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More childcare centres in Canberra please!

PickedANickname 16 July 2013 23

More of a whinge than anything. I know, shock and horror, a Canberran whinging.

I am looking for just one day a week in a childcare centre for my 12 month old. I have the other four days sorted with in home care but really wanted to have one day for her to socialise with other children and pick up a few germs to strengthen her immune system 🙂 I thought I was clever only wanting a Monday or a Friday.

We are now registered at 12 centres and all of them with a huge waiting list. One place told me they have a 18 month list for babies. So people, call and sign up at least 8 month prior to getting pregnant….

I don’t want to have to do family day care because little one is already getting an in home experience.

I plan to stop in and call every fortnight-ish but seriously childcare is so hard to get here.

Moar childcare please!  Moar!


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23 Responses to More childcare centres in Canberra please!
PickedANickname 4:13 pm 17 Jul 13

Thanks all for the advice on having more than one day. One of the centres I visited yesterday did mention the adjustment issues. I will have a chat with the centres again and ask if this will make a difference. I am looking for the care at a centre until Miss starts preschool and then I will just do preschool and the in home care after that.

I have looked close to home, on the major route and near my workplace. Hopefully persistence will eventually pay off. I quite honestly do not know how people who need to work with little bubbies say 2 or 3 months old find care. It would be heartbreaking to have to do that, but I know sometimes people need to.

I agree that is primarily staffing issues. They simply are not paid enough.

I have no issues with the costs. I mean it is so expensive and childcare easily eats up a very large percentage of my wage. I really work to put food on the table and childcare so I can do that. My husband’s wage goes to utility bills and the mortgage. And we are a second family and the first kids were moved away, so my husband pays a lot in C$ (child support), so that is a factor too. And to totally clarify, I knew that if I wanted to have children in my life, that I would need to work to support them. I knew from the very beginning that my husband already provides for a mother to stay at home with his children. I am just not that particular Mum. It is a bit besides the point, but just illustrates the various circumstances that people live with and it is not always possible to be a single income family.

gentoopenguin 5:54 pm 17 Jul 13

IrishPete said :

gentoopenguin said :

I’ve been on lists since I was 5 months pregnant – we are looking to start our little one when he hits 14 months (January 2015). Some places at the time refused to put me on their wait list cause they were already full up. I now have a list of centres that I call monthly to say that I’m still interested so nobody bumps me off. We still won’t have any clue though if we get a spot until November. We have no Plan B because, well, there is no Plan B. I have to go back to work.

Rather than getting every parent to put their names on lists and then ring the centres regularly (a practice they encourage), couldn’t there be an easier way to do this? How about a centralised childcare wait list, where you say what area you’re looking for childcare and when? Centres could then just pick names off the list as positions become available.

This would also make lists more transparent and stop dodgy practices like taking “deposits” of $50-100 from desperate parents to go on wait lists they never have a chance of getting to the top of.

Surely Plan B is for you or the father/partner to stay off work and look after the child?


Well yes, if you wish to pay our bills. A one-income family is a bit of a luxury in this day and age.

ungruntled 11:55 pm 24 Jun 15

Mother of one year old, it sounds a bit as though you may have been sold a pup.

Your baby is a baby & does not need social interaction others than with you and the close people around you – family & friends.

This baby is flat chat learning how its new physical world operates, how the people in its life work, what things are solid & what things are soft, that there are tops and bottoms and sides to things, how to balance, what are words and facial expressions, how to interpret them, how do I feel safe in this place, how do I get my needs met, how do I make my muscles do what I need them to, etc, etc, etc.

If you need some time off, that is absolutely legitimate.

You have taken on the most difficult and long term job you will ever do. There are few rules that come with the infant, no courses and no instruction manual. It is also the most important job you will ever take on.

But it is not about your little person needing to be “socialised”.

Developmentally, this little person is not at a point where the needs or wants of other children, is of any relevance. Maybe if you get hold of a book on human development (the first five years) you may find it useful. You could look at this from a western psychological (social, emotional, physical, cognitive) view, or see what Rudolph Steiner had to say, or some other person interested and knowledgable about human development. The pressure created by those around you to see children through their eyes is not always helpful and knowledge is still power.

Enjoy him/her. Give yourself some time off. Maybe you & your little one would enjoy a Playgroup.
Good wishes in your endeavours. Just be gentle with yourself.

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