Monday is for bad parking

Barcham 29 July 2013 5

Morning Rioters!

Time for your recommended weekly dose of bad parking!

We treat you so well.

If you’d like to treat us well then make sure to send any photos of bad parking to

Be sure to include the word “parking” in the subject and tell me what name you would like to be credited as.

1. Neanderthalsis utilised her camera well:

I spotted this marvelous effort at the crossing outside the AFP/Edmund Barton building in Barton at lunchtime today (Monday 22 July).



2. Tim ponders the strange habits of Kingstoners:

Evidently, “No Stopping” means something else in Kingston.



3. Jason likes justice:

Parking pics complete with Justice.
Pics are Majura Park, Blackall Street (magna) with driver inside, UC for the “Bike”and parking tickets in Darling St Barton





4. Just in from Jazz:


5. An anonymous Rioter thinks of others:

Both photos taken at O’Connor Shops, one yesterday and the other today.

Whilst I am uncertain whether either example of bad parking is illegal, this footpath is used regularly by two locals who live nearby and who are wheelchair-bound. Blocking the footpath is making it harder than it has to be for people with disabilities. They’ve got enough to navigate in life without entirely preventable barriers like these.

Really bright.

Not really bright.

6. Marcothepolopony is beating you all too it:

One taken at Jamison Centre (Spotto) and Bruce (two lazy workmen blocking the disabled access last wet Friday arvo) I got out OK, however there was 5 hectares of unoccupied car spaces around the Campus.

That's cheating.

Ahh workmen.

7. Harold gets to the point:

Another one for Monday….


8. Jason seems confused as to what halal means, this park isn’t helping:

Parking badly is halal.

?al?l is a term designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law.

9. Josh has a different view on bad parkers than most:

Lazy parking at the o’connor shops on Thursday night. Saw the guy mount the pavement, get out an walk to the IGA. Local hero.

We don't need another hero.

10. Bigred hunts where parking inspectors don’t:

From the wilds of Woden. The SUV is on Furzer St, I assume the no stopping sign is there for a reason other than saving some free space for when this car arrives.

The Mazda has found a nice spot between one of those derelict Woden office blocks and the Soul bar, presumably away from those petty parking inspectors.



11. Image Splat’s “rushed/crappy” pics are better than many I receive:

Here’s some stuff for the bad parking segment, apologies for the
rushed/crappy mobile phone photos.
1-6: all in Dickson. #2 was some bogans who pulled into the space and
were sitting around. #3 & #4 were next to each other
7: Kaleen shops: well parked by 2 bogan women went into the shops but
didn’t have a disabled pass
8: Kaleen shops again, adjacent car couldn’t get in straight even with
all the space
9 and 10: Silva Kia(?) was blocking the edge of the intersection & for
technically the dark grey car was parked the wrong way around










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5 Responses to Monday is for bad parking
coffeeman coffeeman 10:35 am 30 Jul 13

#9 – if you were to grab a comfy chair (and a beer or 2 from the Duxton) and sit watching between 5 and 6:30 pm most days you would see all sorts of parking frivolities in that particular spot.

astrojax astrojax 12:55 pm 29 Jul 13

i hate the ‘drive by feel’ mentality in no. 5

poetix poetix 11:20 am 29 Jul 13

#2 and #6 Spotto!

(#2 is a bit green, but it’s a kind of yellow green…)

Dilandach Dilandach 10:56 am 29 Jul 13

On a related note, when I went down to westfield in belconnen on Tuesday night I was amazed at the amount of disabled people that appear to go to the movies for the cheap tuesday deals. The poor souls however always seem to forget their disabled parking labels though.

…and wheelchairs, canes, guide / care dogs. There must be some good movies on though, I saw occupants of two separate cars in the disabled spots running to get to the movies, well either that or K-Mart.

c_c™ c_c™ 10:43 am 29 Jul 13

Good grief No 1 – yes it’s crap parking but look, mud! Mud on an off road vehicle! Assuming that’s not just from parking on median strips, well done sir for actually taking one of those fuel hogs off road.

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