16 November 2006

More buzzwords [boogs-words?] than police

| johnboy
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Simon Corbell has put out a media release announcing a “Suburban Policing Strategy” whereby there’s a fighting chance that people might actually get to know the police in their neighbourhood.

Sadly the language of the media release does very little to inspire confidence.

An “important conduit” sounds a bit vague. That the “teams” will be “proactive” is highly suspect.

In fact there’s a whole paragraph which seems to be resting on thin air:

To have police teams proactive in patrolling specific, assigned suburbs and dealing with those crime issues which directly affect people within those areas can only build on the trust and cooperation between police and the community.

“Is intended to” perhaps? “It is hoped” maybe?

Finally we have the chilling news that this is part of “fresh and innovative strategies”, surely a kiss of death if ever there was one.

Monika Boogs is listed as the media contact on the release, which could explain everything.

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Nah, I’ve decided that he’s not worth wasting the effort on.

Kind of shows how piss poor your intellect is when you have to do computer game reviews.

And so the pissing contest begins again….

TAD and Danman are too low to bother with.

They need to show more respect for their betters.

Well I found W_W’s site a blog/board for computer game reviews.



You may be interested to know that he found Metal Gear Solid to be:
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Pissed as a newt.

Too rude to bother with.

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Special G, Danman, Thumper et al:

I suppose w_w could be moderated off the site but what would that solve (ps: I bow to your wisdom and experience on this site as I am only a mere newbie).

He would only come back under another name and bore us all to tears with his insipid drivel.

I hate to admit it but I am kind of growing fond of the little jellyfish (clearly he has no backbone).

Show and tell in kindy must be a magnificent thing for him at the moment as he recounts the witty repartee he has been engaging in with us on this fine site, and his stirling ability to parrot anything said to him.

The little eunich must be struggling as he has even forgotten the URL of his website.

Post it you maggot!


Very shabby effort.

noted – but its soo much fun.

Don’t feed the trolls, Dman.

I think you’ve exaggerated your IQ.

The rest is right.

trolling again.

People like you should just publically self immolate.

let me do this bit for you

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Thumper just turned Special G into a communist!

Please do – I’d like to hear the results.

Shab – I was just going to boil sugar and water – cut scrape and boil vanilla beans in that and then add that to the pre purchased vodka. Would make it a little sweeter as well.

Ill see what happens and get back to y’all 🙂

Danman – try dumping a couple of vanilla beans it a bottle of high-end vodka and letting it steep for a few weeks. You get the same effect without having to faff around making syrup.

Fleischengeist in the “G” at Gunghalinmsell it too – I tried some – but it just tastes like liquid fishermens friends to me. That and 0% wormwood – why bother – from there at least… .

How did you go ?

Thumper – was it you that was asking for a supplier a while back /
Did you get any ?

When I was in India this year – I got a bottle of smirnoff triple distilled vanilla vodka.

It was delicious – I quaffed the whole bottle in about a week – Only to find out that they dont sell the 700ml Smirnoff Vanilla Vodkas here.

They sell other brands of vanilla vodka – but nothing as good.

I also brought back about 2 dozen vanilla beans so im thinking of making my own vanilla syrup and making my own vanill avodka – see how it goes.

Could be fun.

I’m with you simto. Especially some of the local ones.

I’m also with Special G. Whilst not usually a fan of gagging people, I’d be happy to make an exception here and see this nasty little troll kicked.

I’m a Reisling chap myself…

with a name like wagga wagga I dunno what you are doing calling others redneck.

Crawl back under your rock and fuck off.

PS – whoever said Cab Sav – try Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon 😛

Im more of a merlot person myself.

Censorship and apartheid are core redneck values.

I put forward a motion that W-W gets moderated off the site. W-W can’t even come up with a decent insult anymore. Was entertaining to start with and now just dull.

What a strange stream of twaddle

w_w you infantile halfwit.

By having to mirror someone elses post you have done nothing more than to prove once and for all to all people who post to this site what a sad little piece of work you really are.

Clearly, you are not capable of original thought.

TAD got it right, your not worth wasting time on.

Perhaps as you cry yourself to sleep tonite, as you no doubt do most nights due to your lack of having anyone to care about you, you may wish to consider what I, and others, have said to you.

