More butts out windows… (another rant)

Gerry-Built 23 January 2009 35

3.40pm this afternoon, my wife and I were driving down College Street, and pulled up behind a dark blue Pulsar (or similar car), the mid 20’s female driver and passengers puffing away on cigarettes… of course, the inevitable happened, as the lights turned green and the car started off, the driver threw her cigarette butt out the window. Wife gave the driver a short toot of disapproval. Pulling up at the next set of lights (on Benjamin Way), both girls started yelling abuse “Have a whinge”; “call the cops, you want their number” etc (classy girls). I had a bit of a go back telling them off for such a stupid act, to which the driver responded “My dad works in emergency services…[blah-de-blah-blah]” and took off from the (now) green light… at which time, passenger threw her butt our direction…

How can people still think it is okay to throw butts out the window!!!

…rant over, author vented; thanks for reading…

Number plate and description given to Police, but I think they have bigger fish to fry…

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35 Responses to More butts out windows… (another rant)
nyssa76 nyssa76 2:39 pm 25 Jan 09

Ian, what data do you have to back up your claim that most ‘butt throwers’ are also ‘rubbish throwers’ out of cars?

Here’s a refresher of what you said…..

Smoking and being a pig must be highly correlated. Still what do you expect – if they’re happy to blow second hand smoke into everyone else’s space, chucking their leftovers all over the road just comes naturally to them.

Again, you have offered a generalised opinion.

As for second hand smoke, you have to be joking.

Go and sit at a cafe on the main street of Civic. You’ll suck in more crap in exhaust fumes than a cigarette could do to you.

Ian Ian 1:08 pm 25 Jan 09

Nyssa – I don’t think I ever suggested they did it at the same time – you’re reading that into it. All I surmised was that people who throw butts out of cars are often the same people who throw other crap out (mostly at different times).

While I’m defending my statements, I didn’t actually ever say all smokers were pigs – just that there must be a high correlation between these. Thus, there are obviously exceptions.

RuffnReady RuffnReady 12:27 pm 25 Jan 09

Quite frankly, anyone who dumps anything outside of the appropriate bin is a cretin. They don’t care about the environment, or anyone else in society. It is the ultimate disrespect because it’s making your problem (ie. disposing of something YOU consumed) someone else’s problem.

People caught littering/dumping should be sentenced to 50 hours cleaning up the community for every offence to teach them the value of being responsible for your own consumption.

nyssa76 nyssa76 11:41 am 25 Jan 09

I agree with you there. I’ve seen women putting on makeup whilst driving, talking on a mobile and steering with their knees….

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 11:10 am 25 Jan 09

nyssa76 said :

BerraBoy, perhaps I should have been clearer – we are talking about driving and smoking and driving and eating. You can’t do the three at once.

No problem Nyssa. What gets me annoyed are the idiots I’ve seen drinking hot drinks from mugs while driving (not ‘safety’ mugs either, just ceramic coffee ones) and even eating a bowl of cereal as they merrily motor along. Very, very odd.

nyssa76 nyssa76 11:03 am 25 Jan 09

BerraBoy, perhaps I should have been clearer – we are talking about driving and smoking and driving and eating. You can’t do the three at once.

SheepGroper SheepGroper 8:02 am 25 Jan 09

Yup she was ok, seeing instant justice cheered her up immensely.

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 11:56 pm 24 Jan 09

SheepGroper @27: It’s so nice to hear that happening… (the Police I mean)… Hope ur mother is OK…

I was once overtaken by a car at high speed on William Hovell Dr behind Hawker. A minute or so later, as I passed over the sheep underpass, some headlights came on, and a non-descript car joined the road after I passed, took off past me at high speed, and then sirens and lights… Pulled the guy up about 500m later… So just occasionally, it does happen… I know the police are not able to be everywhere at once, and also that they have more important things to do – but God it makes you feel good to see someone getting their comeuppance…

SheepGroper SheepGroper 9:13 pm 24 Jan 09

Gerry-Built, if it makes you feel better, a car full of smoking young women like you described was tormenting my mother today by moving alongside, driving into her so she had to drive off the road, then pacing her while she came back into her lane then pulling the trick again while shouting at her. After this happened a few times the nondescript car behind them sprouted flashing lights and the chicks were BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 6:59 pm 24 Jan 09

nyssa76 said :

Ian, then be more clear in your posts.

