More CrazyChester!

johnboy 7 November 2006 132

RiotACT’s favourite nutter is back with more of the abuse that only in her altered reality would evoke sympathy or assistance.

According to her deeply disturbed blog it seems the powers that be are struggling bravely to protect the community from her.

Some highlights from her solitary posting:

“1) Why did a matter usually dealt with by summons, warrant four police officers and a paddy wagon in my case?
2) Why did these officers claim the matter would “just be a mention” when they knew this to be untrue?
3) Why did these officers urge me to leave everything, including my mobile phone, at home based on their false claim that the matter would “just be a mention”?
4) Why wouldn’t Magistrate Madden permit me to see any of the evidence presented in court?
5) Why did Magistrate Madden ask, unprompted by the prosecution, if there were mental health issues relating to me? Who is responsible for the document handed up to Magistrate Madden that apparently questioned my mental stability? Why am I not allowed to see it?
6)Why did Magistrate Madden order I be transported to the secure Psychiatric Unit at Canberra Hospital for a psychiatric assessment?

A big shout-out to the folks in Corrective Services who freaked her out by calling her Crazy Chester, keep up the good work guys and girls, you’ll get there in the end.

I for one would support special CrazyChester legislation if it turns out we need it.

(BTW CC if you can’t at least put your magic video on YouTube excuse us for not wanting to give you our real identities]

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132 Responses to More CrazyChester!
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S4anta S4anta 11:43 am 10 Nov 06

that’ll explain why she is flea free bonfire

bonfire bonfire 11:27 am 10 Nov 06

id like to watch it, but if she reckons im supplying my contact details to her shes fucking nuts.

i’d advise anyone reading this blog not to give her your details.

because what you really need is to be worked into her bizarre delusions and become part of her conspiracy fantasies.

so i’ll pass for now.

unless she uploads to youtube.

i wonder if it includes her being capsicum sprayed at the watch house ?

Danman Danman 11:26 am 10 Nov 06

where is the link ?

FC FC 10:49 am 10 Nov 06

Has anyone watched her camera footage???

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:55 pm 09 Nov 06

Meanie :P~

Danman Danman 7:35 pm 09 Nov 06

nope – its mine – you cant have it 😛

nyssa76 nyssa76 6:54 pm 09 Nov 06

Danman, I want your job! :P~

Danman Danman 9:23 pm 08 Nov 06

read now not no – and like terubo – I work* 0700 till 1500 – got to love that

* No actual work involved

Danman Danman 9:22 pm 08 Nov 06

Vancouver – I used to be a chef – no I sit on my arse – do less and get paid more. Gotta love that. Your just Jealous 🙂

terubo terubo 7:51 pm 08 Nov 06

Vancouver, you sedate old pudding,
Perhaps it hasn’t occurred to you that some of us have to work hours outside the standard and cosy 9-5 that plodders like you do?

vancouver vancouver 7:08 pm 08 Nov 06

god, don’t any of you people work – how do you find time to spend all day on the computer arguing such senseless trash? Wish I had a job where I could take so much time off while at work!!

nyssa76 nyssa76 6:09 pm 08 Nov 06

Al, sorry. I was typing faster than I was reading. I get like that sometimes.

Mael, hell no.

Thank God I went to my meeting….things have quietened down. Besides, after listening to inane bullshit at work, I couldn’t take it on here :P~

crabb crabb 6:08 pm 08 Nov 06


The other thread is in Seedier Side of Life under Return of Crazy Chester.

Pandy Pandy 5:52 pm 08 Nov 06

Arrrgh!! Now I am Crazy!1 I do not see the other CC thread when I go to the Home page, nor when I click on Health and Medicine or Law and Justice or Conspiracy Theories. What gives?

Sorry if I caused offence everyone, but this happened the other day with the Anatov airplane: for several hours it no longer was on the Home Page.

Thumper Thumper 4:24 pm 08 Nov 06

Ah Dan Man…

My second fav band of all time….

Small faces and Stevie Marriot….

Am currently listening to ‘Odgen’s Nut Gone Flake’, side two…

Weird, but I love it…

Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:01 pm 08 Nov 06

i was going to leave that one alone simto… funny nonetheless

simto simto 3:59 pm 08 Nov 06

Of course Santa exists.

He posts here regularly….

CouldExpire CouldExpire 3:51 pm 08 Nov 06

oh hasnt anyone told you he doesnt yet?..

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:40 pm 08 Nov 06

Ha ha, yeah right Kenny Koala’s a puppet.

Next you’ll be telling me that Santa doesn’t exist.

CouldExpire CouldExpire 3:25 pm 08 Nov 06

Strange man that one… reminds me of that teacher off south park who has that “mr hat” or whatever its called!

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