George Orwell would call you an unperson (if you dont know who he was, try reading something else apart from your dogeared collection of Mr Men books).

As you sit in your Wiggles big red car bed, clutching your Bratz doll and thinking about how cruel the world is, try and think about how to be a better person, and not the prat you so blatently are.

Why not post the URL to this wonderful site of yours?

Sadly, it is in all probability a figment of your tortured imagination. I almost pity you, yet, fortunately this quickly passed.

If you are having trouble comprehending anything I have written here, ask your mum and dad (or your kindergarten teacher) for help.

I am sure they are use to conversing with you in the monosyllabic grunts in which you clearly understand.

Pfft, plagariser.

Guess you missed that vital piece of information in high school.

Oops, now I’ll be called a redneck (again).


Not for galahs like you.

Parrot, get your own material!

Dear Pissed

When you get a bit older you will find that you will have to leave Kindergarten.

Most people do not have kindergarten children.

Dorothy the Dinosaur stickers are not so important for grown up people.

I do hope you keep your activity book nice and clean for Mummy.

It is a pity your centre requires you to ask permission from the carers.

This will end when you get older.

Have a happy Xmas, I hope Santa brings you a nice lollipop.

Well done w_w you’ve created a magic code. I bet your Kindergarten teacher is so proud of you this week! Perhaps she will give you one of those coveted Dorothy the Dinasour stickers for your activity book that kids of your (mental) age crave so much.

I suppose it’s a marked improvement on your normal reports “Wagga is a shy boy who tends to alienate himself and doesnt mix well with the humans”.

Dont forget to ask for your carers permission before you post again.

Until now, I didn’t consider myself anything other than a person who has an opinion on many subjects and likes to share those opinions with other riotact-ers (and indeed in other fora – or is it forums(?), in which I post).

I enjoy reading other opinions and commenting on them – whether or not I agree. I definitely respect the right of all individual’s to put forward those opinions and definitely challenge me on mine – particularly if they can show I am factually incorrect.

Some people are more forceful (colourful?) in putting forward their opinion and if I don’t like their method of argument, I skip that post.

If this makes me a redneck, liberal lover than gooooollllllleeeeeyyyyly I better buy a t-shirt – cos I’m happy to wear the label.

Note to self.

Don’t bother reading WW’s posts

ACDC at 7am in the morning sounds reasonable and loud is the only way to play it. Seepi it sounds like your being downright unAustralian.

Thumper that’s only true if you’re drawing the circle up in the authoritarian reaches of the political compass.

down in my neighbourhood the libertarian and the anarchist draw closely together.

cccccI’ll be a Cab Sav Lefty – sounds good!

vg, police will only do after hours noise complaints now, due to staffing issues. Not much use when the nutbar woman up the street has Acca Dacca going at 7am – so loud you can hear it at the shops – and in every room of our house.

Hang on Thumper, how’d you work that out.

When I tried the code it came out as “Orkopoulos”?

Go figure.

ooh a code, i love codes. except the ones i cant work out 🙂

I love this, A redneck by definition is someone who has bigoted view right?

If that is the case then surely the passion with which WW champions the small l liberal and the fervor disparaging the large L liberals and anyone with a dissenting view could, at a stretch be seen as intollerant or prejudiced.

Strangely enough both intollerant and predjudice are synonyms for bigotted.

Yay. WW is a bigoted redneck. What a surprise.

w_w can use numbers! woohoo!

Simto: Good call! I may do, but the only pre-requisite for joining is a love of red vino. We bleeding heart lefties welcome everyone you know! As long as they bring wine, of course….

Maybe its time I tried an obscenity.
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w_w, I rarely use profanities on this site.

Your excuse for the English language and spouting crap has led to my increased swearing.

re: Slow learning – wake up to yourself.

1st I’m a redneck
2nd I’m a coconut – obviously a racial slur
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Well which is it oh great and mighty one?

Again, I think the primordial soup is calling….

So I swear like a sailor, or Australian, but I married the daughter of Spanish immigrants.

Does that make me a closet redneck, or am I in denial or something?

Probably not because all the comments w_w doesn’t like get mediated out.

