More buzzwords [boogs-words?] than police

johnboy 16 November 2006 109

Simon Corbell has put out a media release announcing a “Suburban Policing Strategy” whereby there’s a fighting chance that people might actually get to know the police in their neighbourhood.

Sadly the language of the media release does very little to inspire confidence.

An “important conduit” sounds a bit vague. That the “teams” will be “proactive” is highly suspect.

In fact there’s a whole paragraph which seems to be resting on thin air:

To have police teams proactive in patrolling specific, assigned suburbs and dealing with those crime issues which directly affect people within those areas can only build on the trust and cooperation between police and the community.

“Is intended to” perhaps? “It is hoped” maybe?

Finally we have the chilling news that this is part of “fresh and innovative strategies”, surely a kiss of death if ever there was one.

Monika Boogs is listed as the media contact on the release, which could explain everything.

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109 Responses to More buzzwords [boogs-words?] than police
nyssa76 nyssa76 5:51 pm 16 Nov 06

Pfft, plagariser.

Guess you missed that vital piece of information in high school.

Oops, now I’ll be called a redneck (again).

wagga_wagga wagga_wagga 5:48 pm 16 Nov 06


Not for galahs like you.

pi55ed pi55ed 5:32 pm 16 Nov 06

Parrot, get your own material!

wagga_wagga wagga_wagga 5:22 pm 16 Nov 06

Dear Pissed

When you get a bit older you will find that you will have to leave Kindergarten.

Most people do not have kindergarten children.

Dorothy the Dinosaur stickers are not so important for grown up people.

I do hope you keep your activity book nice and clean for Mummy.

It is a pity your centre requires you to ask permission from the carers.

This will end when you get older.

Have a happy Xmas, I hope Santa brings you a nice lollipop.

pi55ed pi55ed 5:10 pm 16 Nov 06

Well done w_w you’ve created a magic code. I bet your Kindergarten teacher is so proud of you this week! Perhaps she will give you one of those coveted Dorothy the Dinasour stickers for your activity book that kids of your (mental) age crave so much.

I suppose it’s a marked improvement on your normal reports “Wagga is a shy boy who tends to alienate himself and doesnt mix well with the humans”.

Dont forget to ask for your carers permission before you post again.

ozmreeee ozmreeee 5:00 pm 16 Nov 06

Until now, I didn’t consider myself anything other than a person who has an opinion on many subjects and likes to share those opinions with other riotact-ers (and indeed in other fora – or is it forums(?), in which I post).

I enjoy reading other opinions and commenting on them – whether or not I agree. I definitely respect the right of all individual’s to put forward those opinions and definitely challenge me on mine – particularly if they can show I am factually incorrect.

Some people are more forceful (colourful?) in putting forward their opinion and if I don’t like their method of argument, I skip that post.

If this makes me a redneck, liberal lover than gooooollllllleeeeeyyyyly I better buy a t-shirt – cos I’m happy to wear the label.

TAD TAD 4:43 pm 16 Nov 06

Note to self.

Don’t bother reading WW’s posts

Special G Special G 4:27 pm 16 Nov 06

ACDC at 7am in the morning sounds reasonable and loud is the only way to play it. Seepi it sounds like your being downright unAustralian.

Thumper Thumper 4:24 pm 16 Nov 06

JB, indeed, you are correct on that score.

libertarian and anarchist is a worrying mix….

Thumper Thumper 4:23 pm 16 Nov 06

“Orkopoulos” was my first attempt, but it made no sense….

johnboy johnboy 4:16 pm 16 Nov 06

Thumper that’s only true if you’re drawing the circle up in the authoritarian reaches of the political compass.

down in my neighbourhood the libertarian and the anarchist draw closely together.

seepi seepi 4:10 pm 16 Nov 06

cccccI’ll be a Cab Sav Lefty – sounds good!

vg, police will only do after hours noise complaints now, due to staffing issues. Not much use when the nutbar woman up the street has Acca Dacca going at 7am – so loud you can hear it at the shops – and in every room of our house.

Ari Ari 4:09 pm 16 Nov 06

Hang on Thumper, how’d you work that out.

When I tried the code it came out as “Orkopoulos”?

Go figure.

Thumper Thumper 4:09 pm 16 Nov 06

I prefer the circular argument in that the further left or right you are, then the closer in ideaologies you actually are. After all deprivation of liberty is the same under a communist regime as it is under a fascist distatorship.

So I’ll sit firmly on my conservative with leftist tendencies and views fence.

Jazz Jazz 4:03 pm 16 Nov 06

ooh a code, i love codes. except the ones i cant work out 🙂

I love this, A redneck by definition is someone who has bigoted view right?

If that is the case then surely the passion with which WW champions the small l liberal and the fervor disparaging the large L liberals and anyone with a dissenting view could, at a stretch be seen as intollerant or prejudiced.

Strangely enough both intollerant and predjudice are synonyms for bigotted.

Yay. WW is a bigoted redneck. What a surprise.

nyssa76 nyssa76 4:02 pm 16 Nov 06

w_w can use numbers! woohoo!

Thumper Thumper 3:39 pm 16 Nov 06


A liberal lover…

LurkerGal LurkerGal 3:34 pm 16 Nov 06

Simto: Good call! I may do, but the only pre-requisite for joining is a love of red vino. We bleeding heart lefties welcome everyone you know! As long as they bring wine, of course….

wagga_wagga wagga_wagga 3:30 pm 16 Nov 06

Maybe its time I tried an obscenity.
Hm, what is the worst thing you can cll a human being????
.I know,
……………… very rude ………
. WAIT for it….
. Its hard to use such foul language….but
here it is……
. You are a ….
(12) (9) (2) (5) (18) (1) (12)
(12) (15) (22) (5) (18)

nyssa76 nyssa76 3:14 pm 16 Nov 06

w_w, I rarely use profanities on this site.

Your excuse for the English language and spouting crap has led to my increased swearing.

re: Slow learning – wake up to yourself.

1st I’m a redneck
2nd I’m a coconut – obviously a racial slur
3rd I’m a slow learner

Well which is it oh great and mighty one?

Again, I think the primordial soup is calling….

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