

It seems a lot more about revenue than increasing bus patronage. How could INCREASING bus fares possibly be argued to lead to improved patronage??
Ironically this on the same day as another media release from them claiming that Canberra is NOT rapidly becoming the least affordable city in Australia, as many of us would believe:

caf 12:31 pm 29 Aug 07

The ANU is nowhere near City East. The new unilodge is in City West.

There is a pretty big multistorey carpark there.

Thumper 12:20 pm 29 Aug 07

Actually, i hope the feds simply say stick it up your arse pal and go back to your mayorship…

Thumper 12:19 pm 29 Aug 07

Yes, but a Labor federal government may lead to a Liberal local government.

kimba 12:13 pm 29 Aug 07

I am sure if the ALP wins Federally they will bend-over-backwards to support Stanhope’s money grab.

Maelinar 11:56 am 29 Aug 07

Stanhope’s surplus is 10% of the estimated cost required to put in a light rail network according to the raisin’s (hargreaves) guess of a little while ago.

Offer a public company sole rights to run the network on condition of 2/3 funding and suddenly you are looking at 300mil and nearly 1/3 of the total funding required.

Light rail is not a dumb idea, it just requires people to think outside the boundaries of their elected term in office.

ctd 11:47 am 29 Aug 07

Talking of parking, now that the ANU has taken over about, oh, 60% of the parking at City East (? – anyway, near unilodge/Barry drive) to build their new residences, plus another car park to store the machines being used to build those residences – where are we meant to park at this end of town?

Avacry 11:33 am 29 Aug 07

Stanhope has been going on about his 100mill+ surplus. Start there!

51modelBloke 11:19 am 29 Aug 07

blatent revenue raising opportunism if you ask me, and don’t get me started on ‘light rail’, this isn’t bloody NY you know who the flock is going to pay for that?

S4anta 11:02 am 29 Aug 07

you can raise revenue on a cost recovery basis Fnaah…

fnaah 11:01 am 29 Aug 07

“raise revenue from public transport”

… isn’t that a contradiction in terms? Either it’s a public service, or it’s a business. Fund it so it works, or scrap it and find another way to get people from A to B (light rail anyone?)

Ralph 10:45 am 29 Aug 07

If the parking is in NCA areas, it doesn’t come under the ACT Government’s jurisdiction.



Thumper 10:33 am 29 Aug 07

All bow to the great god Hargreaves.

What a bunch of lying, cheating, money grabbing mongrels.

ACTION buses don’t work, let’s put pay parking in so people take the bus. What bullshit. What amazingly transparent spin.

How about forgetting the lies and come out with a media release saying, ‘Government decides to make more money by installing pay parking in places where no-one pays’

because that my friends is all it is…

Anything else this government can slug us for?

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