So, LG, are you starting a new spinoff of the Chardonnay Socialists – the Cab Sav kinda-lefties?

ww is just a troll.

they come and go.

since logic is ignored, im not going to argue with him again.

id love to see his blog though.

no doubt it gets so much more traffic from far more enlightened intellectuals than could possibly visit riotact.

so how is john b1 b5 these days ?

JB, you don’t have to justify this site to anyone. And since VG, bonfire and many others say I am a bleeding heart leftie (a title I am not going to dispute) I can’t POSSIBLY be a redneck, so therefore, I am living proof that the site is not for rednecks.

Problem solved. Now it must be time for a Cab Sav.

Blame it on the Boogsie?

I thought it was concluded a while ago that RA was not really a blog.

Mr_Shab – exactly right.

It has extensive ‘moderated’ wisdom and exquisite rhetoric.

It has much the same flavour as Hank Roth’s RHETORIC list (without the pro Israel slant). It tries to champion the traditional small-l liberal view.

Why bother going to a site that probably only has 2 “Top 100’s”

– Top 100 reasons why liberals are to blame for everything.
– Top 100 childish retorts to use when you can’t back your comments up with any degree of intellectual rigour.

Well, w_w – what’s the URL? I’d love to benfit from your wisdom.

Is it, perchance, more of the wisdom you’ve displayed on this site? More of that exquisite rhetoric? More of your inclusive “liberal” worldview?

“Is this to suit some moral standard we don’t know about”

Yes, but ignorance is no excuse.

Yes, I already have my own international website, and it is all voluntary and is doing very well thanks.

But there is nothing there that would interest rednecks or Liberals or Tories. It is based on progressive politics and nuclear disarmament.

Somehow, I don’t think you can profit from my example.

You can lead rednecks and Liberals to facts but you can’t make them think.

So if someone swore, even in context, it should be eradicated from the site?

Is this to suit some moral standard we don’t know about, or the fact you’re easily offended. If its the latter, if it offends you so why are you here?

If swearing is the top of your list for ‘redneck’ tendencies then I suggest locking yourself alone in a room during daylight hours with ‘Net Nanny’ protecting your morality online, is the key.

If you don’t like it, don’t let the door hit you in the bot bot on the way out

well go start your useful site and let us know how it goes please?

I look forward to profiting from your example.

In general I am opposed to censorship but I think any adult, useful, and non-redneck site would delete obvious obscenities.


Please change your name to Jethro immediately as you are chief redneck. I will contemplate a change to Cleatus.

Then again I didn’t swear in the message so I am confused.

I have heard academics swear, are they rednecks?

Maybe WW is the Blues Brothers ‘penguin’. We seem to have ‘filthy mouths and bad attitudes’.


So we’re a redneck site because we do our utmost to not delete comments?

So really it’s not at all about the way things are said but that you disagree with them?

And event then we’re talking about the comments not the stories, and you’ll defame the whole site on that basis?

Glad you explained that!

You really are a sorry excuse for a human being.


Presumably then you only talk to people who cannot count obscenities (or enjoy them).

Anyway things may change.

Actually I think people who actually read the site (as opposed to bigots like you celebrating people’s death based on their faith) would come to a different conclusion.

But which “people” should I be talking to?

All that can be done with a lot of property is crime is to take down the details.
My alarm system was ripped out by my dero next door neighbours and I called the police but no one attended. They said that they would just make a record of the damage.
But the police have gone above and beyond to be supportive of me when my neighbours have done other things. So it works both ways.
With the alarm, there would be nothing much they could do if they had little proof anyway. So I guess there probably wasn’t any point of them attending.


“I’d be very curious to know what you base this statement on”

Talk to people.
Read the site.
Count the obscenities by logon.

Your curiosity will be fully served.

also, when reporting the property crime – brick through window – we were told “i could write it up but nothing will happen so it’s not worth the time”.

“Generally the blog Riot-ACT is viewed as a website for rednecks”

I’d be very curious to know what you base this statement on.

If the noise is a consistent issue then EPA can deal. Noisy parties etc, been to a billion of ’em

“Generally the blog Riot-ACT is viewed as a website for rednecks.”

Finally the true colours are revealed.

Then again if it was widely viewed as a website for idiots I could understand why you’d be attracted

Silly, silly person

vg i was told to ring epa about a noise issue by the police receptionist a couple of weeks ago. has this policy chjanged recently?