Smokers don’t smoke and eat at the same time. So your ‘theory’ is a irrelevant.

Sorry Nyssa, that’s a generalisation on your part. I do know a couple of people that smoke while they are eating (and I mean taking a puff with a half chewed mouthful of food. It’s incredibly disgusting but they see nothing wrong with it.

nyssa76 nyssa76 6:03 pm 24 Jan 09

Ian, then be more clear in your posts.

Smokers don’t smoke and eat at the same time. So your ‘theory’ is a irrelevant.

Ozi Ozi 4:09 pm 24 Jan 09

Police do have the power to issue an on-the-spot “Littering Offence” notice, which carries a $60 fine.

It is annoying how often people throw rubbish out of their cars, including cigarette butts. Sadly, this rarely happens when Police cars are parked next to them! Suprise, suprise… allows Victorian residents to report people they see littering, but I am unsure of a similar service in the ACT.

monomania monomania 11:41 am 24 Jan 09

Very few people actually live their lives obeying every law to the letter. We get away with it because there are not police or pseudo- police on every corner or following us in cars or simply walking down the street in plain clothes. I like that sort of free society even if it does enable serious crimes to go undetected. There are plenty of opportunities to join the force.

Ian Ian 11:01 am 24 Jan 09

Nyssa @ #14 – of course its not all smokers, but I’d suggest its at least a non-trivial minority.

Re the food wrappers, etc – I’s suggest also those people and the smokers throwing butts out of the car have a lot of members in common.

el el 10:42 am 24 Jan 09

Thumper is right 🙂

IIRC both Police officers and City Rangers were able to issue on the spot fines for throwing butts out the window. Not sure if that’s still the case.

Thumper Thumper 10:14 am 24 Jan 09

Isn’t there a direct correlation between butts thrown from cars and bushfires? I’m sure I read or heard or both that a high percentage of bushfires are caused by smouldering cigarette butts thrown from cars.

No. This is just another government lie designed to make us all feel guilty about something. Most bushfires occur by arson or lightning strikes. Just have a look at the source of most bushfires and you’ll see that they start nowhere near a road.

Having said that, they will start a fire and anyone throwing them out of a window should be charged.

johnboy johnboy 9:56 am 24 Jan 09

Also with the kids, they often don’t want to use the ashtray for fear of their parents finding out they’re smoking.

Crappy reason yes, but bear it in mind.

ant ant 9:52 am 24 Jan 09

True. Look at all teh people using their mobiles while driving. Still, it’ll be a bit more obvious adn public than the quick flick out the window.

johnboy johnboy 9:35 am 24 Jan 09

ant said :

If they end up banning smoking in cars, we’ll see a LOT less butts on the roadsides. One reason to do it.

Dunno ant, if they don’t care about one law why do you think they’ll care about another?

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 9:16 am 24 Jan 09

I’m, not sure the police do have more important things to do, GB.

Weren’t they running a campaign in past years asking people that had witnessed anybody throwing butts out their windows to provide the police with the plate, time and location? I’d make sure action is taken and keep calling them to follow it up. If you don’t get any joy, write to Corbell’s office. As the Head of law and order in the ACT, as well as Emergency Services, he might just have some interest.

As I said in a related thread recently, some idiot woman (NOTE: I am not saying all women are idiots – just this one particular) once threw her still lit butt at the feet of myself and my kids while were waiting to cross the car park outside the Tuggeranong pool. I picked up the butt and thew it back in her car while she was getting out. She then had the nerve to have a go at me. People can hardly complain if you’re simply returning something they ‘inadvertantly’ dropped, can they?!

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