Slow learning nyssa

Some rednecks are racist
Some racists are rednecks
Some Liberals are rednecks
Some rednecks are Liberals

More Coalition supporters are rednecks than are from progressive parties.

A few rednecks are in the ALP.

If it talks like a redneck – it is probably a redneck.

I haven’t met a redneck who isn’t racist, but I suppose this is possible, is it?

Generally the blog Riot-ACT is viewed as a website for rednecks.

Rednecks always advertise their presence by their obscene language.

I’m just sick of the cops being everyone’s scapegoat and whipping boy. No matter what they do, people complain. I wouldn’t do that job for anything in the world (similar to teaching) so I have respect for people who will. If I thought I could do a better job, I’d join up and find out what it was REALLY like. Perhaps some of the knockers should do the same, and get one hell of a shock.

Rant over
LG (who just knows too damned many “good guys” who work their arses off to try and maintain law and order)

“eg they wont’ even make a record of property crime, and won’t attend noise disturbances in the suburbs – you are supposed to write to the environmental protection borad instead, who will write a letter to the stereo abuser, asking them nicely to turn it down.”

I’m sorry, that’s wrong as well


Ask people here why I know exactly how things work in policing in the ACT. There are no $ limits into getting detectives involved in the investigation of burgs.


“If accountability was so good, why is Canberra in uproar, yet again?”

Please, don’t make us laugh. The CT is in uproar over everything every day. The general community of Canberra isn’t in ‘uproar’ either. They, like most normal people, would like to know the facts before they decide whether their uproar is appropriate. At the moment there is just a general feeling of sadness towards the tragedy, and curiousity as to the actual facts.

Maybe cops are being deliberately silent on the matter because 1 of 3 things are happening

a) An offender is being dealt with and is before the Court
b) There is an ongoing internal investigation going on; and
c) There may be some form of judicial inquiry (i.e. from the Coroner) into it

But I’ll give you the biggest tip of all, your speculation onto what did or didn’t happen only shows how blissfully ignorant you are of matters regarding law enforcement and how little idea you actually have of what went on.

ps – that paragraph quoted above makes sense to me… replace ‘can only’ with ‘will’ and it works. Maybe i’ve worked in govt for too long.

Canberra needs more police – everyone knows it. I cna’t understand why it is so difficult to achieve. I’d willingly pay a ‘more police’ levy.

Canberra has the highest rate of car theft as well as all the burglaries, murders etc.

And police are cutting down on what they will do – eg they wont’ even make a record of property crime, and won’t attend noise disturbances in the suburbs – you are supposed to write to the environmental protection borad instead, who will write a letter to the stereo abuser, asking them nicely to turn it down.

from the dictionary:
red‧neck  /ˈrÉ›dËŒnÉ›k/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[red-nek] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation Informal (often disparaging).

–noun 1. an uneducated white farm laborer, esp. from the South.
2. a bigot or reactionary, esp. from the rural working class.
–adjective 3. Also, red-necked. narrow, prejudiced, or reactionary: a redneck attitude.

Also, red-neck.


[Origin: 1820–30, American; red1 + neck]
Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.0.1)
Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.
American Heritage Dictionary – Cite This Source red·neck (rdnk) Pronunciation Key
n. Offensive Slan.
Used as a disparaging term for a member of the white rural laboring class, especially in the southern United States.
A white person regarded as having a provincial, conservative, often bigoted attitude.

We have lots of provincial, conservative or reactionaries on this site, but not all are racist.

A redneck is actually anyone who is intolerant of a way of life other than their own. Race / Religion / Gender / sexuality etc etc. Not just race.

Its a pity that most speculation has been the usual redneck stuff about drugs, stolen cars and RBT

Get your definition of a red neck right first idiot. Rednecks are racist, talking about illegal stuff does not come anywhere close.

Ignorance is bliss in the world of w_w.

And you haven’t been speculating that the police were at fault w_w?

Poor effort from vg

Police investigating police?

Commonwealth Ombudsman also says they need more resources.

Every one has scrutiny from the Court system both locally and nationally (when/if a matter reaches there),

direct political scrutiny from both sides of the fence, was particularly bad when hargreaves was there. Current Liberals are no better.

If accountability was so good, why is Canberra in uproar, yet again?

I noticed in C/T today that it was detectives that intercepted the car, so there may have been more involved than a traffic matter.

Maybe cops are being deliberately silent, probably knowing that they had special good cause, just so Joe Citizen can be left speculating, and made to look foolish later on.

Its a pity that most speculation has been the usual redneck stuff about drugs, stolen cars and RBT.

I thought all the uniformed coppers did was take a statement. The crims soon know what the $ limits are and know it is better to commit several small crimes that are not investigated as opposed to larger ones that bring forth a little bit more investigation and this is what I said earlier. They also know not to shoplift a $10 pair of sunglasses in Coles Myer as these incedents are treated differently.

Detectives don’t investigate property crime unless its of a larger scale, or linked to other larger ones.

Burglaries in Canberra are initially investigated by uniformed Police.

It may help to check how its done in Canberra first. Different to Melbourne. If you report a burglary on a Friday arvo it will be investigated by uniform Police within response guidelines and resource availability, and a long time before Monday

In Melbourne I lived in an area on the border between 3 police areas and it was popular with thieves because 3 different stations that did not communicate very well were covering this area.

Thieves aim to exploit the system. That is why they do it. It is the challenge to beat the system otherwise they would get a job like the rest of us.

Multiple juristictions, keeping a theft under 10K to avoid investigation, timing the theft to minimise investigation are all tools the professional thieves soon learn and use to their advantage.

“VG…They are investigated when they are reported, within response time guidelines and resource availability”

You mean if I report a property theft on Thurday or Friday arvo it will be investigated prior to Monday by the local D’s.

In Melbourne it would not be looked at by the D’s until Monday and the crime scene will have well and truely been compromised.
The crims in Melbourne are well aware of this.

No, Special G – not an ACT funded police force … the exact opposite a single federally funded police force. But as I said it won’t fly because there are so may jurisdictions. I’m actually being a bit glib and suggesting get rid of the states.

“The state boundaries probably are a big problems with the boguns from queanbehole coming across the border for to source stolen property.”

Rubbish. Canberra has enough of its own crooks

“Casing property on Wednesday and doing the deed on Thursday or Friday so it will not be reported until after work Friday and investigated until after the weekend.”

Rubbish again. They are investigated when they are reported, within response time guidelines and resource availability

The state boundaries probably are a big problems with the boguns from queanbehole coming across the border for to source stolen property.

Thieves are quick to exploit any weakness in the system.

Casing property on Wednesday and doing the deed on Thursday or Friday so it will not be reported until after work Friday and investigated until after the weekend.

The ACT Police was amalgamated with a bunch of other agencies to form the AFP anyway. If you are asking for an ACT Police force it would be the same people with a different badge. IT would still be the same numbers funded by the ACT govt. That argument doesn’t fly.

TAX vs SERVICES … the age old question.

The matter of resourcing gets down to the size of the GTC’s [I like that pi55ed – hope you don’t mind if I borrow it :)] coffers – and their policy agenda (leaving aside whether or not we agree with it).

So, are we prepared to contribute more to the GTC’s coffers to allow them to increase funding for police? And let’s make a huge assumption that the GTC would actually use this additional money to fund the police.

I for one would much rather see money going to fund the police than coming back to me in tax cuts – but unfortunately the tax cuts are federal monies and the funding of police is a GTC issue.

Special G talks about the national average for policing numbers … perhaps there is an argument for a truly National Police Force, federally funded and trained. Ahhh but then we would need the same laws, so we need to have centralised legislation … hmmm get rid of the state legislatures – now there’s an idea. But if we did that we wouldn’t get any of these wonderful manifestos from Corbell the Constructor.

So, I guess that means that we will have to put up with:-
1. An underfunded police force;
2. Innovative initiatives such as the “Suburban Policing Strategy”; and
3. Sand pit mentality in the playground of politics from out beloved GTC

Two facts that i love to bring to ACT policing debates (i’m pretty sure they are right, anyway).

1. ACT has the lowest police per captia of any captial city.

2. ACT also has the highest growth rate in crime since the mid-80’s of any captial city.

You can window dress as much as you want but the AFP -outsourced police system isn’t working.

This is just another spin job from Corbell, this time aided and abetted by the CPO. We have fewer cops than any other jurisdiction – one would hope that this was because we don’t have the same crime rates, but that ours would be lower.

Depending on whose figures you read (the Institute for Criminology is a good starting point), we have relatively high rates of property crimes in the ACT.

The real problem, however, is that our crime rates are increasing, but our Police numbers are not.

Another problem is that the more experineced AFP officers seem to be the ones chosen for various peace-keeping work such as in the Solomons and East Timor (and also Cyprus). That leaves us with relatively inexperienced cops who are not necessarily getting the training and mentoring that would be the norm.

Perhaps it’s time for the ACT to have its own Police force, rather than the AFP.

Shauno, You are obviously fairly new here. National average for Police is about 290 per 100,000 people. ACT has about 250 per 100,000.

It was reported in the media that there were 5000 burglaries last year – thats 5 complete suburbs. My place was one of them. I see that as fairly hard evidence of a problem.

w_w, VG is right. Go away and do your homework.

Clearly you have NFI about law enforcement, or for that matter anything else.

Yep to be honest I can’t work out why anybody would want to be a cop. What get paid bugger all, deal with peoples problems every day, and then get hounded by the press and have to work funny hours lol.

Internal professional standards investigations, Commonwealth Ombudsman oversight, direct scrutiny from the Court system both locally and nationally, direct political scrutiny from both sides of the fence

Tell me another government agency so accountable.

You patently have no idea of what Policing and scrutiny really is. When every personal financial transaction you make can be scrutinised by your job, when you can be drug tested at will, and when you can be compelled to supply information on things that affect your life and work please feel free to give me a tinkle.

In fact having a read of what you’ve written thus far it’s clear you’re either trolling to wind people up, or you genuinely have no idea of what you are talking about when it comes to law enforcement

I am not sure that ACT cops are under resourced. This seems a knee-jerk reaction. All public services can claim to be under resourced.

Charities also claim to be under resourced.

Sports groups claim to be underresourced.

Politicians claim to be under resourced.

I understand the cops are reasonably efficient but suffer from a severe case of lack of accountability.

Anyway, its a bit early to judge Corbell, as he has only recently taken over from his predecessor who was a total waste of oxygen.

The current police resourcing seems to be well balanced with the need to contain crime (not catch every offender) and with the need to fund other public needs.

Is there hard evidence of an escalating crime problem?

Vic Bitterman9:41 pm 15 Nov 06

Ah, spin-doctor corbell. Whenever I want to read something amusing, I always go straight one of his ‘press releases’. stanhopeless spins poorly compared to corbell.

How many police does a city in Aussie with an average of 320,000 people require and whats the average? Does Canberra have less compared to the average?

“Monika Boogs is listed as the media contact on the release, which could explain everything”
-Perhaps, then, the headline should read “More Boogswords than Police”. Poor old Boogsy.

will we ever again see a time when cops can be cops? do cops still give a young’un a solid dressing down and kick in the arse for minor stuff, thereby instilling a respect for law etc? or are our coppers bound by ‘human rights’?
i’d like to know what its like at the coal-face, so to speak.
before i came here, this city was viewed as a bunch of softcocks. tell me it aint true….

Johnboy, it’s the typical rhetoric from our glorified town council (GTC), aka the legislative assembly, and another stirling idea (not) from our CPO Ordinary Fagan.

Whats missing from all of this is the one simple fact, our Police are overworked and massively under resourced, not supported by the court system, and flogged by the media at every possible opportunity.

No one in the Government has the intestinal fortitude to admit the AFP, and the GTC, brokered a deal for our Policing numbers that was clearly flawed.

Being a recent victim of a property crime, I can well assure you (through no fault of their own) the Police response time was a little slow, yet fully understandable given their workload.

Ordinary and the GTC’s proposal might satisfy the pensioners who want to see Police in their suburbs, but it is not addressing the real problem of a massive shortage of Police.

Mike Welch? on 2CC the other week had an interview with John NoHope, our Chief Minister.

I nearly vomited listening to his blame apportioning and evasive comments he gave to the questions on Police numbers.

I for one would have loved to have had Police teams proactively patrolling my street when my house got cleaned out, sadly, it was not to be.

God help us if this is the best Corbell can come out with!

Sorry if I got a bit off track here, I feel much beeter now.


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